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Make Your Own Canvas Portrait! - A Beautiful Mess - StumbleUpon. I love the look of family photos printed on canvas, but I never knew I could make them at home!

Make Your Own Canvas Portrait! - A Beautiful Mess - StumbleUpon

After transferring photos to fabric, I was super excited to try some pieces using stretched canvas. I hope this inspires some of you to make something special for your home... Here's how I transferred my photo to canvas: 1. The Sartorialist. The sun's solar flares keep on getting stronger - with latest hot spot the size of 15 Earths strung together. By Eddie Wrenn Published: 16:08 GMT, 9 July 2012 | Updated: 06:52 GMT, 10 July 2012 The sun is a tempestuous mistress - and her outbursts are becoming more and more violent as the weeks go on.

The sun's solar flares keep on getting stronger - with latest hot spot the size of 15 Earths strung together

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory spotted the summer's first 'X' solar flare on Friday - a huge outburst from the sun right at the top of the scale. This came on the back of 12 'M' flares in just six days, with a M6.1 flare knocking out radio signals across the planet on Thursday - hinting at the destruction the sun could reign on our technology if Earth takes a full blast across its blow. The sunspot group behind the flares - named as AR1515 - stretches across 118,681 miles (191,000km) of the sun's surface. I Like Nice Things. Art. The Brick House. Even though this may be a tad late and folks may be a tad overwhelmed by the glut of Alt recaps floating around, too bad, gotta do it.

The Brick House

Every fiber in my blogging being demands it. Being my first ‘blogging’ type conference I was a little bit unaware and slightly nervous about what to expect in Salt Lake. The Designer Pad. If you're into nature and love the rustic side of things, Orchard Keepers is a country chic holiday accommodation where you can sit back and relax under a giant Sequoia tree.

The Designer Pad

Located in the heart of Red Hill in Victoria, Australia, this dreamy retreat is the ultimate country getaway for a family or group of friends. Chalk-white walls and waxed floorboards set up the stage for its beautiful and cozy decor that incorporates comfy linen sofas, provincial antiques, vintage furniture, art works and gorgeous lighting all sourced from all corners of the globe. Color zen blog.

Matchbook Magazine. Life Well Said. Just another WordPress site. Chanel‘s runways are always much anticipated and the Spring 2013 set was no exception. Solar panel charged, revolving wind turbines in Paris’ Grand Palais, Karl Lagerfeld’s latest vision for Chanel … See more Tucked away in an unsigned studio on Kingsland Road, Shoreditch, London are the headquarters of the talented Jasper Morrison.

BELLE VIVIR: Interior Design Blog. Wayfare Magazine - Home. 2 OR 3 THINGS I KNOW. A selection of graphic projects. 40 Beautiful Examples of Minimal Design for Inspiration. Simply I liked!

40 Beautiful Examples of Minimal Design for Inspiration

Why? Because it’s simple…this is the idea of minimalism design. This concept of creating a web page tends to emphasize the idea that “less is sometimes more”.  Triangle Honeymoon. COUNTRY GIRL HOME. Idifs töpferwerkstatt. Movie Reviews and News. Allitalianthings.