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Hello Paper Moon: Enchanting and Magical Harry Potter Fonts. I have been getting a lot of emails and comments about my Harry Potter projects, like the Hogwarts Acceptance Letter and the Harry Potter Spell Book.

Hello Paper Moon: Enchanting and Magical Harry Potter Fonts

So, I thought I would make a post about the fonts I used and some other fonts that could be used. Here I used two different fonts. The section that says Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Headmaster: Abus Dumbledore is using Lumos in all caps. The section underneath is using Magik, which I found through which has even more fonts to check out. For the bulk of the acceptance letter I used Magik, but Professor McGonagall's signature I used Windsong. For the envelope to the acceptance letter I used Hogwarts Wizardaccept for the word under. Now for the spell book. Here I used Aquiline, but as I was rounding up all my fonts, I found this Aquiline Two, that might work even better. For the word "Spells" I used Ruritanina, but realistically you could use any font. Textures library - free surfaces for 3ds Max, LightWave - StumbleUpon.

Get Richer Images in Photoshop Using Multiply and Softlight Blend Modes. 100 Free Photoshop Actions (And How to Make Your Own) Photoshop actions can be extremely useful timesavers when you find yourself performing the same steps over and over on an image.

100 Free Photoshop Actions (And How to Make Your Own)

They're also an excellent way for photographers to quickly and easily pass on their favorite techniques to others. Today we'll be looking at how you can make your own, and showcasing 100 fantastic free Photoshop actions to use straight away! In recent years, DeviantArt has become a huge storehouse for photographers to upload and share Photoshop actions. We sorted through thousands and thousands of these to bring you 100 of our favorite sets, some containing as many as forty or fifty actions in a single download. For beginners, we'll start off with a brief explanation of how to create and install Photoshop actions and then move onto our huge list of actions that are free for you to download and use. Recording an action in Photoshop is incredibly simple. This should pop open a new window containing various options for the action. Summer Colour Schemes 2013 - Farrow & Ball. How to Achieve a Dramatic Look in Photoshop.

This week we invited Linsey Wilt Photography, a wedding and portrait photographer located in Denver, CO, to share her process for editing a photo to achieve a dramatic look.

How to Achieve a Dramatic Look in Photoshop

Follow along step-by-step as she demonstrates her photo editing process using Photoshop in this week’s “Before & After”. “Before” Photo If you are like me and sometimes have uncooperative little subjects, little subjects that are tired of being bribed by candy and dollars. Little subjects that are completely over mom’s project 365 and it’s only February, then having some tricks up your sleeve for creating interesting photos even when your subjects don’t want to corporate is essential! If you can find the light, even with an uncooperative subjects, you can have a rockin’ image! I told my little guy, “All I need you to do is sit here.” Convert to Black and White The first thing I did was convert the image to black and white.

Bring the saturation all the way to -100. Add Contrast Selectively Adjust Exposure 1. Create Sun Rays in Photoshop. By Sarah O’Connor, Contributing Editor When shooting a session I always have a picture in my mind of the finished product.

Create Sun Rays in Photoshop

Many times what is in my mind is not always the reality of the location I am shooting. So sometimes I like to have a little fun in post processing to help the magic from my dreams come to life in the photo. Here is a trick I use to create Sun Rays in photoshop. In order for this look to be effective you need to start out with a photo that looks like there could naturally be sun rays coming down or it will look too fake. Here is my before and after : First you want to open your photo and duplicate the layer. 1.Select the duplicated layer 2. 1. 2. 3. 4: Move the Blur Center to the location of your light source 5. Below is what your photo will look like Set your blurred layer to “Multiply” Add a Layer Mask and select a black brush then paint over your subjects so that they are not hidden by the rays Lower the opacity of the layer to whatever suits your taste.