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Colleen Young. The Maths Magpie. E to the i pi - …mathematical investigation ideas by Kevin Bertman. Maths sandpit. Well folks, the end is in sight!

maths sandpit

Soon Y11 will be on study leave. Sure, there will be those conscientious few who come in for help or revision sessions, but the majority of pupils need the next month to considate their learning and be ready for their exams. Are these teenagers buzzing with energy and keen to work? No. MathsPad. Whilst looking at some TES Resources I came across an excellent interactive from MathsPad, a site with a growing collection of resources for teachers and students.


The site is easy to navigate with a clear menu at the top of the various pages. The various interactives are attractive and display very well on the interactive whiteboard. Mathematics, Learning and Web 2.0. Dy/dan. Magical Maths. Mr Collins' (NQT) Mathematics Blog. Home of the daily Maths Challenge.