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Hommodollars. Muladar News. A-Infos. Red Voltaire. Contrainjerencia. El Ciudadano. Indymedia. - 19 May 2012 A BUILDING IS NOT ENOUGH: Occupying a Skyscraper for Art Hundreds of people are blocking a street in Milano protesting for the eviction of a skyscraper of 32 floors they were occupying.


Torre Galfa, near Stazione Centrale, has been taken the 5 of May by Macao , a group of artists, video makers, journalists, immaterial workers to make a new arts center, to strengthen relationships between art and society and protest against abandoned buildings. La Directa. La Haine. La Mula. Libre red. Madrilonia.

Nodo50. Periódico Diagonal. Rebelión. Sin Permiso.