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As an educator I am trying to create access to this idea to those new and interested in exploring more.

Synapse – High-Impact Biomimicry Insights. Darwinians Try to Usurp Biomimetics Popularity. How one building is changing the world. It used to be that the Bullitt Foundation “saved the planet” the old-fashioned way, putting its money behind campaigns to spare old-growth forests, stop mines in Alaska, and clean up toxic waste.

How one building is changing the world

Not anymore. The Seattle-based foundation, started by local media magnate Dorothy Bullitt, has turned its attention to cities, funding projects in urban ecology, clean energy, and technology. Request a Speaker. Incredible new tech inspired by biology. Could the secret to the next big technological breakthrough be all around us -- slithering, crawling or flowering among our natural surroundings?

Incredible new tech inspired by biology

More than ever, scientists and designers are looking to nature to emulate the ingenuity of the living world. They call it "biomimicry. " Imagine sellotape so powerful that an index card-sized piece can hold up over 300kg.

Biomimicry Curriculum ideas

DesignLens Supplement: Biomimicry Thinking Approaches. Life’s Principles. Hunting & Gathering For Ideas. “Seeing” Function. Beyond benign : green chemistry curriculum. Green Chemistry Online Course for Educators Green Chemistry is the science of creating safe, energy efficient and non-toxic products and processes and offers a concrete path towards solving the environmental problems our society faces today.

beyond benign : green chemistry curriculum

This course begins with an introduction to the 12 principles of green chemistry and then concentrates on the exploration and creation of green chemistry lesson plan materials. Educational resources that are proven vehicles for bringing green chemistry concepts to high school students will be introduced. These lesson plans are designed to integrate into current curriculum and meet national education standards in science and connecting disciplines. The materials are designed for high-tech, low-tech and no-tech implementation so that teachers withvarying resources have an avenue for implementation. Implementing Biomimicry and Sustainable Design with an Emphasis on the Application of Ecological Principles - Curricular Unit. Curricular Unit: Implementing Biomimicry and Sustainable Design with an Emphasis on the Application of Ecological Principles This unit provides students with an opportunity to study ecological relationships with an emphasis on the Sonoran Desert.

Implementing Biomimicry and Sustainable Design with an Emphasis on the Application of Ecological Principles - Curricular Unit

Students appreciate the complexity and balance that supports the exchange of energy and matter within food webs. Species adaptations are examined. Students then apply these natural relationships to the study of biomimicry and sustainable design. They study the flight patterns of birds and relate their functional design to aeronautical engineering. Biomimetics. One cloudless midsummer day in February, Andrew Parker, an evolutionary biologist, knelt in the baking red sand of the Australian outback just south of Alice Springs and eased the right hind leg of a thorny devil into a dish of water.


The maneuver was not as risky as it sounds: Though covered with sharp spines, the lizard stood only about an inch high at the shoulder, and it looked up at Parker apprehensively, like a baby dinosaur that had lost its mother. It seemed too cute for its harsh surroundings, home to an alarmingly high percentage of the world's most venomous snakes, including the inland taipan, which can kill a hundred people with an ounce of its venom, and the desert death adder, whose name pretty well says it all. Fierce too is the landscape itself, where the wind hissing through the mulga trees feels like a blow dryer on max, and the sun seems three times its size in temperate climes.

Biomimicry. Biomimicry: Emulating Nature’s Genius. While looking for her just-published book in a bookstore, biologist Janine M.

Biomimicry: Emulating Nature’s Genius

Benyus was asked by the clerk what it was about. She responded instinctually, head swimming with all the ideas she had worked with while writing. Leaf-Mimicking Design Boosts Output of Solar Panels. Vascular Channels Based On Plant Leaves Allow For Self-Healing In New Solar Cells. Clean Power Published on August 15th, 2013 | by James Ayre Self-healing solar cells — possessing “vascular” networks similar to those in plant leaves — have now been created by researchers from North Carolina State University.

Vascular Channels Based On Plant Leaves Allow For Self-Healing In New Solar Cells

The new solar cells are able to effectively and inexpensively restore themselves to optimal functioning thanks to their possession of a “network of channels” which mimics the organic vascular systems found in most plants. North Carolina State University explains: In their new paper, the researchers show that creating solar cell devices with channels that mimic organic vascular systems can effectively reinvigorate solar cells whose performance deteriorates due to degradation by the sun’s ultraviolet rays. “The design of NC State’s regenerative solar cell mimics nature by use of microfluidic channels.”Image Credit: North Carolina State University The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the US Department of Energy. About the Author. Symbiosis by Taryn Mead on Prezi. How butterfly wings can inspire new high-tech surfaces (11/10/2012) A South American butterfly flapped its wings, and caused a flurry of nanotechnology research to happen in Ohio.

How butterfly wings can inspire new high-tech surfaces (11/10/2012)

Researchers here have taken a new look at butterfly wings and rice leaves, and learned things about their microscopic texture that could improve a variety of products. For example, the researchers were able to clean up to 85 percent of dust off a coated plastic surface that mimicked the texture of a butterfly wing, compared to only 70 percent off a flat surface. In a recent issue of the journal Soft Matter, the Ohio State University engineers report that the textures enhance fluid flow and prevent surfaces from getting dirty - characteristics that could be mimicked in high-tech surfaces for aircraft and watercraft, pipelines, and medical equipment.

Ask Nature Nuggets. We are the global leader in biomimicry innovation consulting, professional training, and educational program and curricula development. 14 Best Inventions Using Biomimicry in 2011 (Videos) © Ohio State University We love biomimicry news.

14 Best Inventions Using Biomimicry in 2011 (Videos)

There is something satisfying about the natural world telling us how to make our technology better, rather than the often-assumed other way around. This year seems to have given us a bumper crop of news stories about biomimicry innovations and we have selected some of the most interesting robots, materials, structures and strategies to highlight here. 1. Biomimicry News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Gizmodo. San Diego Zoo Bioinspiration News. - Biomimicry News.

TED talks related to Biomimicry. Biomimicry 3.8. Youth Education / K-12. In one sense, education is passing the important lessons learned by one generation on to the next.

Youth Education / K-12

At the Biomimicry 3.8 Institute, we believe biomimicry is one of those important lessons, and nature is a great teacher. Not only does biomimicry present a new framework for environmental education, it’s a great way to get young people excited about STEM subjects and boost creative problem-solving skills. Our Youth Education programs help educators, in both formal and informal environments, bring this powerful discipline to their students. Biomimicry offers youth educators: Youth Programs. Ask Nature - the Biomimicry Design Portal: biomimetics, architecture, biology, innovation inspired by nature, industrial design - Ask Nature - the Biomimicry Design Portal: biomimetics, architecture, biology, innovation inspired by nature, industrial desi.