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Seven Artists and Curators Reveal a Cherished, Overlooked Black Artist. Ingrid Pollard, Oceans Apart series (1989) (courtesy of Ingrid Pollard) The extensive impact of Black culture on visual history is prominent and unignorable.

Seven Artists and Curators Reveal a Cherished, Overlooked Black Artist

In recent years, popular international exhibitions like Soul of a Nation platformed overlooked, critical Black artists whose cultural impact has been neglected in mainstream museum exhibitions, alongside acclaimed figures like Barkley Hendricks and Faith Ringgold. I asked a series of curators and artists working today, from different generations and varied backgrounds, to share a Black artist they treasure, but feel has not received the wide-reaching commendation they deserve.

Each curator and artist wrote to me with their contribution, highlighting a Black artist — and for some, artists — whose work they deeply cherish. Their chosen artists are diverse and vital, working in abstraction, figurative illustration, photography, and beyond.


Ceramics. ENCRE ET CALLIGRAPHIE. Encre. Ruth Asawa’s Mesmerizing Art and Enduring Legacy. In a recent interview, Chase, the book’s author, emphasized Asawa’s innate ability to create something beautiful out of any situation.

Ruth Asawa’s Mesmerizing Art and Enduring Legacy

“What inspired me the most was her ability to turn swords into plowshares,” Chase said. “Every time life dealt her a blow, she turned it into something wonderful, something creative.” In the spring of 1942, the Asawa family had their world turned completely upside down. In response to the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the emerging World War II, President Roosevelt ordered more than 100,000 Japanese-American citizens into internment camps. Separated for years from their father, the Asawa children and their mother were forced to adapt to the unimaginable conditions of living in a prison camp.


TURNER. Richard Long. Einstein's Lost Theory Describes a Universe Without a Big Bang. In 1917, a year after Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity was published — but still two years before he would become the international celebrity we know — Einstein chose to tackle the entire universe.

Einstein's Lost Theory Describes a Universe Without a Big Bang

For anyone else, this might seem an exceedingly ambitious task — but this was Einstein. Einstein began by applying his field equations of gravitation to what he considered to be the entire universe. The field equations were the mathematical essence of his general theory of relativity, which extended Newton’s theory of gravity to realms where speeds approach that of light and masses are very large. But his math was better than he wanted to believe — his equations told him that the universe could not stay static: It had to either expand or contract. Einstein chose to ignore what his mathematics was telling him. Sabine Tress. La Llorona (2011-2016)

Third Eye Drawing. I am happy to be back showing in Provincetown this week at starting on Friday.

Third Eye Drawing

I will have 40 small drawings and 11 paintings in the gallery for the month of December. If you are interested in any of the work but can’t get to Provincetown please don’t hesitate to contact me or the gallery. I posted some of the drawings last week. The ones I’m posting today are a bit of a departure. Because I was making so many I had the chance to play and experiment quite a bit. I am doing this to try to break some old habits. Ahtcast: Artist Interview: Brigid Watson. Words of the day: drawing. color. cement. time. view-finder.

ahtcast: Artist Interview: Brigid Watson

Boston based painter Brigid Watson is ahtcast's guest this time around. You may remember Brigid from The Mixed-Media Tapes recordings where she spoke in depth about color, and metaphysics. I have invited her back for a full length interview here on the podcast. FIONA LOWRY. #montserratgudiol - Instagram photos and videos. Landscapes — Tollef Runquist. Une (re)découverte majeure. The World's Largest Ocean Cleanup Has Officially Begun. Découvertes remarquables à Marseille : les céramiques grecques à figures.

Talking Art Review by Lesley Sharpe. Présentation de la pensée. John Cage and the Northwest School. Mark Tobey, Edge of August, 1953, casein on composition board, 48 x 28 inches (The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

John Cage and the Northwest School

Purchase, 1954. © 2014 Estate of Mark Tobey/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York) Get a Piece of The Rock. Gilbert CONAN - galerie-elisart. Hunterian Art Gallery Collections: GLAHA 52297. This information is © The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow 2016.

Hunterian Art Gallery Collections: GLAHA 52297

Icônes de l'art moderne.La collection Chtchoukine. L’exposition « ICÔNES DE L’ART MODERNE.

Icônes de l'art moderne.La collection Chtchoukine

LA COLLECTION CHTCHOUKINE » se tient à la Fondation Louis Vuitton à Paris du 22 octobre 2016 au 5 mars 2017. L’exposition rend hommage à l’un des plus grands mécènes du début du 20ème siècle, Sergueï Chtchoukine, collectionneur visionnaire de l’art moderne français. Les 130 œuvres prêtées par le Musée Pouchkine de Moscou et le Musée de l’Ermitage de Saint-Pétersbourg dévoilent l’audace des choix artistiques du collectionneur et la rapidité avec laquelle il a rassemblé l’une des plus importantes collections d’art moderne du début du 20ème siècle comprenant des œuvres de Monet, Matisse, Picasso, Gauguin, Cézanne, Le Douanier Rousseau et Derain. The Web's Largest Art Information Service. Cargo - Gallery. ArtSlant - Contemporary Art Network. White Rainbow. StudioLeeUfan. OXYGEN - ZHUYU. Post.

Encre chinoise

Les entretiens. American Heroes and Innovators: New Paintings and Drawings by Chris and Justin Hopkins. American Heroes and Innovators will mark the gallery’s second annual educational exhibition honoring Black History Month in Philadelphia.

American Heroes and Innovators: New Paintings and Drawings by Chris and Justin Hopkins

In 2013, Gravers Lane proudly hosted the members and staff of The Stained Glass Project: Windows that Open Doors, an after school program for inner-city youth that focuses on leadership, teamwork, and artistic creation and expression. This year, Gravers Lane Gallery is thrilled to exhibit portrayals of numerous African American men and women whose actions and ideas have made an immeasurable impact on American society as we know it. Index of /meszaventures/Metz-Nancy/Pompidou. Mira Schendel. Hutterdesign : ART by Wendy Vaughan #art ... Albert Marquet, les bords de Seine, de Paris à la côte normande. Pontoise, Musée Tavet-Delacour, du 13 octobre 2013 au 16 février 2014 1.

Albert Marquet, les bords de Seine, de Paris à la côte normande


The best examples of street art in 2012 (48 pictures. Small landscapes 2011. Berit Hildre. Опубликовано Art&Tatucya Ноя 24, 2012. École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon. Monika seelig. Impact: Stacia Spragg-Braude ’90. Galerie de France - Nu. Index - maisonbleue. University Art Gallery - eCatalogue - Poésie de mots inconnus (Poetry of Unknown Words)