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Loft 9B. The Best Architecture Drawings of 2015. The Best Architecture Drawings of 2015 We believe good projects should be able to express and explain themselves.

The Best Architecture Drawings of 2015

Architectural representation plays a fundamental role in how a project is perceived by the audience, which is why today ArchDaily is recognizing the most outstanding, original and self explanatory drawings of the year. The selected drawings cover the diverse range of different techniques used in architectural representation today, from hand drawing images to perfectly detailed axonometrics and animated GIFs - but one thing they all have in common is the deep insights they provide into the appearance, construction or concept of the buildings they represent. Lifelike architectural representation, as we know it today, stems from Greco-Roman schematic representation, which was based on careful observation of natural forms. In the Renaissance, however, the techniques of the ancient civilizations were rediscovered and refined.


Cluny House by Guz Architects. Cluny House by Guz Architects Amidst the lush environment of Singapore, Guz Architects have built a home that engages the local environment in almost every aspect of its design.

Cluny House by Guz Architects

The Cluny House is a stunning modern courtyard home centered around a living natural pool with water plants, moss, ferns and trees that arise from its own calming waters. The design of the home is open and contemporary, where public sections have no walls, just open access to the watery central courtyard. Organic. Architecture concepts. Damn cool places.


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