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How to Tell if Your Mac Is Ready for Mountain Lion. Apple is getting ready to release its latest and greatest version of OS X, Mountain Lion, possibly as early as next week. But owners of older 64-bit Macs will be left out. Here’s how to find out if your machine is Mountain Lion-ready. Apple has started to release OS X 10.8 to developers, which - going by past releases - should mean that Mountain Lion may be generally available sometime next week. As Apple preps for the big day, new pages are showing up on the company website, including a list of devices that will be capable of running Mountain Lion: iMac (Mid 2007 or newer)MacBook (Late 2008 Aluminum, or Early 2009 or newer)MacBook Pro (Mid/Late 2007 or newer)MacBook Air (Late 2008 or newer)Mac mini (Early 2009 or newer)Mac Pro (Early 2008 or newer)Xserve (Early 2009) If you’re not sure if your machine falls into these categories, there are three ways to check. ioreg -l -p IODeviceTree | grep firmware-abi. Healthcare Social Media: New Software Aims To Limit Risks - Healthcare - Security & Privacy.

SafeGuard, by OpenQ, monitors medical professionals’ use of public networking platforms to make sure they don't break the law. 25 CIOs Who Are Transforming Healthcare (click image for larger view and for slideshow) Like many professionals, physicians have been climbing aboard the social media juggernaut. But in this brave new world of "we're all connected," medical organizations face an increased risk of running afoul of HIPAA, FDA regulations, and other laws. To mitigate this risk, OpenQ, a Charlottesville, Virginia-based company that focuses on the information technology needs of life sciences companies, has developed SafeGuard, designed to identify and address errant posts in real time. "Think of SafeGuard as an anti-virus software," said Otavio Freire, OpenQ's co-founder and chief technology officer.

. [ For more background on e-prescribing tools, see 6 E-Prescribing Vendors To Watch. ] The notification method, too, can be configured by the client. More Insights. Google TV Needs To Decide: Platform Or Closed Ecosystem. Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Andy Liu, CEO of BuddyTV Guide, a channel guide app available on iOS, Android and Google TV. There is no debating that consumer adoption of Google TV is extremely disappointing. Logitech has dropped out of the business, several online publications including this one have declared the platform dead.

While some new OEMs like Vizio, Sony, and LG have launched new devices with Google TV, it’s not clear that any meaningful customer adoption will come as a result of these deals. I believe there is one big reason it hasn’t taken off. It’s that Google TV is straddling a dual-strategic approach when it needs to pick one strategy and double down on it.

Google TV needs to be building a platform that embraces a strong developer ecosystem or it needs to close it down and focus on a closed ecosystem like Apple TV and iterate until it has the right consumer product not both. Strategically, Google TV needs to pick a strategy and focus on it exclusively. AR.Drone 2.0. Parrot new wi-fi quadricopter- AR.Drone 2.0 Parrot new wi-fi quadricopter - Fly with iPhone and iPad, Record videos in HD, Share on YouTube. Apple interested in buying TV components from a major supplier - AppsRumors. According to Gene Munster, a Piper Jaffray analyst, Apple is interested in buying television components, as the Cupertino Company contacted at least one major supplier to check out its offer. The analyst claims that he had recently talked to a “major TV component supplier” and found out that Apple was interested in “various capabilities of their television display components”.

This rumor is interpreted as being a hint that Apple is trying to explore the television production. Evidence which underlines this supposition are the January 2011 meetings in Asia which pointed that Apple was investing in manufacturing facilities for LCD displays and the September 2011 meeting with a “contact close to an Asian supplier” who sustained prototypes of Apple HDTV, were in work. For the moment, Apple has encountered resistance from movie and TV studios that showed hesitance in providing their content to Apple television. Source: appleinsider. Secretly Monitor Cop Stops With New ACLU App | Threat Level. The American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey is unveiling an Android app allowing citizens to secretly record audio and video of police stops, and have the footage sent to the group’s servers for review. “This app provides an essential tool for police accountability,” ACLU-NJ Executive Director Deborah Jacobs said in a statement.

“Too often incidents of serious misconduct go unreported because citizens don’t feel that they will be believed. Here, the technology empowers citizens to place a check on police power directly.” The Police Tape app is among a growing number of apps aimed at empowering citizens in their encounters with police activity. The New York chapter of the ACLU released a similar app last month, and others enable protesters to notify family, friends and attorneys if they’ve been arrested. The latest app allows users to press a button on their Android device and it will secretly record video or audio, although the phone won’t look like it’s in recording mode.   GoogleTV Stories - GoogleTV as Universal Remote - Chromemote.

CERN Confirms Existence of a Particle Consistent With Higgs Boson. CERN's scientists have found a new boson within five standard deviations of accuracy. The new particle is the heaviest boson ever found and it's "consistent" with the Higgs boson. At a press conference in Melbourne Wednesday morning, CERN's experts said the evidence for the particle's existence was observed in the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland. The ATLAS experiment, also on the lookout for the elusive particle that is said to give all universe size and shape, will be announcing its experiments later today. By combining data sets from both experiments, the researchers are able to confirm the existence of the particle with even bigger certainty — there's about one in a 3.5 million chance the scientists would get these results if the Higgs boson didn't exist.

SEE ALSO: Why the Higgs Boson Announcement Matters The discovery of the new particle is not the end of the search, though. Pulp Fiction presented in chronological order. Log in or Become a Member Pulp Fiction presented in chronological order June 22, 2012 | Infographics Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction twists and turns through plot lines and time. Designer Noah Smith untangled the story and put it in a linear flowchart. Smith hopes to put it print. Related Posts 5 Comments Tom — June 22, 2012 at 2:22 amAnother attempt (about 2 years ago) al3xa — June 23, 2012 at 12:53 ampls provide hi-res image, pls pls pls Andrew — August 1, 2012 at 7:25 pmReiterating: Can’t read half of what’s on here, illegibility makes it really uninteresting, and please please provide the scaled-up version, maybe as a vector graphic, so that we can actually see it. Job Opening Digital Designer, Editorial Content for Bauer Media See more openings on the FlowingData Job Board Data Underload About As for me, I'm Nathan Yau, and I have a PhD in statistics, with a background in eating.

More... Books Follow Miscellaneous. Little “Want” Button Code Foreshadows Big Things For Facebook Ecommerce. Last week, developer Tom Waddington uncovered Facebook code that points to the creation of a “Want” button — a plugin that potentially points to a new kind of commercial innovation being developed by Facebook itself, different from “want” buttons already being developed by third parties (one example here), and partially working but only within Facebook’s Graph API tester. He’s continued to dig around and today has presented us with some of his latest finds: looking deeper into Facebook’s code, he found more references that point to how Facebook might be thinking about how users can share purchasing information with each other. The presence of a “Want” button and these related commercial actions point to ways that Facebook can continue developing other streams for revenue-generation to complement what it is doing in advertising and existing commercial services, such as in-app purchases.

NYT: Black market for body parts spreads in Europe - World news - The New York Times - Google. When "Creative Destruction" Destroys More than It Creates - Chris Zook. By Chris Zook | 9:33 AM June 27, 2012 When changes in the natural environment accelerate, so do the extinction rates of the Earth’s creatures. It happened to the dinosaurs and again to many species during the Ice Age.

Many scientists believe we may be entering another such period . The same happens in business, and we are clearly entering a period where the extinction of the slow, the inflexible, and the bureaucratic is about to happen in record numbers. My colleagues and I at Bain & Company have been tracking this for forty years, and we have never seen companies losing their leadership positions as quickly as they are today. Some of this, business historians might say, is simply due to what Joseph Schumpeter called “creative destruction” — a desirable culling of businesses that can’t keep pace.

Unlike dinosaurs, which had no conscious way to adapt to rapid changes around them, companies and CEOs have a choice. So how did the top 100 create such astonishing returns? Infection biology: The elusive third factor. LMU researchers have identified an enzyme that is involved in a modification pathway that is essential for bacterial pathogenicity. Because it shows no similarity to other known proteins, it may be an ideal target for development of novel antimicrobial drugs.

Studies on a number of pathogenic bacteria have shown that these strains become pathogenic only when an enzyme called elongation factor P (EF-P) is chemically modified on a conserved lysine residue. EF-P is a universally conserved translation factor, which is involved in protein synthesis. Two enzymes are known to be involved in modifying the conserved lysine of EF-P, however these enzymes cannot fully account for the pattern of modification seen on EF-P in living cells.

The mystery molecule Thus, at least one other protein must be involved in the modification process -- however to date it has proved to be particularly elusive. This is not the only reason why discovery of YfcM will arouse great interest. Birds can recognize people's faces and know their voices. New research suggests that some birds may know who their human friends are, as they are able to recognize people's faces and differentiate between human voices. Being able to identify a friend or potential foe could be key to the bird's ability to survive. Animal behaviour experts from the University of Lincoln in the UK and the University of Vienna worked with pigeons and crows in two separate studies. Research published in Avian Biology Research shows that pigeons can reliably discriminate between familiar and unfamiliar humans, and that they use facial features to tell people apart. The team trained a group of pigeons to recognise the difference between photographs of familiar and unfamiliar objects.

The experimental group birds were able to recognise and classify the familiar people using only their faces, whereas the birds without prior training failed. The biology of tumor-derived microvesicles. A new paper by Crislyn D'Souza-Schorey, professor of biological sciences at the University of Notre Dame, discusses the biology of tumor-derived microvesicles and their clinical application as circulating biomarkers. Microvesicles are membrane-bound sacs released by tumor cells and can be detected in the body fluids of cancer patients.

The World Health Organization estimates that cancer will cause approximately 9 million deaths in 2015. The rising prevalence of the disease is a major factor that drives the growth of the oncology biomarkers market. Biomarkers can be defined as any biological, chemical or physical parameter that can be utilized as an indicator of physiological or disease status. The new paper discusses the potential of microvesicles to present a combination of disease- and tissue-specific markers that would constitute a unique and identifiable biosignature for individual cancers. Friendshake: Facebook’s New Mobile Feature For Finding People Nearby (And A Highlight Killer?) Facebook has created a new feature that lets users find friends and potential friends nearby. Currently Initially called “Friendshake” and also accessible through a URL that is the abbreviation of “find friends nearby” ( it’s another step in Facebook furthering its reach into mobile, and creating services to meet new people — rather than building up more connectivity with the ones you already know.

And, in keeping with Facebook’s emphasis on being as ubiquitous as possible, for now it’s not being delivered in a native app, but via the mobile web. Update: it’s accessible via Facebook’s mobile apps, too (see below the break for more details, including comments from the developer). The service comes a little under two months after Facebook announced the acquisition of Glancee, a mobile app that helps users discover people near them with similar interests, whose three founders have now joined Facebook and closed down their app. [Update: Facebook has pulled the feature! Bloomberg confirms Google announcing $199 Nexus-branded Asus tablet at I/O. Without Computer Scientists In Policy Debates, Nations Are Vulnerable to Cyber Attack.

If the type of catastrophic cyber attack that makes for Hollywood blockbusters were to actually happen today, the response would be led by policy makers, politicians and military officials who may not have the expertise and training to deal with such an event. That’s why computer scientists need to take a more active role in helping shape U.S. policy on cyber conflicts and national security, according to an article in the June issue of Communications of the ACM, an academic journal.

“Policymakers have some experience with many kinds of crises, but their understanding of the cyber world is, with some exceptions, sketchy and incomplete,” writes Herbert Lin, the chief scientist at the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Academies. “Nevertheless, in the event of cyber crisis, they will make decisions with whatever information and knowledge they have.

Most of the time, when popular media refers to a “cyber attack,” what they’re really talking about is espionage. Why are dolphins smarter than most other mammals? - Locate your IP Address, Web Browser, Operating System, Internet Connection, and Computer Information. Just How Small is an Atom?

CERN to give update on search for 'God-particle' An animation of a collision taken from data in the ATLAS detector. Credit: ATLAS Experiment PARIS: The European Organisation for Nuclear Research said Friday it may announce next month whether tests with its atom-smasher have found the elusive ‘God particle’. Known formally as the Higgs boson, the particle is the theoretical missing link in the standard model of physics and is believed to be what gives objects mass, though scientists have never been able to pin it down. The organisation, known as CERN, said that at a July 4 Geneva conference it will “deliver the latest update in the search for the Higgs boson” it is carrying out with its atom-smasher, the Large Hadron Collider. Possible discovery of the Higgs Boson The theory behind the so-called God particle is that mass does not derive from particles themselves but instead comes from a boson that interacts strongly with some particles but less, if at all, with others.

Data-taking finished Monday Twice as much data as last year. Super Physics Smackdown: Relativity v Quantum Mechanics...In Space. Sony's new Google TV set-top box coming July 22, and they are going global. NYT: Broke cities sell ads on manholes, fire trucks - US news - The New York Times. Nicotine In Vegetables: 20 Pounds Of Eggplant Equivalent To 1 Cigarette. Facebook Inc threatens to leave NASDAQ stock market and move to NYSE over flotation debacle. Facebook Has Become a Lazy Marketing Tool. Batbot: Building a functionally correct bat wing robot. Apple Campus 2 floor plans take you inside the 'spaceship' Intro. What To Expect With iOS 6. Human Dummy. Google Promises To Unveil The “Next Dimension Of Google Maps” Next Week. Here Come the Arctic Drones. A Startup Hopes to Help Computers Understand Web Pages.

The Avengers HUD Graphics by Jayse Hansen. Geometric Tape Floor by Jim Lambie. Tip Toland’s Hyper Realistic Ceramic Sculptures. The Fancy Dives Into Mobile Commerce As It Nears 1 Million Users. The White House's Next Enemy: Botnets. Stop Burning All My Shirts, Bro!: An Iron Man Iron | Geekologie. Condensation wingtip vortices. Community > Blog > Malware Alert: OpenDNS users protected from Flame malware. One weekend, one million jailbreakers – what should Apple do next? Twitter Brand Pages by Twylah | Get a custom brand page for your tweets. May 30th, 2012. Lotus Flower - Radiohead. Dubfire Live @ Timewarp. HYPETRAK. Threat of SSL malware highlights SSL security issues. Does BEAST SSL tool represent an SSL threat?

FDA Slaps J&J for Tampon, KY Trouble. The Biggest Attack Surface is US. Symantec Flame Analysis: A Sophisticated and Discreet Threat. Job Creator, Money Maker: Silicon Valley and the New Geography of Jobs. Wrike Releases Freemium Version of its Social Project Collaboration Software. Am. Am. 35,000 Passwords Reset After BigPond GameArena Hacked. Comcast Phishing Site Contains Valid TRUSTe Seal. Texas School District To Track Kids Through RFID Tags. Broadcast Yourself. SealGuard RF Heat Sealing Buffers - Oliner Fibre. Put the internet to work for you. Twitter Brand Pages by Twylah | Get a custom brand page for your tweets. Bredolab: Jail for man who masterminded botnet of 30 million computers. Kaspersky Warns of Critical Infrastructure Vulnerabilities. G Shack Geetar Attaque by Beau Parry. Love Music Wine & Revolution.