Tuesday, January 14, 2014 Mabel's storyby digbyOh no, here comes another shocking story about government malfeasance and illegality. Oh wait, sorry. It's actually a beautiful story by Glenn Greenwald about his rescue of a pregnant dog on the streets of Rio and how he and his partner added her to his already large pack of rescue dogs and personally brought her pups to new homes he found for them in the US.Glenn is a friend and I knew this story already. He had a very tough time giving up those puppies. Hullabaloo
The meeting took place in an abandoned barn on the western most tip of Hiiumaa. Outside it was raining, and the sea was stewing up with caps of white, and the pines were shimmying, and even the savage gulls were huddling under the eaves of the deserted summertime lodgings and wishing they had gone south like everybody else The Candidate entered the barn and made his way past the fishing nets and dinghies to the very back. Then he pulled on the rusty sickle, just as he was instructed. The secret door creaked open, and he followed the steps down, kicking up the sand and hay that had accumulated in the corners of the steps. Itching for Eestimaa Itching for Eestimaa

Economics and Politics by Paul Krugman - The Conscience of a Liberal

The other day someone — I don’t remember who or where — asked an interesting question: when did it become so common to disparage anyone who hasn’t made it big, hasn’t gotten rich, as a “loser”? Well, that’s actually a question we can answer, using Google Ngrams, which track the frequency with which words or phrases are used in books: Sure enough, the term “losers” has become much more common since the 1960s. And I think this word usage reflects something real — a growing contempt for the little people. This contempt surely isn’t limited to Republican politicians. Still, it’s striking how unable they are to show any empathy for people who are just doing their best to make a modest living. Economics and Politics by Paul Krugman - The Conscience of a Liberal