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400 Language

401 Philosophy & theory
402 Miscellany
403 Dictionaries & encyclopedias
404 Special topics
405 Serial publications
406 Organizations & management
407 Education, research, related topics
408 With respect to kinds of persons
409 Geographical & persons treatment
410 Linguistics
411 Writing systems
412 Etymology
413 Dictionaries
414 Phonology
415 Structural systems (Grammar)
417 Dialectology & historical linguistics
418 Standard usage Applied linguistics
419 Verbal language not spoken or written
420 English & Old English
421 English writing system & phonology
422 English etymology
423 English dictionaries
425 English grammar
427 English language variations
428 Standard English usage
429 Old English (Anglo-Saxon)
430 Germanic languages German
431 German writing system & phonology
432 German etymology
433 German dictionaries
437 German language variations
438 Standard German usage
439 Other Germanic languages
440 Romance languages French
441 French writing system & phonology
442 French etymology
443 French dictionaries
447 French language variations
448 Standard French usage
449 Provencal & Catalan
450 Italian, Romanian, Rhaeto-Romantic
451 Italian writing system & phonology
452 Italian etymology
453 Italian dictionaries
457 Italian language variations
458 Standard Italian usage
459 Romanian & Rhaeto-Romanic
460 Spanish & Portugese languages
461 Spanish writing system & phonology
462 Spanish etymology
463 Spanish dictionaries
467 Spanish language variations
468 Standard Spanish usage
469 Portugese
470 Italic Latin
471 Classical Latin writing & phonology
472 Classical Latin etymology & phonology
473 Classical Latin dictionaries
477 Old, Postclassical, Vulgar Latin
478 Classical Latin usage
479 Other Italic languages
480 Hellenic languages Classical Greek
481 Classical Greek writing & phonology
482 Classical Greek etymology
483 Classical Greek dictionaries
487 Preclassical & postclassical Greek
488 Classical Greek usage
489 Other Hellenic languages
490 Other languages
491 East Indo-European & Celtic languages
492 Afro-Asiatic languages Semitic
493 Non-Semitic Afro-Asiatic languages
494 Ural-Altaic, Paleosiberian, Dravidian
495 Languages of East & Southeast Asia
496 African languagess
497 North American native languages
498 South American native languages
499 Miscellaneous languages

Cherokee Language and the Cherokee Indian Tribe... Index of American Indian languages American Indian cultures What's new on our site today!

Cherokee Language and the Cherokee Indian Tribe...

Language: Cherokee--more properly spelled Tsalagi--is an Iroquoian language with an innovative written syllabary invented by a Native Cherokee scholar. 22,000 people speak the Cherokee language today, primarily in Oklahoma and North Carolina. Though it is one of the healthier Indian languages of North America and the one in which the most literature has been published, the Cherokee language is still in imperiled condition because of government policies as late as the fifties which enforced the removal of Cherokee children from Cherokee-speaking homes, reducing the number of young Cherokees being raised bilingually from 75% to less than 5% today. Sponsored Links. Bless Your Heart: A Meditation, A Taxonomy, A Eulogy. Subject, Meet Verb - Time for another exasperated reminder that a singular subject needs a singular verb, and a plural subject needs … well, you know.

Subject, Meet Verb -

Here are some recent examples, culled by a colleague over just a week or so. In each of the 65 countries where it operates, the Peace Corps has at least one agency medical officer — a doctor, nurse, nurse practitioner or physician assistant — who work on contract and are responsible for providing “adequate medical care whenever necessary.”

419- Sign Language

Decimal Classification: 49. 437.947 - Yiddish. Cherokee Language and the Cherokee Indian Tribe (Tsalagi, Tsa-la-gi, Aniyunwiya, Chalaque, Cheroqui) How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk - Interactive Graphic.