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Help. Na dzieciństwo nigdy nie jest za późno [wideo] Niektórzy w czasie trwanie własnego dzieciństwa, przy drobnej pomocy dorosłych, spełniają wszystkie swoje marzenia.

Na dzieciństwo nigdy nie jest za późno [wideo]

Superrealistyczna maska Charliego Sheena [wideo] Software. Jewelry. Recycle. Interior. Shipping Eco-Friendly Products in Mulfunctional Packages. This is a beautifully simple example of brilliant green packaging design.

Shipping Eco-Friendly Products in Mulfunctional Packages

It solves three common product design problems at once by (1) providing sturdier packaging for shipping shirts, (2) making it easy to recycle and (the best part) (3) having it transform into something sustainable, reusable and useful that works with the object in the package.


MECH. Boat. Furniture. Materials. Light-Up Door Handles Illuminate Entries and Exits. Hands-Free Door Opener Beats Bathroom Handles & Knobs. No one wants to talk about it, but there is something odd about leaving public (perhaps even private) bathrooms by way of a grab-and-twist knob, handle or other hand-held object.

Hands-Free Door Opener Beats Bathroom Handles & Knobs

The solution is simple, safe and sanitary, but still rarely implemented. Toeopener has a nice ring to it, and speaks to its functionality as well as the photos or videos – simply use your foot instead of your hands. Bots. Boat. Drone. Pillow Mace. Step #3:

Pillow Mace


Design. Building. Minarc's RUBBiSH sink, made from old tires. QuaDror, a New Structural Joint to Build On. Posted by Robert Blinn | 23 Feb 2011 | Comments (8) Core77 had the opportunity to be invited into Dror Benshetrit's Studios to take a glimpse at QuaDror, his new structural joint.

QuaDror, a New Structural Joint to Build On

QuaDror is a lap joint construction that provides for limited freedom of movement without the use of a traditional pin. The design is elegant enough to prompt wonderment that it hasn't already been built in the world, even as forgotten carpentry. This Just Inbox: Arachnoid Laptop Stand. Posted by core jr | 3 Nov 2009 Designed by Duncan Fitszimmons of VITAMINS design in London, Monster Monster is the "evil arachnoid pedestal your laptop deserves.

This Just Inbox: Arachnoid Laptop Stand

" Pretty cute, but won't this slip of the desk? Nope—though not pictured, each laser-cut stand is detailed with rubber feet to grip both the laptop and the desk. Available in clear and red. A completely renovated first apartment. Pages Search Eames Lounge Chair, Barcelona Chair, Marble Tulip Tables - Exclusive at Rove Concepts.

A completely renovated first apartment

Spin Space: 360-Degree Room with Zero-Gravity Furniture. Gravity is a possible, but not necessary, starting point for the design of every structure and object we occupy or use.

Spin Space: 360-Degree Room with Zero-Gravity Furniture

What if we stripped away this assumption and began shaping space that can work from any perspective and at any angle? Bureau Spectacular created this incredible installation that turns what we know about up and down sideways, spinning it around at increments to create a fully circular experience of space. It completes a full rotation once per hour, forcing occupants to keep up or get out. Floors have to work as walls, ceilings as floors, and any built-ins serve some potential purpose with each incremental turn.

Beagle by Leo Chao. A Hood That Will Make All The Difference Blockbuster Hollywood movies can bring on the spotlight to lesser know disease and medical conditions.

Beagle by Leo Chao

For example, After Rain Man we all knew what Autism was. That story told us how autistic people suffer from impaired social interaction and communication. In children the condition is heightened with sensory disorders and even minor noises can disturb them. A recent research suggests that stimulants like music, aromatherapy, and textured toys can help alleviate the condition. DIY Garden & Deck Furniture: Grow a Natural Wood Chair. Roll & Grow Gardening: Great DIY Vegetable Garden Idea.

Growing a garden has never been easier, complete with vegetables no less.

Roll & Grow Gardening: Great DIY Vegetable Garden Idea

DIY Sound System: Grow Your Own Stereo Speakers. Practical or not, when you make something yourself for your it adds a layer of engagement with your environment, interactivity with your own interior spaces. These do-it-yourself speakers may not be functional but they sure are funky. The idea here by Jocko Chan is simple: as the bamboo grows, so does the quality of your sound system – piped up through the stalks and into the room. In reality, bigger is not always better and organic means unpredictable – not a good thing to tell an audiophile. Upcycled Furniture: Creative Chopstick Stool Design. Colorful Rugs Become Artistic Interior Centerpieces. Too often, area rugs and mats are more an afterthought than a serious design consideration when decorating the interior of a home.

Paired in these images with perhaps too-perfect living and other room designs, these Henzel rugs take center stage in each featured composition. Of course, finding furniture and artwork to do justice to these pieces might be tough at times. However, if you use the rug as a starting point – matching it to the surroundings before infilling the room – one could imagine building an entire interior around one of these in each room of a house. Whether you want something colorful and vibrant to stand out from its surroundings or something to connect the interior of your abode with the outside world, there is bound to be a Henzel rug perfect for your home. Black Labels, Bright Lights: 5 DIY Wine Bottle Lamp Projects.

Admire the label art, open the bottle, drink the wine, put a stopper in, then consume the rest later … and then what? While a true collector might still keep the empty glass around, most of us then dispose of the leftover container and move on. Here are some illuminating reasons to think twice before recycling them right away. (Instructions for the above DIY outdoor wine bottle wooden-wall torch at Design Sponge). More than decor, candles can add nice mood lighting to a space – particularly when filtered through dark greens and browns of a glass wine bottle. DIY Area Rug + LED Floor Lamp = Bright White Carpet Light.

Tiny 3D Tile Topography: Colorful Foam Landscape Carpet. Hanging map textiles and geographic rugs can add rich decorative touches to a space, but the form and materiality rarely reflect the topography they represent. Creative Custom Contemporary Area, Art & Accent Rugs. From made-to-size abstract and maze patterns to humorous imprints and tire tracks, Amazed Ltd. has a crazy collection of artistic area rugs of every conceivable shape, size and design that certainly make a strong impression (apologies for the pun) – particularly in an otherwise minimalist modern interior layout. While anything but cheap, their rugs are created for custom corporate spaces as well as residential living, dining, bed and bath rooms, turning an office floor into a zen garden, a sleeping space into a miniature hedge maze or a lounge area into an abstracted interpretation of the craters and hills on the surface of the moon.

3D Farmville Carpet: Colorful Wool Cut into Aerial Area Rugs. Somewhere between simple shag carpeting and ornate oriental rugs lie these curious creations that look like abstract modern art at first glance – until you realize each puzzle piece fits together like classic farm plots viewed from the air. In fact, they are themed after farming styles from Europe to Africa to America, each pattern inspired by a regional approach to agriculture in terms of both foods grown and land use. Cutting Rugs: Creatively Shaped Area Carpet Designs. Where is it written that rugs have to be either round or square? Funny Faux Bear Skin Rug Idea for Real Live-Animal Lovers.


Informacje o Użytkowniku jarex-skorzewo - Aukcje internetowe Allegro. Assembly & Tuning « Freebord. Kiteboarding and Kiteboarding Lessons at H2air in Dewey Beach DE and MD. Kite Skating Kite Blading Kite Landboarding Kite Skateboarding Kite ATB Resources. Kite Skating is an extreme sport using powerful, controllable kites to propel riders of in-line skates, off-road skates or mountain boards at speeds up to 60 mph across parking lots, desert dry lakes, grassy fields, and sandy beaches. Kite Skating originated around 1990 when sport kite enthusiasts began Kite Skating (then called Rollerkiting) at festivals along the eastern coast USA.


Newspaper Wood: Turn Pages into Recycled Home Products. Mieke Meijer has already shown that logs are not necessarily cut-and-dried wood, literally or otherwise, but in this next chapter his new material idea takes shape in the form of actual furniture, lamps, jewelry and other physical (and useful) objects. Wood. Wear. Movable. Moveass. Heli. 3dprint. Wonder How To » How To Videos & How-To Articles. Metal. Sitting.


Cnc. See the Future: Real 3D Digital Building Holograms (Wow!) Imagine someone rolling out what looks like a blueprint … only the buildings begin to literally pop off the page, showing you like never before what the structure will look like before it is even built. Connection. Arduino. Googles. Camo. Weapons. Efx_stuff. Armor. Helmet. Blogs.