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Mobile - Restaurant In App. Create the full application of your Restaurant, Bar, Cafe or Disco. Are you the owner of a restaurant, pub or nightclub and want you to meet global with your official application? It only takes a few data, images, your logo and you can make something that goes beyond the simple business card. All with a very trifling expense. Now be present on the App Store is like having a website.

With this Starter Kit you have everything ready. - Home Description with Logo - Facebook Link, Quick Call - Your Menu, easy to update and customize as an image. - Reservations through integrated email client, with name, phone number and people. - Photo Gallery HD slide show for photos of your restaurant. - Detailed map with driving directions, from where you are. - Easy customization with help comments. - 70% is visual customizations. - Multi Language, English and Italian (ability to add more countries). - Supports iOS 5.1 and above.

With this project you will learn to: AJAX Store Locator Preview. OpenTripPlanner. Google Maps Events Preview.


Google Places API – practice. Google Places API – practice Do you use google maps? I am sure that yes. Have you ever tried ‘Search nearby’ function here? I like this feature and today I will show you how you can develop similar script. We will use ordinary google maps plus extra library – Places (in order to use Google Places API). Our script will be able to search for address, objects, and also you can refine your search with extra params like: keyword, type and radius.

Here you can try live demonstration, and download the sources. Live Demo download in package Ok, download the example files and lets start coding togetger! Step 1. Please create new empty html file, put basic headers and then put next code in the header section: We have linked necessary libraries (main google library with extra library – Places) and our main script.js file (where we will put all necessary custom javascript code). Index.html First element (gmap_canvas) is main google map canavas object. Step 2. Step 3. Let me comment this code a bit. Live map of London Underground trains. Loading... Powered by Leaflet — Map tiles © Thunderforest, data © OpenStreetMap contributors. Live London Underground map By Matthew Somerville. Data collected: Mon, 05 Sep 2016 08:33:02 +0100 <div style="border: solid 2px #cc0000; padding: 5px; width: 70%; margin: 1em auto;"> I'm afraid that this page requires JavaScript to draw the maps and plot move the trains, which isn't possible with just HTML.

More information Hide What is this? This map shows all trains (yellow dots) on the London Underground network in approximately real time. I have similar things for the London buses and National Rail, and an awesome bookmarkable train times journey planner. . — Matthew How does it work? Live departure data is fetched from the TfL API, and then it does a bit of maths and magic. Who did this? Matthew Somerville (with helpful hinderances from Frances Berriman and James Aylett). Originally built at Science Hackday, June 2010. 200 Free Vector Map Icons for Google Maps API. Google Map/Directions Mashup. Building a Google Maps Application with Updating Markers. By Raymond Camden I’ve been a fan of the Google Map API for some time now. If you dig beyond the basic “Show a map of X” and really examine the API, it is incredibly powerful. Recently, someone asked me an interesting question about Google Maps. Is it possible to use Google Maps to track moving items?

I had worked with Google Maps and markers before, but I had never built a demo that included “live” markers that could move. To download the sample app code, click here. The Data My demo consists of two parts – the client and the server. Building the Sample App In my initial front end code, I simply built the code that would load the map, call the server, and display the markers as is. I’m assuming that you are familiar already with Google Maps (if not, see some related links below), and if so, you already know about the required JavaScript libraries. I begin my code with a simple jQuery initialization routine: $(document).ready(function() { }); Improving the Sample App Where to go from here. One Map to Rule Them All – HighEdWeb 2010 – Web and New Media Blog - Missouri State University.

Building the JavaScript for the Mobile Campus Map – Web and New Media Blog - Missouri State University. Park Compass | A Vancouver Park Finder. - map of the Los Angeles startup community. Abenzer/represent-map. Live map of SF MUNI. Park Compass | A Vancouver Park Finder. Campus Map - Missouri State University.