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Bsurfaces 1.5 - Modeling and Retopology tool. Débutez dans la 3D avec Blender. SAV Blender, tutoriels vidéos. Tutoriel: Blender: Notions de base de peinture dynamique. Creation date: 2010-8-4Last update: 2011-8-26 Dynamic Paint is a new Blender tool available in versions 2.61 and later.

Tutoriel: Blender: Notions de base de peinture dynamique

It allows you to use meshes and particles as "brushes" to paint on other objects. This tutorial shows step-by-step how to set up a simple scene using Dynamic Paint. For a more detailed guide, that explains purpose of all those settings, check my Dynamic Paint Guide. Check out my blog for more info about Dynamic Paint. Tutorial: Blender: Dynamic Paint Guide. Dynamic Paint system can output three different texture types: paint maps, wetmaps and displacement maps.

Tutorial: Blender: Dynamic Paint Guide

Paint map Paint map is the "color texture". It shows paint color and alpha. "Premultiply Alpha" makes color values to be multiplied by alpha while saving the texture. This is usually recommended to be turned on. Tutoriaux Blender Téléchargements Vidéos & Education - Cookie Blender - Blender Communauté démarreurs Guide. Blender Tutorials Downloads Videos & Education – Blender Cookie – Using the Human Meta-Rig.

Blender 2.5 tutorials and training game · level · character. Using the Blender tutorials and training available below, learn how to use Blender 3D for content creation and game development. Pick up essential skills for properly optimised models, efficient level design and texture making. In-depth, extensive and unique explanations of methods and principles you won't find anywhere else, seriously! Not just on using Blender 3D, but also the 'hidden' and less talked about core subjects associated with content and game development, all of if freely available to those looking for it. Tutorials. Make bvhacker the default for opening bvh files It is possible to open bvh files in bvhacker by double clicking a bvh file.


This page shows you how to quickly and easily associate bvh files with bvhacker. Free Blender 3D Tutorials : CG Masters. Break a Window in Blender Steven Lund shows you how to use tracking to create an animation of a 3D baseball smashing through a window in real life footage.

Free Blender 3D Tutorials : CG Masters

Dynamic Triggers.