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Make Your Own Canvas Portrait! - A Beautiful Mess - StumbleUpon. The Sartorialist. The sun's solar flares keep on getting stronger - with latest hot spot the size of 15 Earths strung together. By Eddie Wrenn Published: 16:08 GMT, 9 July 2012 | Updated: 06:52 GMT, 10 July 2012 The sun is a tempestuous mistress - and her outbursts are becoming more and more violent as the weeks go on.

The sun's solar flares keep on getting stronger - with latest hot spot the size of 15 Earths strung together

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory spotted the summer's first 'X' solar flare on Friday - a huge outburst from the sun right at the top of the scale. This came on the back of 12 'M' flares in just six days, with a M6.1 flare knocking out radio signals across the planet on Thursday - hinting at the destruction the sun could reign on our technology if Earth takes a full blast across its blow. The sunspot group behind the flares - named as AR1515 - stretches across 118,681 miles (191,000km) of the sun's surface. This makes it's width more than 15 Earths set end to end, said NASA solar astrophysicist C. Scroll down for video NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory saw an active region on the sun, labeled AR1515, sent out an M5.3 class solar flare that peaked on Independence Day July 4th, 2012 to impact Earth.

I Like Nice Things. Art. The Brick House. Even though this may be a tad late and folks may be a tad overwhelmed by the glut of Alt recaps floating around, too bad, gotta do it.

The Brick House

Every fiber in my blogging being demands it. Being my first ‘blogging’ type conference I was a little bit unaware and slightly nervous about what to expect in Salt Lake. There is a reason I like the anonymity and isolation of the internet, you know, because of the anonymity and no pictures of me thing. Just casually considering the physical fact of being surrounded by a zillion sparkling smiles in cute outfits with blogging savvy, proper business cards and lots of snapping cameras made my cold little cynical heart shrink up in fear. Hey, it’s the awesome Victoria from sfgirlbybay and some of me with a proper badge and everything. But yeah, attractive people, just stop it. Obviously this thing was fancy. There were giant chandeliers everywhere like it was no big deal. Let’s not leave out the boys, really though, this was a heavily estrogen laden event. The Designer Pad. Color zen blog. Matchbook Magazine. Life Well Said.

Just another WordPress site. Peng Wang’s Fibonacci Shelf Mathematics meets design in this cool and calculated shelving system designed by Peng Wang of Utopia Architecture & Design.

Just another WordPress site

See more Lady Gaga ‘I Want Your Love’ for Tom Ford’s Spring Summer 2016 campaign See more Restoration of Villa E-1027 by Eileen Gray Built on an isolated stretch of the French Riviera, on the western side of Cap Martin overlooking the bay of Monaco sits an icon of modern architecture; Eileen Gray’s Villa E-1027. See more 2015 Summer Architecture Commission by John Wardle Architects at NGV International A soaring nine metre-high pink pavilion, inspired by the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and adorned with 1350 hand-folded fuchsia-coloured blooms, has been revealed by John Wardle Architects last week at the NGV International.

See more Body Building gymnasium exhibition at Atelier Biagetti. BELLE VIVIR: Interior Design Blog. Wayfare Magazine - Home. 2 OR 3 THINGS I KNOW. A selection of graphic projects. 40 Beautiful Examples of Minimal Design for Inspiration. Simply I liked!

40 Beautiful Examples of Minimal Design for Inspiration

Why? Because it’s simple…this is the idea of minimalism design. This concept of creating a web page tends to emphasize the idea that “less is sometimes more”. Nowadays all the websites are using big headers, enormous footers all full of colors and amazing pictures; much more an important page should have at least a Flash application. It is a good point; the color is a key factor in marketing so it is easy to understand the role of it. Between a beginner and a professional web designer these qualities are the big difference. 1.Jan Reichle Simple but effective! 2.Chama Inc Mostly black and white, no stressed sentences, no highlighted paragraphs (except company name, email and twitter address). 3.Finch This is a little more complicated than the previous one…it has a menu and a picture!

4.elCandor Nice idea! 5.Kyle Standing The header is almost impressive (I am subjective so you can have a totally different opinion). 6.Postmachina 7.Jason Santa Maria 8.Jamie Gregory 10.Wilson Miner.  Triangle Honeymoon. COUNTRY GIRL HOME. Idifs töpferwerkstatt. Movie Reviews and News. Allitalianthings.