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Welcome to Aspects Of The New World Order:
I look forward to your participation and input based on aspects of the emerging NWO system: Topics of interest Esoteric Roots of the United Nations, Secret Society's, Technology and the Police State, Deep Green Environmentalism, The Transformation of the Educational System. Knowledge is key to liberating the mind so lets cultivate our Pearltree of Knowledge and help our Team grow. Please keep the Pearltree neat. Thank You. searcher5531 Apr 27

Feds form grand jury to probe Chris Christie's role in Bridgegate... Afghans line up for blocks to vote for new leader... $1.5 MILLION Hotel Bill for Obama's One-Day Visit to Brussels... Holder defends using DOJ airplane for 27 personal trips... DRUDGE REPORT 2011® DRUDGE REPORT 2011®
If you want to know the truth, not just the media news, the research tools are here to find it. This website will motivate you and give you the opportunity to learn what is impacting our everyday lives. The research is here to aid you in forming a relevent, fact- based, honest, opinion. It should take a well - rounded knowledge of what occurs and not just the interveinous feedings we all get from the media. The truth news and information they dont want you to know about The truth news and information they dont want you to know about
ADAM VS THE MAN gives the millennial generation a new voice and a new sense of empowerment. By challenging authority, host Adam Kokesh reveals the reality of a government based not on protecting the freedoms of the American people, but exploiting them for the sake of the real power brokers and banksters who work behind the scenes. But it's not just about politics, it's about living like a free, dignified human being, living like government doesn't exist, and loving it. Adam's experience as a United States Marine and Republican Congressional candidate make him uniquely qualified to take down the man behind the curtain. AdamVsTheManRT's Channel‬‏ AdamVsTheManRT's Channel‬‏
Rachel Maddow Show
Fabian4Liberty's Channel
Map - Your Local Fusion Center | Are We Safer? | FRONTLINE Map - Your Local Fusion Center | Are We Safer? | FRONTLINE Fusion centers -- places for state, local and federal officials to share and analyze information -- sprang up at the local level in the wake of the post-9/11 complaints about the failure to "connect the dots." In 2003, the federal government began contributing funding; to date, the Department of Homeland Security has provided more than $420 million in funding to 72 fusion centers across the country, but some localities have funded additional centers. Fusion centers are built upon the idea of cops on a beat -- local authorities will recognize potential threats to their communities and feed the system with intelligence about possible terrorists. But critics charge that the imperative to gather as much information as possible can lead to abuses and misinformation that can get into national databases.
Facebook, the CIA, and You. // Brainsturbator After over a decade of being immersed in the conspiracy theory culture—and I’m still there wether I like it or not—my core beef remains the same. It’s not something unique to conspiracy research. It’s a universal problem with all true believers: exaggeration for dramatic effect. Subtlety is interesting. Details are brainfood. Facebook, the CIA, and You. // Brainsturbator
Depopulation of Planet Earth - Despoblación del Planeta Tierra
American Thinker: Useless Eaters While Americans worry over government insurance plans, longer waits for treatment, and "healthcare rationing," a more sinister agenda lurks in the shadows of the healthcare bill now before the House of Representatives. Today's Medicare recipients could be the first to experience our government's new solution to America's "useless eaters." Section 1233 of HR 3200, the healthcare reform measure under consideration, mandates "Advance Care Planning Consultation." Under the proposal, all senior citizens receiving government medical care would be required to undergo these counseling sessions every five years. Further reading of the law reveals that these sessions are nothing more than a not-so-veiled attempt to convince the elderly to forego treatment. HR 3200 calls outright for these compulsory consultations to recommend "palliative care and hospice." American Thinker: Useless Eaters
Power Line - The Global Warming Hoax: A Summary Power Line - The Global Warming Hoax: A Summary Global warming alarmism is not science. It is a toxic combination of pseudo-religion and totalitarian politics. To the extent that there is any debate over climate science–the alarmists run from debate like vampires fleeing garlic–the “skeptics” always win. If you want to follow climate science controversies in a rigorous but accessible fashion, check out the Science and Environmental Policy Project’s web site. Among other things, it features a weekly update on matters relating to the global warming debate.This week’s SEPP newsletter includes an excellent piece by Dr.
Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points
University Presents: Useless Eaters Disability as Genocidal Marker in Nazi Germany The methods used for mass extermination in the Nazi death camps originated and were perfected in earlier use against people with physical, emotional, and intellectual disabilities. Developed from the article by Dr. Mark Mostert, this website describes the historical context of attitudes toward people with disabilities in Germany and how this context produced mass murder of people with disabilities prior to and during the early years of World War II. University Presents: Useless Eaters
The Green Agenda - The Earth Charter The Green Agenda - The Earth Charter “The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it willin fact become like the Ten Commandments.”- Maurice Strong The Earth Charter – Humanity’s Covenant with the Earth In 1992 Maurice Strong was the Secretary General of the historic United Nations Earth Summit in Rio. In order to ensure the success of the Summit, Strong’s wife, Hanne, held a vigil with the Wisdom-keepers, a group of "global transformationalists." Through round-the-clock sacred fire, drumbeat, and meditation, the group “held the energy pattern" for the duration of the gathering.
Genocidalism disguised as environmentalism -- Webster Tarpley
A Poisoned World - Pt1 - Big Pharma & the FDA
Against School, by John Taylor Gatto
The Daily Sheeple - News, Commentary, Headlies and Truth
The Antipsychiatry Coalition Volunteers needed to distribute pamphlets & articles in U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Australia, Europe, Russia, Central & South America, Africa, and Asia: Please help us make the information on this web site available to people who do not have access to the Internet. Download articles and pamphlets from this web site and distribute them to people who you think will benefit. No Scientologists, please: Anyone joining us will be asked for assurance they are not affiliated with the "Church" of Scientology or its Citizen's Commission on Human Rights (CCHR), which have publicized the harm done by psychiatry but which we want no affiliation with. This web site does have links to YouTube video critiques of psychiatry by CCHR because these videos are excellent and accurate and worth seeing, but this should not be interpreted as an endorsement of CCHR or Scientology. The Antipsychiatry Coalition
25 Reasons Psychiatry Must Be Abolished by Don Weitz 1. Because psychiatrists frequently cause harm, permanent disabilities, death - death of the body-mind-spirit.
2011 Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo Dates: September 27-29, 2011Location: Tampa, FloridaVenue: Tampa Convention CenterURL: URL: or Description: Supported by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Security Agency (NSA), the Biometrics Consortium Conference is focused on Biometric Technologies for Defense, Homeland Security, Identity Management, Border Crossing and Electronic Commerce. 2011 Biometric Consortium Conference and Technology Expo
Mobile Prison Guard Towers Coming to a Walmart near You! Unbelievable.
Google GMail Privacy
Google is Watching you
2015:Google Takes Over The World!!(DOCUMENTARY)
Lucis Trust for An One World Religion
Republic Broadcasting Network Because You Can Handle The Truth! Rebroadcast Problems with the 'Listen Live Online player'? Republic Broadcasting Network
The Amerikan Expose team: Chris Gerner (Host, Researcher, Founder) Darren Weeks (Host, Researcher, Web) The United States IS the United Nations: The Secretary of the U.S. treasury is the U.S. governor of the International Monetary Fund and receives no compensation when serving in the capacity of govenor to the IMF, from the United States, which is a federal corporation. Amerikan Exposé with Chris Gerner
Amerikan Expose | Hegelian Dialectic
The New Group of World Servers
Constitution: UNESCO -- Where Reality Shatters Illusion
Blavatsky Study Center:  Website on H.P. Blavatsky & Theosophy including Blavatsky Archives.
Dr. Dennis Cuddy -- Statue of Liberty: Part 3
Seven Ray Institute
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Spirituality in Education
The Rainbow Swastika - Education for the New Age
Transnational Advocacy, Global Civil Society
Chronology of U.S. Education
Your Childs Schooling And ARK
Seven Basic Constructs of Psychosynthesis
Share International on the Reappearance of Maitreya the World Teacher
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Taurus and the New Group of World Servers: Vehicle of the Aquarian Christ
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The New Group of World Servers
What is the Matrix - distraction from what is important
Zeitgeist 2 & Lucis Trust Lies pt.2-2
Zeitgeist 2 & Lucis Trust Lies pt.1-2
Lucis Trust One World Religion 2009 Part 2/2
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Toward Soviet America
BEFORE THE STORM! Diana, Agenda 21 & the NWO
Draconian Michigan Bill Promoted by Major Corporations
The Earth Charter - Agenda for Totalitarianism
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Author Larry Bell: Greed Fuels Global Warming Hoax
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