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Creative Writing 20

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Best Free PowerPoint Templates & Google Slides Themes · SlidesCarnival. Free editable icons & world maps for Powerpoint and Google Slides. Enrich your Powerpoint and Google Slides presentations with these additional free resources.

Free editable icons & world maps for Powerpoint and Google Slides

I’ve searched the best free files on the Internet and prepared these icons and maps to be editable shapes. This means that you can resize them without losing quality, change fill color and opacity, and change line style. Isn’t that nice? :) Special thanks to all the creators who made and released these awesome resources for free. Icons Hand-Drawn Goods icons Unique hand-drawn icons to add personality and joy to your presentation. Download as PowerPointUse in Google Slides Redefining Women icon collection. 16 Ideas for Student Projects Using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms. “I’m Not the Indian You Had in Mind” Images of indigenous people, often depicting them in negative stereotypes, have long circulated through various forms of mass media.

“I’m Not the Indian You Had in Mind”

Familiar images of drums, traditional dress, brave warriors, and half-naked, dancing people wearing feathers and buckskin reinforce the idea that indigenous people are radically different from mainstream society. Many Hollywood films, TV series, fashion shows, and advertisements perpetuate these stereotypes, even though they have very little to do with the ways contemporary (or even historical) indigenous people dress, work, think, and act. Neither do daily news items reflect a realistic picture. “Research shows,” says media scholar Duncan McCue, “that reports from Indigenous communities tend to follow extremely narrow guidelines based on pre-existing stereotypes of In the following poem, Thomas King explores the difference between images and stereotypes of indigenous people and how these people actually live their lives in contemporary Canada.

You see? Elements of Poetry. We’ve mentioned already that though poetry’s origins lie in the spoken word, it does take a very recognizable shape when put down on the page.

Elements of Poetry

This is largely due to the overall organization of the lines on the page, often in the form of stanzas. The Stanza Though some modern forms of poetry eschew traditional poetic conventions such as rhyme schemes and meter etc, the stanza still plays an important role in the overall look of printed poetry. But, just what exactly is a stanza? - your students may well ask. Stanzas are basically the poetic equivalent of a prose paragraph. Stanzas come in a variety of lengths, dependent either on the whim of the poet or the conventions of a particular poetic form. Stanzas of: ● 2 lines are called a couplet ● 3 lines are called a tercet ● 4 lines are called a quatrain ● 5 lines are called a cinquain. Back Talk: Poetry and Social Justice in the Classroom. Skip to main content Back Talk: Poetry and Social Justice in the Classroom Lesson Introduction: Often, poets use their craft to comment on social issues that are personally, politically, and culturally relevant.

Back Talk: Poetry and Social Justice in the Classroom

Organization - Ms. Liew's Class. Creative Writing 20 - Ms. Gerrard's  Classroom. Short Story Tips: 10 Hacks to Improve Your Creative Writing. Strong Verbs: An Easy Guide for Using & Understanding Strong Verbs. Strong verbs are essential for great writing.

Strong Verbs: An Easy Guide for Using & Understanding Strong Verbs

Not only do you need to know HOW to use powerful verbs, but having a strong verbs list at your disposal is invaluable. We’ll cover both for you. I used to think writing a book was easy. Show, Don't Tell: How to Show Not Tell in Writing With Examples. Learning how to show don’t tell in writing is one of the most difficult—and important—parts of writing when you first start.

Show, Don't Tell: How to Show Not Tell in Writing With Examples

It’s what will give readers the coveted emotional attachment that forges true, long-lasting fans (and customers!). Part of writing and publishing a book successfully is ensuring you have the highest quality writing, and this rule of show don’t tell is crucial for that. When you start writing a book, it’s as if everyone around you becomes the expert. Sonnet 18: Shall I compare thee to a summer’s… MLA doesn't have to be the Ogre under the Bed. Commas, periods, block quotes, parentheticals, oh my.

MLA doesn't have to be the Ogre under the Bed

MLA can be so annoying sometimes. Especially for students who really need to be focusing their attention on good writing, not on a million different possible placements for their commas and quotation marks. And teachers who have an awful lot of other things to teach, but could probably spend six months straight on MLA to get it all clear. But I've come to the conclusion that MLA doesn't have to be the ogre under the bed anymore. Not now that MLA has made a general format for citations (it finally became impossible to keep up with every kind of content format in the modern era, thank goodness).

Interactive Poetry Activities Your Students Will Love. Awesome Movie Scripts and Screenplays. Show, Don't Tell: A Whiteboard Writing Lesson. In this mini-lesson, whiteboard-ready writing samples help students spot the difference between telling or reporting information that holds the reader back and writing that involves the audience by showing what’s happening in stories.

Show, Don't Tell: A Whiteboard Writing Lesson

Exploring the question, "Does my writing show what's happening? Song Meanings at Songfacts.