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Brand utility evangelists

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La Brand Utility pour les nuls. Parlons marketing !

La Brand Utility pour les nuls

Cette semaine, je vous propose de parler de marketing grâce à cette interview de Brieuc Saffré, l'auteur d'un livre sur un concept très intéressant : la Brand Utility. Brieuc défend une vision différente du Marketing qui va aussi dans le sens d'un changement sociétal et économique. Bref, des choses très intéressantes ! => Qui es-tu ? Je suis brieuc, nantais d'origine mais expatrié à Paris.


Rethinking the Idea of the Brand - Umair Haque. A great guide about brand utility. “Why does your brand exist ?” 1,000 True Fans. Benjamin Palmer of Barbarian Group. Brand Utility, another way of thinking marketing and brand content. Don't Suck. Brand Utility, another way of thinking marketing and brand content. Brand Utility vs Branded Utility. Helge Tenno. Connect everything else.

Paul Isakson. Several years ago I was interviewing at what was then one of the top creative agencies in the world.

Paul Isakson

A few weeks prior to going out for my full day of interviews, I had met with the head of the department for coffee while on a long weekend getaway. He and I had a great conversation and he was excited to have me talk to some of his team about an opening they were looking to fill. My day of interviews went fairly well, sans one. Throughout this interview, I was grilled about my past experience, which at the time, was largely in account service roles.

I did my best to answer the questions thrown at me, but it was clear to me that my answers were not hitting the mark. A week later I received a call from the HR person at the agency and was given a generic dismissal. At that point, he shared with me what really happened. This experience came up the other day in a conversation regarding my post on how to become a master planner. Personally, I can see how this was valuable in the past. Gareth Kay. Jeremy Gutsche to bring cool to Ottawa - Local. The Innovators Alliance will host the Calgary-born Mr.

Jeremy Gutsche to bring cool to Ottawa - Local

Gutsche – a recognized "trend expert" and author of the book Exploiting Chaos – at an evening event at the Empire Grill. OBJ caught up with Mr. Gutsche prior to his keynote to talk about his top five ways companies can stay innovative during times of change. Here's what he had to say: 1) Have some perspective. Having a well-defined perspective will help you to innovate, whatever it is you're trying to do. 2) Re-evaluate your culture. A decent proportion of your creations must fail, and if you're going to find new hills of opportunity you have to constantly be pushing for ways to reinvent.