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Control Your Dreams With Your iPhone. Being entrepreneurial is a lifestyle that consumes every waking minute of your day.

Control Your Dreams With Your iPhone

Dreaming big and taking leaps of chance are part of that territory. So what budding entrepreneur wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to optimize their downtime as well? A Japanese smartphone app, the Yumemiru, lets you maximize the time you spend every night just sleeping. Yumemiru takes the self-help craze of the nineties to new scientific heights by leveraging the bundle of sensors in your smartphone. The app utilizes microphones to detect when the user is in REM sleep, the point in the night when you begin dreaming and also the moment when you are most susceptible to suggestion. The free app has 8 different scenarios to choose from including a walk in the forest, getting rich, flying and for those romantically disposed, a scenario that stimulates dreams of love tailored for both men and women.

Uncover Your World with the Google Search app. Une appli conçue par Nestlé Singapour pour mieux faire son tri sélectif ! C’est à Singapour certes.

Une appli conçue par Nestlé Singapour pour mieux faire son tri sélectif !

Donc loin de nos marchés "matures". Mais l’idée est tout de même séduisante. Nestlé ou du moins un de ses ingénieurs, a tout simplement conçu une application gratuite, téléchargeable sur iPhone et Android pour conseiller le quidam dans son acte de recyclage. Qui ne s’est pas retrouvé devant sa poubelle avec une bouteille en verre d’un côté et son bouchon plastique de l’autre ? Pour donner des réponses claires à ce casse-tête du tri sélectif, Yves Soppelsa, ingénieur principal au centre de recherche Nestlé à Singapour, a imaginé l’appli Recycler 123. Recycler 123 donne des instructions détaillées.


Photos. Jeux. Utilitaires. IF i Die Facebook App - Death Can Catch You Anywhere, Anytime. “Singles Finder” App for  Ogilvy Argentina have created this ‘Singles Finders’ app for

“Singles Finder” App for 

Developed in Buenos Aires under the tagline “Love is out there. If we get organised, there’s plenty for all”, Ogilvy Interactive launched “Singles Finder”, an app to assist single people with finding the perfect date. “Singles Finder” is a free Smartphone App accessible from the iTunes Store that tells users the exact amount of single people in each location. Aimed at giving single people the chance to find out where the most single people are before they enter the club or bar. What do you think of this idea? Be Sociable, Share! Buenos aires, iPhone App, itunes, Ogilvy Argentina, singles finders, smartphone app,

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Best Buy Mobile: Excuse Clock - Interactive (image) Excuse Clock for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store. Pringles Crunch Band. Articles sur appli. KR Media et Michelin inaugurent un nouveau format publicitaire d'Orange Advertising Network sur l'iPhone. FullForesome: Simplify your golf life. LikeJournal - Social Bookmarking for the Facebook Like Button. 4 Fresh Apps For Your Weekend Enjoyment. Each weekend , hand-picks a few startups that we think are building interesting, unique or niche products. Here we’re featuring a collection of applications that might come in handy this weekend depending on your mood.

If you’re in a playful state of mind, Shnap for iPhone will command your attention and challenge you to an intricate game of rating and producing stylized photos. Trust us, it’s more fun than it sounds. For the bargain hunter with an iPhone or Android device, there’s Social Listing, an app that could help you discover the hidden treasures your neighbors are ready to part with. Givey. Create instant classified ads right from your phone. Fast and FREE.

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Glastonbury 2011 App from Orange UK‬‏ 4 Fresh Apps For Your Weekend Enjoyment. The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark. If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here. Each weekend, Mashable handpicks a few startups that we think are building interesting, unique or niche products. This time we've chosen applications and services specifically for the foodies, travelers, deal-lovers and nightlife-goers among us. If you're traveling this summer, why not take a trip to Fortnighter's website first for a custom travel itinerary written just for you by one of the site's contributing travel writers?

Those staycationing instead might appreciate the deals and food information on venues just down the street as provided by Poggled or Foodstream. Tiffany & Co. Releases User-Generated Map of World's Romantic Moments. Tiffany has launched a multimedia-rich microsite and iPhone app designed to be the "go-to resource" for romantics everywhere.

Tiffany & Co. Releases User-Generated Map of World's Romantic Moments

After a short film entitled Will You Marry Me? By director Edward Burns, which features proposal stories from various couples, the site and app invite users to browse four sections: "Love Stories," a collection of audio slideshows; "Tiffany's New York," a guide to the city's gardens, museums and upscale restaurants; "The Art of Romance," a playlist of romantic songs and films, as well as advice for couples; and our personal favorite, "Love Is Everywhere," which invites users to tag the globe with their most romantic memories.

The last of these is a simple, elegant and interactive feature that enables all visitors to participate in a personal, emotionally resounding way — the best kind of interactive marketing, in our opinion.