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B) effective, inclusive learning

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Graphic report of the ETF equalities consultation pop-up tour. The tour, debates and what you said What were we asked to do?

Graphic report of the ETF equalities consultation pop-up tour

On 9 December 2013, the Education and Training Foundation (the Foundation) issued the following Invitation to Tender (ITT): "A strategic consultation on premium graduate recruitment, initial teacher education and Equalitydefinition and Diversity to help inform future areas of Education and Training Foundation activities". The ITT was described as: Equalitiestoolkit. Protected Characteristics. Throughout the guidance you will see reference to 'protected characteristics'.

Protected Characteristics

This page gives you more information on each of the nine protected characteristics. Age. The Equalities Toolkit. Glossary of terms. Accessible venue A building designed and / or altered to ensure that people, including disabled people, can enter and move round freely and access its events and facilities.

Glossary of terms

Act. Prison Reform Trust > Publications. Enabling prisoners to take responsibility for their own resettlement is key to helping them address the challenges they will face on release and reduce their risk of reoffending, according to a new report by the Prison Reform Trust.

Prison Reform Trust > Publications

Prisoners’ Education Trust. Prisoners’ Education Trust. Excellence Gateway - SEND Exhibition. Touching the virtual, touching the real: iPads and enabling literacy for students experiencing disability. Flewitt, R., Kucirkova, N., Messer, D. (2014) Australian Journal of Language and Literacy Vol. 37, No. 2 pp.107-116 In this paper we discuss the potential of iPads for supporting literacy learning in special education, with a focus on how the gestural and sensory experience of touch can enable young learners with moderate to complex physical and/or cognitive disability engage in fun, independent and inclusive classroom-based literacy activities.

Touching the virtual, touching the real: iPads and enabling literacy for students experiencing disability

We report on a case study where we observed the literacy learning opportunities offered by the touch screen interface provided by iPads for a diverse group of students aged 3 to 19 years in a special school in the English Midlands. How whiteboard video technology works in education. Download « EduApps software is free and will always remain free – please help towards the costs of our server, maintenance and continued development of EduApps.

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MyStudyBar Please note: some users have reported that anti-virus programs such as Avast and VGA are identifying the MyStudyBar ‘exe‘ file as a Trojan. In some case the ‘exe‘ file is being quarantined. This issue is known as a ‘False/Positive’ – the anti-virus program doesn’t recognise the MSB exe file as being on its database of safe or ‘white’ applications. MSB is registered with Symantic Norton and McAfee but EduApps is in the process of registering MSB with other anti-virus developers – apologies for any inconvenience. Please note, MyStudyBar is designed to run on a Windows PC. MyStudyBar is compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Jisc TechDis Toolbox. The Employer Toolkit. Employer Toolkit: Supporting accessible and inclusive Apprenticeships.

An accessible Word version of the Employer Toolkit is available to download.

Employer Toolkit: Supporting accessible and inclusive Apprenticeships

A web version of the Employer Toolkit is also available. Apprenticeships are a vital part of the government’s strategy to create a highly skilled workforce and the current programme of reform is designed to ensure that the Apprenticeship pathway has parity of esteem with higher education among school leavers. Apprenticeships for adults are similarly a key part of the government’s Apprenticeship policy – enabling adults to change or develop their careers throughout their working lives. NIACE is keen that government policy recognises the different needs of those who may be attracted by the Apprenticeship route. The low participation rate of disabled apprentices was identified in the Little Report, which showed that Apprenticeships for adults and young people with a declared learning difficulty or disability have fallen from 11 per cent in 2008–09 to 8.4 per cent in 2010–11.

Using Technology to Enhance Engaged Learning for At-Risk Students. ISSUE: An increasing number of educators are calling for high standards and challenging learning activities for at-risk students.

Using Technology to Enhance Engaged Learning for At-Risk Students

New technologies can provide meaningful learning experiences for all children, especially those at risk of educational failure. Schools that capitalize on the relationship between technology and education reform will help students to develop higher order skills and to function effectively in the world beyond the classroom. Achieving such fundamental change, however, requires a transformation of not only the underlying pedagogy (basic assumptions about the teaching and learning process) but also the kinds of technology applications typically used in classrooms serving at-risk students.

OVERVIEW: The vision of classrooms structured around student involvement in challenging, long-term projects and focused on meaningful, engaged learning is important for all students. Motivational Dialogue. Motivational dialogue homepage Motivational dialogue can help you support others through a process of change.

Motivational Dialogue

It is an effective process that can help remove challenges that stand in the way of success for a wide range of people. It was developed specifically to help learners with significant challenges through 'sticking points' that otherwise prevent them from getting the most from opportunities. In this resource, we always refer to the relationship between 'the learner' (client) and 'teacher' (the motivational dialogue practitioner). Grant funded projects.

Content. Prisoners’ Education Trust. Prison Reform Trust > Publications. This report, published by the Prison Reform Trust and Prisoners Education Trust, shows how prisons can use ICT effectively to improve rehabilitation.

Prison Reform Trust > Publications

It sets out a vision for better use of secure, controlled access to computers in order to transform education, family contact and resettlement on release. To download the report click here Read more. Prisons. One Knows preliminary report.pdf.