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How to Make White Chocolate in Less Than 5 Minutes You can make white chocolate from scratch – at home, in your microwave, with no special tools (not even a candy thermometer). You may think that making candy is completely out of your league. I assure you that making white chocolate is something you can definitely do and it will look like the white chocolate in my picture (or fancier if you use a different mold). Making white chocolate takes under five minutes of your time and, even if you don’t typically enjoy white chocolate, this homemade white chocolate might change your mind. Most store-bought white chocolate is so sweet that the sugar and added vanilla flavor is pretty much all you taste. How to Make White Chocolate in Less Than 5 Minutes
They make chocolates instead. Really, doesn’t it just make more sense? For such mammals to lay eggs is a biological impossibility, but the cleverest of rabbits explore their creative talents and craft cacao into treats for children- Now that sounds downright reasonable in comparison. I can see it now: Gifted little bunnies across the globe secreting away sugar and cocoa in their homely burrows, creating magic for the good little boys and girls everywhere, much like Santa might prepare for Christmas. At least, that’s what I’d like to believe. Real Easter Bunnies Don’t Lay Eggs Real Easter Bunnies Don’t Lay Eggs
I don’t know about you, but I get a little bit of the blues the day after Christmas. The television, the music, the store ads, the shopping – Christmas is totally hyped up for over a month and then all of a sudden it’s over. That’s it. No more crazy-gift-giving holidays for another year. pastelitos pastelitos
Vegan Tiramisu For weeks I obsessed about vegan tiramisu. I'd tried vegan recipes in the past and came up with nothing good. This last time I was determined. Now there is a recipe floating around online for vegan tiramisu already and I gave that a shot first but here is what happened:- the sponge cake came out kind of bitter and crumbly, even though it cooled a long time, cutting it caused it to break up. - the "mascarpone" came out really runny. Vegan Tiramisu
irish soda bread with fennel & cinnamon irish soda bread with fennel & cinnamon Friday March 20, 2009 Heavy, dense, tasteless, dry. Often these are words used to describe the brick-of-a-loaf also known as Irish soda bread. Its bad rap had me wary but I overcame it when I saw Buff Chickpea’s lovely looking loaf. The fact that it looked like a perfect vehicle for butter had me sold. This bread is a quick bread, meaning there’s no yeast to bother with.
Gibassier Gibassier After reading in 'Baking Artisan Pastries & Breads Sweet and Savory Baking for Breakfast, Brunch, and Beyond' Ciril Hitz forward by Peter Reinhart> Gibassier - This little-known breakfast bread hails from the Provence region in France and is, in CH wife's opinion, one of the best breakfast breads ever to have graced our table. She is not alone, most everyone that has been lucky enough to taste a gibassier falls in love instantly.
Free Recipes | GFG

Free Recipes | GFG

One of the juicy, inspiring gifts of an empty nest is the big sky freedom to pull up roots and wander. And long time readers know- we have been doing just that. Wandering our hearts out. We are gypsies.
Walnut-Strawberry Quick Bread
Vegan KD 1.0 Vegan KD 1.0 Ah, KD. The food of my youth. Back in my teen years when grew about a foot every night, I would come home from school, eat an entire box of KD, then eat dinner a few hours later. And I never gained a pound.