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Donatwald + haque: Energizer Australia - Giving Older Toys New Life. #33 – Google – Weddings. Who?

#33 – Google – Weddings

Google, again! What’s the utility? Google enables its users to take the best out of its products… when it comes to marriage! Indeed, the different tools created by the company can be used to plan a wedding from A to Z. Google Docs helps make schedules or budgets, whereas Picasa is the platform to upload photos; Picnik is here to create cards or edit photos and Google Sites makes it easy for the lovers to create a website to share with their guests.

Even though some people may use those tools to plan their weddings, what Google did was to sort its product in a relevant way for a part of its users. Visit the website here. #32 – Google – Person Finder. Who ?

#32 – Google – Person Finder

Google. What’s the utility ? During the earthquake that hit Japan in march 2011, as well as for different catastrophes like the ones that happened in Haiti or the floods in Pakistan and Brazil, Google set up a crisis response. Google Person Finder is an app that helps create links between victims and their relatives when blackouts, fires and floods separated them.

People who look for their friends or families can therefore write announcement describing them, upload a photo or tell where the person was supposed to go. Teach Parents Tech. Brand Utility, another way of thinking marketing and brand content. Who ?

Brand Utility, another way of thinking marketing and brand content.

Google, probably the most useful brand today. What’s the utility ? It’s very commun to meet some people who are not able to use correctly the web and all the different Internet tools. Some guys at Google decided to create a cool website with very nice videos to explain many tech things. You will have many many videos to explain any basic stuff you need to do on a computer… They just created something valuable for people. #6 – Nestlé – iPhone app “Devenir Maman” Who ?

#6 – Nestlé – iPhone app “Devenir Maman”

Nestlé and especially its products for baby. A pregnant woman. What’s the utility ? For any women, many questions appear all along the pregnancy : what will change ? How to deal with my food ? With this iPhone app, you’ll find an interesting website with some active blogs and forums. Via. Tagged: branded utility, conversational place, iPhone app, mobile app, Nestlé, pregnancy, pregnant woman, website. Brand Utility, another way of thinking marketing and brand content. Who ?

Brand Utility, another way of thinking marketing and brand content.

Huggies and its famous pull-ups, diapers designed for babies. You can have a look at their website and story here. What’s the utility ? The diaper brand created a quite entertaining iPhone application to help parents make their children…go on potty! Parents usually have a hard time making their children go on potty and it can be a real struggle in order to succeed.

Children receive calls from “Patty the Potty” who encourages them. Via Popsop Tagged: brand utility, branded utility, huggies, igo, iPhone app, mobile app, modern marketing, potty. American Family Podcast - Download free podcast episodes by on iTunes.