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13 Optimization Tips For Managing Low-Budget PPC Accounts

13 Optimization Tips For Managing Low-Budget PPC Accounts

3 Tips to Optimize Your Search Ad for Mobile Users - Bing Business - Blog - Bing Business Mobile adoption’s growth is exponential. We all know that. But what does it mean to us search advertisers? It means that the ever-rising reliance on mobile and tablets (don’t forget tablets!) brings the mobile ad experience closer to customers’ purchasing point. “Always on” consumers are using their desktop computer less to scout deals and compare reviews, instead seeking information in real time from their smartphone (while browsing the latest line of winter fleece at The Retail Store, for example).

PPC Associates Blog Are Digital Marketers Becoming “Growth Hackers”? These past few years, it seems the only thing being introduced at a faster rate than new technology for us adopt are the buzzwords that come with it. Anyone looking to enter the tech sector should be prepared to adopt an entirely new lexicon, seriously. The term computer science itself was at one point a […] Great Ways For Digital Marketers To Give Back From Bing Ads with Love: Rotate Your Tires & Ads Regularly #ppc #sem A few days ago my car slipped during a turn, so I took it to a tire store right the way. After examining my tires, the store manager advised me that they were losing traction and asked me when the last time they got rotated was. I couldn’t remember when they got serviced, so I decided to replace all of them. The store manager helped me select from different tire options: all-season, traction, performance and recommended alignment service.

Bing Ads Presents: 10 Top PPC Tips for 2013 from our SEM Industry Friends (in Fewer than 140 Characters) It’s that time of year again that one reviews what happened in the year past. We like looking back recollecting what happened before moving on to something new - perhaps to create a pause in our usually hectic lives. This can be fun (aren’t you curious to find out what your fellow human beings searched for most in 2012?) joyous (the Olympics!) stressful (too many best books/films/plays to catch up with) and depressing (news reviews - usually). Done reviewing and ready to move ahead?

PPC Manager Advice on How To Use Bing Ads to Leverage Your Business - Bing Ads Blog - Bing Ads Community My name is John Rampton and I'm a PPC Manager at Maple North. Over the years I've worked with countless businesses trying to help them grow their business online. Most of them come to me as a referral from a current client or from the ramblings on my personal blog. I love diving into businesses online marketing methods, especially when they are using paid search to drive traffic. This allows me to both help a lot of people and to sharpen my skills. Something that I've noticed over the last couple years is more and more businesses are using Bing Ads to drive online business.

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Love Potion for Search Marketers From Bing Ads John Gagnon | February 6, 2013 | 0 Comments inShare19 Both love and customer demand are in the air in the days leading up to Valentine's Day. Bing Ads Evangelist, John Gagnon, provides search trends and insights into areas that are worth exploiting. The National Retail Federation (NRF) expects consumers to spend $18.6 billion for Valentine's Day in 2013, and it seems cupid is as busy as ever. Personally, I think of Valentine's Day as the Super Bowl for the floral industry, but surprisingly flowers rank third behind jewelry and dining out in terms of spending during this lovely time of year.

Structuring Your Account to Use Dynamic Text – Tips from a Bing Ads Pro - Bing Business - Blog - Bing Business - Bing Ads & Microsoft Advertising Community It is a known fact that using dynamic text in your ad program will increase the click through rate and may even increase conversions. A crucial step for success is to properly structure your Bing Ads account to make dynamic text work for you. More often than not, a haphazard use of dynamic text may actually increase impressions without an increase in clicks and can potentially lower your program’s click through rate (CTR). By carefully structuring your account to use dynamic text properly you can increase CTR and improve conversions all at the same time.

The Beginner's Checklist for the First Month of Your AdWords Optimization: Part 2 This month Andrew Lolk of White Shark Media joins PPC Hero as a guest blogger to discuss his personal tips for optimizing a PPC account within the first month. This is part 2, for part 1 see here. This is a three-part series that helps you identify the areas of optimization during the first month of your Google AdWords campaign.