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Is CPM Bidding a Waste of Your Money?

Is CPM Bidding a Waste of Your Money?

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How to know if your DSP is really working Depending on who you ask, there are anywhere from 10-20 billion display impressions available globally each day for demand-side platforms (DSPs) and their clients to purchase on real-time bidding (RTB) sources like ad exchanges and supply side platforms (SSPs). On top of that, some DSPs have now enabled buying of other types of media, including premium display, social, video, and mobile, bringing the total addressable ad inventory closer to something like 30 billion daily impressions that can be serviced through the execution and decisioning layer of a DSP. Let's put that in the context of a single advertiser. For easy math, let's say a display campaign spends $100,000 per month, or a little over $3,000 per day. At an eCPM of say $2.00, that's a little over 1.5 million impressions per day, or roughly 0.01 percent of the total available supply. You can start with retargeting, which we all know works, but has limited scale.

How to Stop Potential Customers from Comparison Shopping Every business owner, online or offline, suffers from a problem that decreases sales, narrows margins, and reduces revenues. The problem is comparison shopping. Think about the last time you were considering a purchase. You probably checked out several different places in order to find the best options, the best prices, and the best guarantee. Your potential customers are doing the same thing!

3 Tips to Optimize Your Search Ad for Mobile Users - Bing Business - Blog - Bing Business Mobile adoption’s growth is exponential. We all know that. But what does it mean to us search advertisers? It means that the ever-rising reliance on mobile and tablets (don’t forget tablets!) brings the mobile ad experience closer to customers’ purchasing point. “Always on” consumers are using their desktop computer less to scout deals and compare reviews, instead seeking information in real time from their smartphone (while browsing the latest line of winter fleece at The Retail Store, for example).

PPC Associates Blog Are Digital Marketers Becoming “Growth Hackers”? These past few years, it seems the only thing being introduced at a faster rate than new technology for us adopt are the buzzwords that come with it. Anyone looking to enter the tech sector should be prepared to adopt an entirely new lexicon, seriously. The term computer science itself was at one point a […] Great Ways For Digital Marketers To Give Back Ad Exchanges and DSPs explained Before I explain Ad Exchanges and subsequently DSP (demand side platform), let me take you through the evolution of display advertising. For those who came in late, Display advertising is advertising on the internet that appears alongside content on web pages in many forms, shapes and sizes varying anywhere from plain text to rich interactive multi-media banners. These ads are “published” on websites with the intent of inducing a reaction from the user (in the form of clicks, interaction with the banner or simply gathering attention) that will eventually benefit the advertiser. Now the distribution of these ads from the advertiser to the publisher has evolved over time, grown in complexity as the internet population grew and the stakes got higher. Traditional distribution of these ads involved three players – the advertiser, the publisher and the visitor (consumer, visitor to a website).

What You Need to Know About Google’s New Mobile Ad Format Have you ever noticed that Google loves experimenting with different ad variations in the SERPs? Usually these tests are impromptu and short-lived, but Google recently announced a new mobile ad format that is here to stay. Here are the details you need to know to stay ahead of the curve. The New Mobile Ad Format: What’s Changing? As of last month, Google began displaying ads in the mobile search results pages in which ad extensions are substituted in place of the second line of ad text. Check out the example that they published below.

From Bing Ads with Love: Rotate Your Tires & Ads Regularly #ppc #sem A few days ago my car slipped during a turn, so I took it to a tire store right the way. After examining my tires, the store manager advised me that they were losing traction and asked me when the last time they got rotated was. I couldn’t remember when they got serviced, so I decided to replace all of them. The store manager helped me select from different tire options: all-season, traction, performance and recommended alignment service. InStream video ads - Display Specs Help How YouTube InStream Ads Work YouTube In-Stream Ads can run in video players appearing on YouTube watch pages and channel pages with featured videos. These ads may run on YouTube desktop, mobile web and apps, connected TV, and game console properties, as well as the Google Video network and embedded YouTube players. Standard In-Stream Ads can be a maximum of 15 seconds (20 seconds in EMEA, 60 seconds skippable).

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