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La nueva hornada de 'start-ups' españolas

Entre las tres, no suman ni medio año de vida y el fundador más longevo no sobrepasa los 33 años. Les falta experiencia, pero les sobra ambición y olfato de éxito. Son tres de los 10 finalistas seleccionados entre más de 300 start-ups de 22 países, desde Portugal a Ucrania, en el concurso ya conocido como la Eurovisión de la web 2.0.

Potencias tecnológicas como Israel, países con sólidos mercados de capital riesgo como el Reino Unido o Alemania, y economías emergentes de Europa del Este pujaban por un puesto. Las españolas Bubok, Planetaki y Wolpy lo han conseguido. Miguel Abad y Ana María Ramón aún no se lo creen. KillerStartups - Where Internet Entrepreneurs Are The Stars. Startup. What Kind of Startup Is Right for You? Nellie Akalp is the CEO of, an online legal document filing service, where she helps entrepreneurs incorporate or form an LLC for their new businesses.

What Kind of Startup Is Right for You?

Connect with Nellie directly on Twitter or visit her free resource center for more tips! Do you dream of the day you can start your own business? Take control of the reins, set your own schedule and make your own decisions? In these days of economic uncertainty when layoffs and unemployment rates dominate the news, the idea of starting a business no longer seems all that much riskier than the traditional nine-to-five office job. Now that you've decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurial life, do you know how to choose the type of business that’s right for you? 1. Not sure where to focus? Create a list of skills that covers what you’re good at and areas where you’re a subject matter expert. 2. Startups. Small Business Finance - Business and Finance,Small Business Financing,Finance for Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Education. Volume 13, Number 3 - 3 March 2008. Tools and services for a lean startup - A List.

Venture Hacks - Good advice for startups. Home. TodoStartups - Emprendedores, Startups y Negocios en Internet. The 100 Startup. Create and Use Copyright Symbols. In addition to proper application of the various copyright symbols and trademark symbols you will often have to fine-tune them for the best visual appearance.

Create and Use Copyright Symbols

Learn how to type the copyright, trademark, and registered tradmark symbols found in most standard Mac and Windows fonts. Difficulty: Average Time Required: A few seconds to type or code copyright symbol. Here's How: Create the TM trademark symbols ™ using Option-2 on the Mac. Tips: For copyright symbols that rest on the baseline, try matching the size to the x-height of the font.For copyright symbols that are superscripted, reduce their size to about 55–60% of your text size.™ © ®. Création entreprise. How-to Guides to Running Your Small Business from Lessons Learned. ANAXAGO - HOME. The $100 Startup Is Live!

Greetings from midtown Manhattan, where a large amount of coffee is about to be consumed in a corner room at the Doubletree hotel.

The $100 Startup Is Live!

Today is the day. After three years of research and writing, it’s finally here. The $100 Startup is going out to the world! Hundreds of people from all over the world have helped in the making of this book. It’s their story of freedom and your blueprint for change. The central message of the book is: If you want to create more freedom and security for yourself through a “very small” business, the skills and the money you have are all you need.

You can pick up the book from any major bookseller: We had a couple of pre-order promotions already, so for now I’ll just mention one thing. If you’d like to help—and if you’re interested in the book—now is the time. If you have a blog or website (of any kind), I’d be extremely grateful for your links and reviews as you read the book over the next month. The Tour Begins Tonight! The Startup Toolkit - for founders in search of a business model. Tech Me Up. Startup. Startup. Top Startup Businesses for 2012. Top Startup Businesses for 2012 You want your startup to succeed, so do we.

Top Startup Businesses for 2012

In the process of funding over 2,000 new businesses in 2011 alone, we frequently get asked for input from our clients on specific businesses or industries. While we are happy to give specific advice, here is some general information we’ve learned about some of the best startups to launch in 2012. A recent IBIS World research study reviewed the best industries for your next startup. They based their findings on 1) projected revenue growth 2) forecast enterprise growth over five years 3) 2011 profit margins 4) the low barrier to starting such a business 5) and the amount of capital required (our specialty).

According to Brian Bueno, economic research analyst at IBIS World, the economy beginning to stabilize and other conditions such as job growth, credit conditions, and consumer spending will put “more money in the pockets of consumers and various opportunities for new businesses.” About the author. Startup Culture.