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David Hortala - Portfolio. Éditions Tishina - Soie - Baricco et Dautremer - Qui sommes-nous ? Librairie du ciel. Noriko Ambe. Georgia Russell. Robert The.

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Cara Barer. Abelardo Morell. Alicia Martín. Brian Dettmer - Noriko Ambe. Su Blackwell. Book Arts! blog et artistes moins connus. Photos 780 Notes Down The Rabbit Hole by Dina Makarita is a tunnel book that evokes the feeling of time passing as you fall into a deep REM sleep, when your most vivid and bizarre dreams occur.

Book Arts! blog et artistes moins connus

The overall form is an expandable sequence of bright turning shapes representing depth of sleep, while the rotating shapes mimic the movement of the dreamer’s eye during REM sleep. Packaging includes instructions for assembly, a dream journal with interpretations, a photo book of the project, and all the necessary paper materials for creating your very own dream tunnel book. 飯田竜太 / Ryuta Iida / Lithospher. Stephen Doyle's Paper. On occasion the editors of Sight Unseen spot a story about creativity told from a viewpoint that’s not unlike our own.

Stephen Doyle's Paper

This one was originally posted on Mohawk Paper’s Felt & Wire blog, and it reveals a little-known artistic pursuit of graphic designer Stephen Doyle‘s: creating intricate, astonishing paper sculptures. View more images and the full article here. Interview by Tom Biederbeck What motivates you to do this work? I make these things as an escape from the world of problem-solving. Jacqueline Rush Lee.