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Forays in social media marketing. As I slowly make that dumbfounded leap into the social graces of the network I am amazed at how little I thought I knew.

Forays in social media marketing

Hashtags, acronyms, chat room etiquette, Hangouts, branding, guest blogging and the list goes on and on. I’m equally amazed at how deep the social engaging goes throughout the network community. Google Tag Manager. With information from Laura Holmes, Product Manager, Google Tag Manager Over the past few years, we’ve seen various attempts to streamline digital marketing capabilities with content tags.

Google Tag Manager

Today there are numerous tools that aid content producers with better insights, audience-reach through smart-tagging, and marketing campaign-launch. Yet many modern marketing tools—like web analytics, conversion tracking, remarketing, and more—depend on the manual addition of tags to web pages. Tags generate metadata in website code to provide insights and make pages searchable within a site. Tagging pages within a site can cause challenges, however. The brass ring in blog syndication. The Triberr brass ring: Tribing down with members who check in daily.

The brass ring in blog syndication

Connecting with bloggers who will check their Tribal Stream regularly is the summit to climb towards in Triberr. We attain this from either leading tribes or refining our Triberr tribe memberships to drill down to aligning our blog with members of tribes who read or skim our posts and decide to click the approve button and share our posts. It sure as hell is not the Atomic Tribes deal. It is not roping members into signing on to share your blog without reciprocation. It is building a tribe in which members check in daily, and choose to send any of the members’ content out.

Privnote: When you don't want a reply. I believe the image – from the Privnote site – explains perfectly.

Privnote: When you don't want a reply

This is a testament to good design and a flawless user experience. Point and shoot, you see it, you know what to use it for, and how. Privnote lets you message people in an untraceable manner. Bootstrapping Social Media Tools. Increasingly, those who read my blog are dipping at least a toe or two into the waters of collaboration, and so I thought to tell people, old friends and new ones, what I have been doing most recently.

Bootstrapping Social Media Tools

I want cooperation from people with abilities I don’t have and so I help worthwhile people with what they need, drawing on my strengths. Okay, truth be told, I actually enjoy helping people, whether it be with SEO basics, WordPress issues, or what I am mostly doing: lean startup team-building and social media tool creation, and just plain getting things made. I have to get tools made and live, whether they are instantly profitable or not. Crowdfunding Connex.Us. Our dynamic new network will make intelligent suggestions about sharing with those you interact with the most.

Crowdfunding Connex.Us

Connex.Us is a social networking site that helps you start conversations, and respects your privacy. Social media is one of the most exciting new technologies of the past decade, but with it has come a few challenges. Major social networks have become the source of endless privacy concerns where users are asked to give away more and more personal information. Scaled Rewards for Growing Empire Avenue #SMRocketFuel. Shouldn’t the rewards for doing so be scaled? When you are new in Empire Avenue, you soon find that you need to either purchase Eaves to invest (with real money) or, as most do, earn them.

Earnings from our installed blog .rss and other feeds are tiny, and social media network accounts connected tend to earn us in the hundreds of eaves/day – though we need tens of thousands per day to invest and keep our accounts “in the black” and healthy.

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Unleashing Crowd Power, Part 4. Part four of a five part guest posts series,“Unleashing Crowd Power”, by Michal Hudecek.

Unleashing Crowd Power, Part 4

Motivation wheel concept as a framework for attracting contributors to your crowdsourcing projects has been described in the previous article. We will use it to show you how famous crowdsourcing projects gained their contributors. A proper scientific measurement of the crowd motives in existing crowdsourcing projects has not been performed yet. However, here are some expert estimates of how the Motivation Wheel probably looks like for famous web sites. 1) Wikipedia Wikipedia attracts contributors mainly thanks to two factors – pride and impact. 2) President Barack Obama's Black Credit Card? But Which Card Is It? President Obama was filmed on CBS shopping at Best Buy last year (2011).

President Barack Obama's Black Credit Card? But Which Card Is It?

While most reports focused on what he actually bought for his kids for Christmas, I was more interested in what carried card he carried. While I was watching the film, I noticed that his credit card was “black”. Only a credit card nerd and geek like me would be interested in stuff like that. So here is my best guess by deduction and elimination, of what credit card he carries. Possible Black cards – Since the color of his credit card is black, I think it is possible to narrow down the possible cards. Amex Black Card – Given that he was even wondering if his credit card still works, it is highly unlikely that that he carries the Amex Centurion. Visa Black Card – One again, I doubt that this was the card he was using. StumbleUpon Primer for Bloggers, Part 1.

Complete your profile, include links, see mine for an example.

StumbleUpon Primer for Bloggers, Part 1

Click the blue “more” under my profile picture, upper left side of Note that you can include html code and include links to your blog and network profiles where you would like people to connect with you. Check that now and then, and see that there are no dead links or profiles on networks where your activity has tapered off greatly. Regifting VS Repurposing. I went looking for my mom in Google – by searching “funny regifting stories.”

Regifting VS Repurposing

You can imagine my dismay in discovering not one of you has nominated my mother for the regifting buffoon of the year (dis)honor, despite her years of giving clearly the wrong thing to the wrong person. Bare-bones Japan Site Localization. Asked in Quora: Is a local office in Japan necessary? Does having a .jp domain name matter?

KdL Web2.0 Social Media. To The Crowd. How to Talk, Eat, Know Philly. Starting Up: Costly Lessons. Redirect Wordpress to New Domain: What About Google Ranking. Assuming you continue to use, if you keep the permalink structure intact (all URLs should remain the same) on your self-hosted blog, nothing should change for you in regards to your Google ranking. One detail: the blog location of your servers matters for Google, so if the new host you use is not based in the US, your rankings may likely change. Then again, if you actually move to a host closer to your target audience, that will only be better.

SEO juice won’t transfer, and you need to consider this. This article and resources from Google’s webmaster Blog central gives a guide to best approach to moving your domain and minimising impact on seo and ranking, see this link. The new site won’t automatically rank, but the traffic will. There are a handful of ways to move a website up and increase the rankings in Google search. The Klout Perk Effect: What You Get, Three Levels. 5 Types of Mommy Bloggers I Hate That Most Likely Hate Me Too. Why Does Connect.Me Need Trust Anchors? If you haven’t heard of Connect.Me yet, it’s a socially-verified reputation network. Patent Attack on a Pre-Seed Startup: Modista. Attracting Value-Adding Interaction on a Website. You can ask for them. Facebook Buttons To Die For. !blether. Social Bookmarking.

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The Last Of The Real Hustlahz: " Loced-Out Recordz: The Open-Source Record Label " TEDxDesMoines - Angela Maiers - You Matter. OsakaBentures 激安海外部. 4 Simple Tools for Creating an Infographic Resume. Stumble Upon.