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Hot and Sour Soup. Hot and Sour Soup Learn how to make restaurant-style Hot and Sour Soup with this quick and easy recipe.

Hot and Sour Soup

It’s easy to adapt to your personal taste preferences, and so delicious! Can’t stop, won’t stop with the soup recipes this winter. ♡ And today’s recipe is one that I’ve been meaning to share with you on the blog for years, after literally dozens and dozens of you have requested it. Well, good news, friends! Trust me, this is one of those restaurant recipes that will taste just as good at home. Really, traditional hot and sour soup is just a hotter and sour-er version of egg drop soup, with some mushrooms and tofu (or pork) thrown in. I highly recommend using shiitake mushrooms for this recipe if you want it to taste ultra-authentic.

Then just follow the instructions and bring everything to a simmer, drizzle in those eggs in a thin stream while stirring the soup (to create those pretty egg ribbons), and add in your tofu (or cooked pork) and sesame oil and green onions at the end… Easy Rice Cake Soup Recipe. Untitled. It would go well with a bowl of steamed rice and a side of kimchi.


For vegetarians, simply make the recipe without any meat or seafood. Ingredients 9 oz medium firm tofu1/2 medium zucchini½ pack of enoki mushrooms2 shitake mushrooms1 potato1/2 onion2 oz ground beef (clams or shrimp if desired)1 chili pepper (green or red)1 scallion2 tablespoons Korean soybean paste (doenjang)½ tsp of sesame oil1 teaspoon Korean chili pepper flakes (gochugaru) optional1 tbsp minced garlic4 cups of anchovy seakelp broth or 6 cups of water Directions. Kimchi Stew with Tuna, Quick and Easy Kimchi-jjigae. Good to Know: Kimchi For good kimchi jjigae, you need over fermented (sour) kimchi.

Kimchi Stew with Tuna, Quick and Easy Kimchi-jjigae

If your kimchi is not fermented enough, you can add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to add some extra sour taste. Veggie Tofu Stir Fry. I remember the first time I tried tofu.

Veggie Tofu Stir Fry

It was raw in a whole grain wrap along with some mustard and veggies and I honestly couldn’t finish it. And when it comes to food I’m a trooper. Easy Delicious Recipes. Kimchi Dumplings Recipe Kimchi Dumplings – Spice up your dumplings by adding kimchi to make juicy, plump and delicious dumplings that you just can’t stop eating!!

Easy Delicious Recipes

| Prep time: Cook time: Total Time: How to make Kimchi Stew with Tuna, Quick and Easy Recipe. How to make Kimchi Stew with Tuna, Quick and Easy Recipe. Recipe - Rice Cooker Bibimbap with Salmon and Spinach - Recipe. Jap Chae with Kimchi. It’s a stressful time of year, when warm comfort food recipes abound.

Jap Chae with Kimchi

Jap Chae (Korean stir-fried glass noodles with vegetables) is the rare sort of comfort food that boasts a variety of vegetables. The tasty noodle dish has a relatively healthy mix of textures, colors, and flavors. Usually made with a little stir-fried beef, jap chae is by no means a meat-centered recipe; this is an ensemble piece.

(So you can leave out the protein altogether, or substitute chicken or tofu.) The dangmyon glass noodles, made from sweet potatoes, are naturally gluten-free. How to Make Tasty Tuna Kim Bop. Last night, I made kimbap for my husband’s midnight snack.

How to Make Tasty Tuna Kim Bop

I remember the first time I made kimbap was with him. We used to have a cooking project every Sunday, and the first recipe we ever made together was tuna kimbap. We ate our tuna kimbap with some meat and red wine. Delicious! ^^ Kimchi: Recipe. One of the ironies of my grad school experience involved teaching Korean housemates, who possessed zero cooking skills, how to cook rice — with a rice maker no less.

Kimchi: Recipe

As an outsider to Korean culture, I quickly realized two things: that women do most of the cooking and that there are two food items no Korean household can live without, steamed white rice and kimchi. Rice was cheap and easy to prepare and was eaten out of necessity; on the other hand, kimchi was treated with near reverence. The pungent, highly seasoned fermented cabbage is the Korean equivalent of soul food, reminiscent of the taste of home and a source of family pride. This is the sort of well-guarded secret passed down from mother to daughter with marriage prospects riding on the outcome — meaning not the kind of information Korean moms readily imparted to curious onlookers who were passing through the kitchen on their way to the den.

Easy 20-Minute Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli. This past weekend, I spent a majority of it checking off a bunch of to-do’s off our checklist for our big upcoming international trip.

Easy 20-Minute Teriyaki Chicken and Broccoli

There really is so much to prep for when you’re about to go away internationally for an extended period of time. Or maybe that’s just me and my type A personality. I already told our credit company that I’ll be international so don’t freeze our credit cards – haha that would really suck! I already have a list of books I’m going to download onto my Kindle for the lonnnnnng flight! Easy Thai Sticky Rice (Made in a Rice Cooker!) Coconut Sticky Sweet Rice with Mango » Fifteen Spatulas. Coconut Sticky Sweet Rice with Mango I’m such a sucker for this dessert.

Coconut Sticky Sweet Rice with Mango » Fifteen Spatulas

Coconut and mango are some of my favorite fruits on the planet, so that combination alone is good enough. But when you take that coconut milk, and basically have a bunch of sticky sweet rice soak it all up so each pellet tastes of sweet creamy coconut, it’s complete bliss. I can’t say how many times I would go to Thai restaurants just to have this for dessert, but fortunately I have figured out how to make it myself, and it really is so easy to pull together. Ingredients: Cheesy Rice Balls. Beef Pancakes (Soegogi-jeon) recipe. Today let’s make some soegogi-jeon, or beef pancakes.

It’s a super-simple recipe that pretty much every meat eater loves: nice, tender beef sliced thinly, battered lightly in flour and egg and pan fried quickly. The result is light, meaty, savory, golden brown, and really delicious. Baked Sesame Teriyaki Salmon. A five star salmon baked with the best homemade sesame teriyaki sauce. This is easily one of the best things that you will eat! Some recipes I make and I hope that everyone tries. This recipe is one of them. One Pan Pad See Ew. Pad See Ew is likely the second most well known Thai noodle dish to Pad Thai.

While flat rice noodles serve as the base of this dish, the real flavor comes from the slightly sweet gravy. I’ve balanced out the sweet taste of the carmelized brown sugar with soy sauce and sauteed garlic, and you can also toss in some grilled chicken, beef or tofu for added protein. A note about noodles: Traditional Pad See Ew is made with fresh flat rice noodles, which can usually be found at your local Asian grocery store.

Say Kimchi: Tuna and Kimchi Fried Rice. After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one’s own relations.– Oscar Wilde Kimchi. Kimchi. Kimchi. Korea loves kimchi. Easy Shrimp and Broccoli Stir Fry. The easiest stir fry you will ever make in just 20 min – it doesn’t get easier (or quicker) than that! 287.3 calories. Stir fry recipes are the best. They are so versatile and you can pretty much use whatever lingering ingredient you have in your fridge. Ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) recipe. Thai Beef Stir-Fry: Recipes. Korean Shrimp Stir-Fry. A month or so ago, I found a youtube user who, bless her existence, uploaded all 13 episodes of Nigella Kitchen on her channel so naturally I spent the whole day marathon-ing the show.

In the 3rd episode, titled “Inspiration Everywhere”, she cooked a dish called Korean Calamari which looked SO GOOD that I literally was like this. Spicy cucumber side dish recipe. I’m going to share a super simple recipe with you today that’s one of my all time favorites. Tofu Rice Stir-Fry Recipe - Kosher Vegetarian Recipes - Pareve Tofu Side Dishes - Parve Tofu Main Entrees. Asian Inspired. The Homemade Kimchi Recipe You Need to Try. By Elettra Wiedemann The first time I had kimchi, it was so intensely spicy that it felt like I was coughing out of my eyeballs. But, despite the shocking rush of intense heat and strong fermented sourness, I found myself reaching for more, taking bigger bites, and putting it on almost everything that came out of the kitchen. Soon, I was fantasizing about kimchi all the of the time. Spicy Bean Sprouts Salad. Jjajangmyun. Salmon Bibimbap. Pan Fried Tofu. Easy Spicy Korean Pork. Jjajangmyun. Comforting, Spicy Korean Gojuchang Tofu Stir Fry.

I was inspired to make a dish like this by a small Korean cafe named "Jiki", where I often go on days where I haven't been able to prepare a lunchbox. I have tried and loved many of their hot food dishes, but they have a spicy tofu and vegetable one that is just out of this world. I didn't have a recipe for this so it isn't exactly like Jiki's but it was very tasty nonetheless. Korean food is, for me anyway, warm and comforting - perfect for an icy winter's day. I will definitely adventure further into Korean cooking - one of the wonderful things about living in England is how we have all these opportunities to pinch traditions from other cultures. People settle here from all over the world and, in becoming Britons themselves, broaden our own culture and variety of experience. Basic Napa Cabbage Kimchi (Kimchee) Recipe - I don't bother with the soak for 12 hours, rinse, then combine remaining ingredients bit.

Kimchi Soft Tofu Stew (Soondubu Jjigae) Recipe - Korean Spicy Chicken and Potatoes - The Adventures of MJ and Hungryman. Cheater Korean Beef. Do you ever feel the overwhelming need to simplify? Lately I’ve felt the need to cut out all of the “stuff” we have going on and to get back to the basics in our home and in even in our dinners. Nothing crazy or fancy – it’s not like my kids appreciate the fancy stuff anyway. I’ve found that the best meals to have in your recipe box are those that you usually have all the ingredients. Spicy Chicken & Broccoli. Spicy Korean Vegetable Stir Fry [ Fat Free ] Ramen Noodle Upgrade, Recipe from Mad Hungry, March 2011. Effortless Thai Pasta. I don’t always feel like cooking. Sometimes all I want to do is throw everything in a pot, cover it and in 20 minutes have dinner ready.

Pouf! Gimbap recipe. Hi everybody! Spring has come! It’s time for us to make something delicious, pack a lunch box, and go on a picnic. Chicken noodle soup from scratch (Dak-kalguksu. I’m sharing my family’s all-time favorite food with you today, chicken noodle soup – dak-kalguksu in Korean. The word kal means knife and guksu means noodle soup, indicating that the noodles in this soup are made by cutting them from the dough.

There are many kinds of kalguksu, but this version is made with chicken (dak in Korean). Soju Watermelon Cocktail (Subak Soju. Korean Steak Noodles Recipe. Bibimbap (Mixed rice with vegetables. Spicy Shrimp and Vegetable Stir-fry: Recipes. Kimchi Fries. Yangzhou Fried Rice. Sweet Potato Noodles with Beef and Mushrooms (Japchae) Vegan Dan Dan Noodles. P.F. Chang's Chicken in Soothing Lettuce Wraps. Sauted Potatoes And Fish Cakes Gamja Chae Bokkeum Recipe. Beef Bulgogi Recipe at Epicurious. Vegetable Stir Fry - Best Vegetable Stir Fry Recipe! Simple SuJaeBi. Dak Galbi, spicy Korean chicken.

Korean Style Black Beans and Rice (fasting, gluten free) « Orthodoxfastingrecipes's Blog. Korean Spicy Marinated Pork (Dae Ji Bool Gogi) Easy Spicy Korean Pork. Korean Cold Kimchi Noodles Recipe. Korean Spicy Beef Soup (Yukaejang) Recipe - Recipe for Korean Beef Soup (Yuk Gae Jang) DIY jianbing: How to make the perfect breakfast crêpe. Chicken Fried Rice. The Best Easy Beef And Broccoli Stir-fry Recipe - - 99476. Asian. Bulgogi Taco II. Asian. Asian food. Asian Dishes. Japanese Food. Asian. Asian. Chinese Barbecued Tofu and Vegetables. CrockPot Vietnamese Pho Soup Recipe. Slow Cooker General Tso's Chicken Recipe.

CrockPot Honey and Orange Tofu Recipe. Chinese Pork & Vegetable Hot Pot. Chinese Noodles. Korean Spinach Soup Recipe. A Series of Kitchen Experiments: Chicken Kimchi Stew. Japanese Food – Stirfried Kimchi Chicken. Korean Kimchi Pancake Recipe - Recipe for Kimchi Jun (Kimchee Jeon) Kimchi Jjigae Korean Kimchi Soup) Recipe - - 324429.

Vegetable Stir Fry - Yachae Bokum (Korean) recipe. Courtesy Of Chef #364735 Recipes. Kimchi Soup With Tuna Recipe. Spicy Korean Slow Cooked Chicken (Dhak Dori Tang) Recipe. CrockPot Korean Ribs Recipe. Shrimp Lo Mein. Grandma's Rainy Day Kimchi Noodle Soup Recipe - - 402890. Cooking Korean Recipies & Food. Fusion style kimchi dish. Sweet Potato Noodles (Japchae) Recipe at Epicurious. Lobster to Sweet & Sour: How To Make 6 Stir-Fry Sauces. Slow Cooked Korean Chicken « Can You Stay for Dinner? Beef Radish Soup, when you feel blue. Korean Spicy Braised Chicken and Potatoes - Recipe for Taktoritang.