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Oahspe index. Oahspe, the product of automatic writing by a 19th century dentist named John Ballou Newbrough, is a hallucinogenic reworking of cosmology and ancient history.

Oahspe index

Written in a pseudo-archaic style, the narrative is told from two viewpoints: that of heaven and earth. For a large part of the book there are parallel texts from each point of view on the top and bottom of the page (hence the page numbers 'a' and 'b'). There are many moving, lucid passages, dealing with ethical and spiritual topics; however these must be sought out. For a large part, Oahspe remains a sealed book. It uses a private vocabulary which is only partially explained; and describes events of mysterious significance. TAUK - The Art of Universal Knowing. Information on the NEW Ascension Class can now be found on the "Talks on TAUK/ TAUK Classes" page!

TAUK - The Art of Universal Knowing

I am posting several of the recent messages I have received about disclosure and ascension. Up until now, I purposely have not posted messages I received on these subjects because I feel the purpose of this website is to teach that anyone with the desire, can ignite the gift of The Art of Universal Knowing in them so that they can connect to loved ones, guides, angels & universal neighbors.

I do understand though that there is interest in this subject, especially now. I will update this page regularly but won't post date-sensitive or imprudent information. There are others who channel who are posting very similar messages. My fondest wish is that you not rely on my (or anyone else's) messages. Bashar. Hathors Archives. The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti.

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon Note: This Hathor message contains instructions for a potent energy meditation called The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti.

The Crystal Palace Within and Opening the Halls of Amenti

You can use this meditation for great personal benefit whenever you wish. However, the instructions for this energetic process are being released at this time for those who choose to participate in a Hathor World Activation Meditation that will take place on October 31st 2010. A group will be gathered in Seattle, Washington at this time, to engage the meditation. This information is for those who are unable to attend the full workshop, but would like to participate in the meditation with others from around the world. The Crystal Palace Within refers to the pineal gland because part of its structure is crystalline in nature. The mediation has three phases. First Phase The first phase involves activating the heart chakra and entering into a heartfelt resonance with the Earth. Second Phase Third Phase. The Art of Jumping Time Lines.

Although it may seem paradoxical to some, your timeline—your life—is only one of many simultaneous possibilities.

The Art of Jumping Time Lines

And it is quite possible, indeed it is your birthright, to alter your timeline and the potentials of your life. Your culture, for various reasons, has hypnotized you into believing that you are limited to one timeline. In this message we shall endeavor to discuss our understanding of timelines and how you can change them. Aquarius Channelings. Dreamwalkerdiaries.

Galactic Channelings

Videos. Deep Spring Center - Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry. The Law of One (Ra Material) Favorite Quotes from the Law of One Sessions. Version (?)

Favorite Quotes from the Law of One Sessions

: Lightly Edited, Relistened, Original 16 results found. Hide question numbers Show categories Show notes Hide ads The Poker Game 50.7 Questioner: Thank you. Ra: I am Ra. In time/space and in the true-color green density, the hands of all are open to the eye. Let us re-examine this metaphor and multiply it into the longest poker game you can imagine, a lifetime. You cannot remember your hand, their hands, perhaps even the rules of this game.

Consider This Well. Creation Cosmology, by Ra. I am Ra. I greet you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator has only one important statement. That statement, my friends, is “All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.” The Law of One, though beyond the limitations of name…may be approximated by stating that all things are one, that there is no polarity, no right or wrong, no disharmony, but only identity. All is one, and that one is love/light, light/love, the Infinite Creator. The first known thing in the creation is infinity. Infinity became aware. Ra-section 1. Study Guide compiled by Bob Childers, Ph.D.

Ra-section 1

When Elaine, a member of the meditation group died, someone suggested that I try to contact her. I could not say no. After some moments of consciously offering myself for the contact with Elaine, I became unaware of the passing of time, and when I awakened, Tom had what sounded like Elaine’s voice on tape speaking through me. That was my first experience with trance.

[Note: Carla had already been involved in scientific channeling research with questioner Dr. This work was extremely draining on me, and I did not want to continue. James gives Carla a half-hour back message before each session because she will have to remain absolutely motionless for between an hour and an hour and forty-five minutes. L/L Research - Site Entry page. If You Feel You Are A Wanderer. If you feel you are a wanderer If you think that you are a wanderer What is a wanderer?

If You Feel You Are A Wanderer

Some wanderers are ETs who have come from elsewhere to planet Earth for this incarnation or at this time. Many other wanderers are earth natives who have matured spiritually to the point of awakening to their metaphysical identity, thereby making the worldly identity less real, and creating the sense of being a stranger in a strange land. Both types of wanderers are in the same situation here on Earth now, in that they often don’t fit in well here, for their inner universe has shifted, and the “real” world for them has shifted from the earthly world to the aesthetic and ethical innerness of the metaphysical world.

Wanderers are each unique and come in all shapes and sizes, but their likeliest common characteristics are a sense of alienation and isolation as they make choices of how to live and be, and cope with a strong and increasing inner knowing that they are here to serve. Thanks for listening! If You Feel You Are A Wanderer - Quotes. If you feel you are a Wanderer Quotes 1.

If You Feel You Are A Wanderer - Quotes

You are loved. January 6, 2001 “We would take a moment to step back and ask each to come with us. January 16, 2000. 2002_0421.aspx. Library L/L Research Transcripts Copyright © 2002 L/L Research.


The Law of One, Harvest. Version (?)

The Law of One, Harvest

: Lightly Edited, Relistened, Original Hide question numbers Show categories Show notes Hide ads 1.9 Questioner: Can you say anything about the coming planetary changes? [Background noise.] Welcome to - A Community for The Law of One.