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Country Pasture Forage Profiles. Research – CW Dick Lab. NSF Funded Research The Dynamics of Mountains, Landscapes and Climate in the Distribution and Generation of Biodiversity of the Amazon/Andean Forest. This is a collaborative geosciences grant, lead by Paul Baker (Duke University) and Sheri Fritz (University of Nebraska). Co-PI Stephen Smith and I will be integrating phylogenetic analyses of Andean-Amazon plant groups with models of regional geological and atmospheric history.

Miles Silman (Wake Forest University) is collaborating on the ecological and field components of this project in Peru. Dimensions of Amazon Biodiversity is funded jointly by NSF, NASA and FAPESP (Brazil). This project seeks to answer an overarching question in biodiversity science: How was the modern Amazonian biota and its environment assembled across space and time? Herbarium Specimen Digitization Projects.

Other Research Highlights I am intrigued by the many similarities that exist among tropical rain forests that are separated by major biogeographic barriers. 032 mcnaughton. May 2014 Events. Tree Service Solutions - Home. AMA Agricultural Industries Ltd. $300 Underground Greenhouse Grows Produce Year-Round, Even in Severe Climates. With staggering food prices and shortages looming, there’s no better time to grow your own produce. Sadly, most greenhouses are expensive to build and impractical to heat during cold, wintery conditions. Thankfully, a solution is found with the Walipini.

Developed for South American mountainous regions over twenty years ago, it allows edibles to be grown year-round – even in the most inhospitable weather. As an added bonus, it’s also outrageously inexpensive to construct. Known as a pit or underground greenhouse, the Walipini utilizes the advantages of passive solar heating along with earth sheltering properties. “The Walipini, in simplest terms, is a rectangular hole in the ground 6′ to 8′ deep covered by plastic sheeting. The Institute continues with an explanation of how the earth acts like a battery, storing heat during the day while releasing it during cooler nighttime temperatures: About the author: References for this article include: Share and Enjoy.

Login. Stanford Social Innovation Review: Informing and Inspiring Leaders of Social Change. Open/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/GILLIAM.pdf. Demographic and transactional data are givens, but they're not the be-all and end-all of donor-information gathering. Demographics Market Research Reports. Compass Marketing, Inc. - Helping great companies do great things. Coaching | CompassPoint. Organizational & Leadership Coaching ". . . it's a fresh approach with remarkable results. " - Sylvia Yee, Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund on Executive Coaching for Nonprofits What promise does coaching offer to nonprofit leaders?

What impact can coaching have upon developing and sustaining effective leaders within their organizations and the nonprofit sector? How does coaching support nonprofit organizational development? “Through coaching … I have a sense of owning this job and a sense of competence and assuredness about doing the job that I think would have otherwise taken years and years (and lots of heartache and not great learning experiences) to gain.” – Coaching and Philanthropy Project interview with coachee Coaching Projects Executive and Leadership Coaching CompassPoint’s leadership coaches work one-on-one with nonprofit managers and leaders to maximize their leadership potential and support individualized professional development goals.

Coaching Projects and Publications. Discovering Global Citizenship (QEP) > TCU International. You are now connected to Barnes & Noble Wi-Fi - Barnes & Noble. Genetic Engineering of Algae for Enhanced Biofuel Production. Aquaponics. Main > Food and Agriculture > Controlled-environment growing Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (fish farming) and hydroponics (growing plants using water rather than soil). It is an incredibly productive means of growing food, allowing a person to sustain themselves on less than 100m2. Some people with large systems growing 5000 plants a week have reported that, once their system is set up, they earn €1000 a week spending 2 hours a day at work. Aquaponics is ecologically sound and sustainable.

See also: [edit] How aquaponics works Edible fish are grown in a tank. The system provides fish, vegetables and herbs for people. [edit] Feeding the fish Commercially available fish food is the most common way of feeding the fish in aquaponics. Duckweed grows very fast and Black Soldier Fly larvae convert very efficiently. [edit] System design A rule of thumb is that the volume of the gravel beds should be twice that of the fish tank. The species of fish used depends on the climate.

16 Year Old Girl Invents Bio-plastic from Banana Peels. The typical 16 year old is not usually concerned with starch and cellulose based biomass that can be used as feedstock for bio-plastic. But then again, Elif Bilgin is far from typical. Winner of the $50,000 prize from the Science in Action Award, part of the 2013 Google Science Fair, Elif found a way to produce bio-plastic from banana peels. The ingredients, Elif says, are relatively benign, “it is possible to say that one could do it at home.”

She first started this experiment using potatoes, but then quickly came to the rational conclusion, “well we eat potatoes, so why use that?” So she switched to banana peels and after several failed attempts she finally found success. In an interview with Scientific American, Elif quoted Thomas Edison in reference to the 10 failed attempts prior to finding one that worked. Well we wish you luck Elif and Ann. Matt Agorist, Related Posts. DIY Aquaponics System Design & Build | Aquaponics Forum and Community. The best way to learn aquaponics is to start building your own DIY Aquaponics system.

With a little ingenuity you’ll be able to utilize inexpensive stuff around the house to build a very small test system then scale up as you gain experience and confidence. Here are our favorite “do it yourself” aquaponics videos that should give you enough information to start building your own system! IBC Tote Aquaponics System Design and Build Good detailed 30 minute video from on the complete system design and buildout of an aquaponic system using an IBC tote using a minimal amount of tools. 3 IBC Tote Aquaponics System Build This video from Paul McHugh includes a great time lapse of the build plus a full walkthrough of the IBC tote design as well as challenges he faced during the construction. Also enjoyed the music to start it off! Indoor Desktop DYI Aquaponics System DIY Aquaponic System Barrel Grow Bed 55 gallon barrels make a great grow beds for an aquaponic system.

Friendly Aquaponics, Inc. | DIY Commercial Aquaponics Construction/Operation Package. Building a Commercial Aquaponics System is easy AND economical with our Do-It-Yourself packages! Purchase The Commercial Aquaponics System Training & Plans When you order, you immediately receive a downloaded copy of our Micro System manual so you can get up to speed on aquaponics technology right away. In addition, we supply unlimited free lifetime technical support for all of our products! Details on our “Support” page. You will save time and money by purchasing a Friendly Aquaponics Commercial DIY information package. Getting a kit is no different from simply buying the materials yourself, except you pay three to five times more for the same stuff. Click here for a complete list of “What You Get” as part of this package. Rose and Dad and two of our “Delicious Fishes”. Our 4,096 square foot commercial DIY system costs $21,995 for materials in Hawaii.

It would seem that an aquaponic system design with more plant spaces, that cost less per each, would be good for your business. IPCRI - Growing Together: Aquaponics in Rural Israel and Palestine. IPCRI is partnered with Byspokes, an innovative UK-based NGO, to introduce water-efficient food production systems in two communities identified as being disproportionately impacted by the conflict (one in Israel, one in the Palestine). About Growing Together: Aquaponics in Rural Israel and Palestine. Starting in September 2013, IPCRI and Byspokes are introducing water-efficient food production systems in two communities identified as being disproportionately impacted by the conflict;these communities are a Bedouin village in Israel's Negev and a refugee camp in the West Bank.

"Growing Together" is an 8-month, pilot program that educates average citizens about aquaponics and hydroponics systems and how tobuild and capitalize on these systems. This skill will increase the capacity of host communities to produce organic vegetables, fruit and fish, resulting in nutritious food, while also conserving water and land. What is "aquaponics? "? Byspokes hydroponics and aquaponics systems: Instructional Videos on Building Home Aquaponic Gardens. This post features a collection of the most helpful instructional videos on designing and building your own home aquaponics garden to grow veggies and herbs indoors, on balconies, backyards, or even at the office.

We have used many of the tips from these virtual aquaponics professors to build custom-made vertical grow systems for families throughout Southern California. We also publish DIY guides with specific instructions on how to build small aquaponic gardens we designed in the past, like our 5 Step DIY Guide to build this backyard aquaponics system for $200: And our easy DIY guide to build this vertical recycled glass bottle system for about $150: If you are adventurous enough to design a system of your own, use the instructional videos below as inspirations and to help understand the mechanics behind the bafflingly simple closed-loop system. YOU should build a system suited for your environment and which best incorporates materials you may already have.

I like that. Instructional Videos on Building Home Aquaponic Gardens. The Best Containers for Your Aquaponic Garden. Choosing a container is one of the most important steps of building an aquaponic garden. Fish tanks, grow beds, and plumbing are the skeleton of your system—the structure without which the living organisms cannot properly function. From aquariums to barrels and even bath tubs, in this guide, you’ll learn the pros and cons of various container options from which you can construct your aquaponic garden.

Plastic Barrels A popular, low-cost option many early aquaponic gardeners have used is the 55-gallon plastic barrel. These barrels come in four standard colors: white, blue, green, and black. Black is often used for chemicals that are not food safe, so you rarely see black barrels used in aquaponic systems. However, a barrel is not toxic just because it is black. In order to use 55-gallon barrels for your system, you’ll need to cut them. Once you’ve cut the barrel, you may find the plastic begins to sag and deform. Bending PVC pipe to shape. Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs) Aquariums. Diy - How to avoid plastic in aquaponics designs? - Sustainable Living Stack Exchange.

Current community your communities Sign up or log in to customize your list. more stack exchange communities Stack Exchange sign up log in tour help Sustainable Living beta Ask Question Take the 2-minute tour × Sustainable Living Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for folks dedicated to a lifestyle that can be maintained indefinitely without depleting available resources. How to avoid plastic in aquaponics designs? 1 Answer active oldest votes Your Answer Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign up using Facebook Sign up using Stack Exchange Post as a guest discard By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

Not the answer you're looking for? Community Bulletin blog Podcast #57 – We Just Saw This On Florp Linked How can I seal a pond without using a plastic pond liner? Which plastics should I avoid and what qualities of plastics are important to consider? Related Indoor tilapia aquaponic farm in condo/apartment? How to construct a reliable loop siphon question feed. Marketing for NGOs. Sustainable Technology. If humanity is to live sustainably on this planet, new sustainable forms of technology will play a pivotal role.

Technologies based on ecological principles and the knowledge that everything is interconnected must emerge to replace the old technologies based on extraction and waste. Whereas in the past technologies have been applied to Nature, in the future we must integrate technologies with it. Past technologies have been applied to a specific function without much consideration to other unintended effects. For example, while industrial farming technology has allowed for mono-cropping and higher yields per worker, it has also altered the ecological balance in ways that are having disastrous effects on water, soil, and the air, creating ocean “dead zones” where all life is suffocated.

In general, technologies developed under the old framework have followed a linear system of extraction, production, and consumption before they are discarded into the environment as waste. A Man Replaces His Lawn With a Giant Vegetable Garden and No Regrets. During the summer, nothing is better than the smell of freshly cut grass. That is, unless, you have a giant vegetable garden growing in the place of your lawn. Instead of turf, this awesome homeowner, user locolukas on Reddit, opted for tomatoes. The results are absolutely epic. What you see actually used to be a lawn.

But instead of mowing grass, one man decided to say “screw the lawn” and plant vegetables. He filled his yard’s grid with compost that the city gave away. Seeds began growing quickly and he had to keep up by planting support systems around them. He even developed an irrigation system, which is much more difficult than it looks. He lined his garden with cinder blocks, covered the ground with wood chips and filled the cinder blocks with compost as well. Arugula came in first. Then spinach. Then beets. Radishes began growing quickly. He grew carrots by the bucketful. Peas aplenty! The man even began giving out the veggies he couldn’t possibly eat, helping to spread the wealth. Peppers. Silviculture Contractors and Nurseries - reforestation, nurseries, thinning, tree planting, forestry, careers, jobs, consultants, forest products, management, wood, paper, panels, parks, trees, education, research, equipment, news, environment, profession.

International Forest Company is a family owned business with locations in Odenville, AL and Moultrie, GA. We are the largest and oldest producer of container seedlings in the Southeast. We sell all species of southern pines and hardwood seedlings for the Southeastern U.S. The company also sells pine tree seed. Meeks' Farms & Nursery, Inc. a primary producer of Container Pine Seedlings, specializes in Deep Plug Longleaf. Shipping trees from Virgina to Texas. North Central Reforestation Inc. has been specializing in growing containerized tree seedlings for nearly 30 years. Rolling Acres Native Landscape Nursery LLC - Native Plants for Landscaping in Wisconsin Landscape design service and installation, woodlot and prairie managment.

Segal Ranch Hybrid Poplars - is the largest grower-processor of hybrid poplars in America. Superior Forestry Service is the largest, most professional, and diversified provider of contract labor serving the Eastern United States. NRG Energy. Large-Scale Reforestation In addition to providing valuable habitat for wildlife, large-scale reforestation provides a natural way for Mother Nature to sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

These NRG projects are unique because they occur on a variety of public and private lands and are held in conservation easements in perpetuity. The Oxbow Reforestation Project The Oxbow Reforestation Project in Shreveport, La., features one of the largest single reforestation efforts on private land in the southeastern United States and is supported by the U.S. This hardwood forest along Bayou Pierre continues to thrive following the planting of thousands of seedlings, including 16 species of native trees. Flight 93 Memorial, Pennsylvania Planting trees is truly rewarding, regardless of what type of tree or where you plant them.

Old Sabine Bottom Wildlife Management Area , East Texas Columbia Bottomlands, West Columbia, Texas In another innovative partnership, NRG worked with the U.S. DEPI - Orchard nutrition 2: Soil and leaf analysis. New HandHeld2 - Portable and Precise - PPC. Regional: Africa: Zambia: Society and Culture: Aid and Development. Launch of the Decent Work Country Profile - Zambia. Launch of the Decent Work Country Profile - Zambia. Best method to plant a tree or shrub! Trees For Zambia 2012. Phytoremediation. Phytoremediation of Contaminated Soil and Water. Plant Nutrient | Essential Elements - Micronutrients | Copper | Phytoremediation | Biocyclopedia - all about biology, chemistry & more. Plant Nutrient | Essential Elements - Micronutrients | Copper | References | Biocyclopedia - all about biology, chemistry & more. Plant Nutrient | Essential Elements - Micronutrients | Copper | References | Biocyclopedia - all about biology, chemistry & more.

Macronutrients and micronutrients soil testing kit. 230/chp%253A10.1007%252F978-94-009-9951-0_40.pdf?auth66=1390646087_e3ec23d393844e28f75c19ed901c570e. Eucalyptus Plantations: Research, Management and Development : Proceedings ... Macronutrients and micronutrients soil testing kit. Modern Marvels Farming Technology. Making the move from school to work in Malawi and Zambia. PALM PLANTATION AND PROCESSING. New farming techniques in Zambia - Concern’s Charity Blog - Concern Worldwide.


Treating waste water using ultraviolet light israel. Horticulture Seminars & Video Archive | Department of Horticultural Sciences. Research Centers | College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Assessment of soil nutrient balance. Nutrient Analysis Laboratory - Links. Cornell Nutrient Analysis Laboratory. Soil and leaf sampling for nutrient analysis by Greg Peck | Tree Fruit Horticulture Updates. DEPI - Orchard nutrition 2: Soil and leaf analysis. New HandHeld2 - Portable and Precise - PPC. How to Prepare Soil for Fruit Trees: 20 Steps. Reducing Acid Rain | Acid Rain | Clean Air Markets. Soil. Ch02. Abote Community-Managed Reforestation Project | The REDD Desk. Management in Africa: Macro and Micro Perspectives - Google Books. Cookies Required - CAB Direct. Economics of Deforestation. The Mathematics of Beauty: The Most Insulting Idol of All - Chuck Missler.

The Secret of the Fibonacci Sequence in Trees. Individual Soil Test Kits - LaMotte. Rapitest 1835 Luster Leaf Digital 3-Way Soil Analyzer: Patio, Lawn & Garden. Luster Leaf 1663 Professional Soil Test Kit with 80 Tests: Patio, Lawn & Garden. Solar Well Pumps - Solar Water Pumps for Wells. Moringa Nutritional Information | Trees for Life. Molecular Beam Epitaxial Growth of III-V Semimetal/III-V Semiconductor ... - Joshua Michael Olney Zide - Google Books. FOSA Country Report - Zambia. FOSA Country Report - Zambia. Deforestation: Facts, Causes & Effects.

DALE: A Shape-Shifting Micro House Powered By The Sun. TriPOL 8010 RO Anti-scalant Chemical Specification Sheet on Environmental Expert. GenPro - Products - Solar Powered Water Purification - GP XP 10000. Agricultural Technologies and Tropical Deforestation - Google Books. Economic Models of Tropical Deforestation: A Review - David Kaimowitz, Arild Angelsen - Google Books. Effects of deforestation on grass biomass and soil nutrient status in miombo woodland, Zambia.

Water for pH Measurement and Lab Water Solutions.