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Importing 3D Models (Onto Mars!) Photoshop CS6 Extended.


Shop. Paint Roller Art How-To - PITW Video. Digital tools. Music. Free Art Tool Released Thanks to Epic Friday. At Epic, we have a fun monthly tradition known as Epic Friday, which gives employees a break from ongoing tasks and provides a platform for us to work on pet projects.

Free Art Tool Released Thanks to Epic Friday

One day each month, we’re encouraged to be creative and productive solely within the context of “making cool stuff” that benefits our games and technology development process. Epic Games Senior Environment Artist Warren Marshall recently set out to refine his manual drawing skills. While Warren is both highly technical and artistic, he felt the need to revisit the basics and learn more about perspective. “Gotta grind those fundamentals,” he said. Voicing how making perspective grids by hand can be frustrating, he continued, “The programmer in me wanted to do something cooler.

Warren describes the app he developed, Carapace, as “a simple program that lets you place vanishing points around an image placeholder to flesh out the shell of your drawing. Here’s a video of Warren setting up a simple three-point grid: Share: Tablet Pressure Curve Tool. This application is designed to improve experience with Wacom tablets.

Tablet Pressure Curve Tool

Sometimes you have to press your pen with unnecessary force to get maximum opacity. It is possible to modify pen response through tablet configuration, but the available options are limited and maximum required force is unchanged. This application allows you to modify all three control points of tablet sensitivity curve and subsequently achieve custom and improved pen sensitivity. Download: Tablet Pressure Curve Tool version 2.0 (22/4/2015)(for Windows 7/8 with Wacom tablets) Tablet Pressure Curve Tool version 1.6 (29/08/2013)(for Windows XP/Vista/7 with Wacom tablets) Windows 32-bit || ReadMe Some application actions require elevated privileges to run correctly. Informations: Version history. What the Hex? Drawception - The social picture telephone game! /ic/ - Artwork/Critique. Art & Oekaki. /gfx/ - Graphics Manipulation. File 136742183094.png - (8.44KB , 1920x1080 , UD3-Base.png ) Yet again... a place to build another one of our own desktops/works of art.

/gfx/ - Graphics Manipulation

It doesn't matter if you're a Painter, GIMPer or super-shopper, give it a go. General Guidelines • 1 edit at a time - give other people room to work • Leave a reasonable time between edits - give other people chance to work • feel free to edit/improve the work of others, but try not to get into an edit war • Try to keep it safe(ish) for work • Don't apply edits to the entire image • if you feel someone is deliberately messing things up, report it; or jump back a version... • ...but not too far! • Have fun!!! But use common sense. • Stink to .png or we'll get covered in artifacts.

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Art / Creative

Courtney Howlett. Live. How to / Toturial. Pictures / paintings / 2Dart. 52 Weeks Project. Ric Rac Rose. I love these easy-to-make Ric Rac Roses!

Ric Rac Rose

Isn’t it beautiful? You can make these and use them in hair, on jewelry, on clothing, as embellishments on anything! And with The Ribbon Retreat’s large selection of Ric Rac, your possibilities are endless! They are also sold at an awesome price for $.65 a yard! – Supplies – Ric Rac (I used 3/4″) Hot Glue Accessory to attach it to The first thing to know about this Ric Rac Rose is that the wider the Ric Rac, the taller the rose. I started out by cutting two pieces of Ric Rac at 21 inches. I ended up using a bit less than 21 inches… probably 16 or 17 inches. Now we are going to “braid” the two pieces of Ric Rac together. Keep going until you get to the end. Take the end and curl the Ric Rac in. Continue rolling the Ric Rac. You can put a little hot glue on the sides as you are rolling it. Here is how the side looks. When you like the size of your rose, you can stop rolling.

Now put some glue on the under side of the rose. It looks pretty, just like this!

Animation / film / moving art

Banjo. Art Tutorials.