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Why the film PINK is a must watch for ALL parents. Pregnancy Myths – Old wives' tales or Truth? Parenting at a better level. Follow These Steps to Help the Child Be Less Irritable. Understanding Baby Colic – An Expert Video. Take Expert Advice for the New Mom.


Mom's anxiety: Right or Wrong. Some Mandatory leave for Housewife. Healthy Eating—Plan Healthy Food Habits for Children. Working Mothers—the Balancing Actors of the Family. International Women’s Day: Time to Celebrate Womanhood. International Women’s Day: Time to Celebrate Womanhood → Community. As we reach closer to commemorate Women’s Day on March 8th, it is important to celebrate womanhood.

International Women’s Day: Time to Celebrate Womanhood → Community

There’s no deny for the fact that women are an integral part of everyone’s life. Although they are emotional, yet they are the strong pillars in a family. In fact, the life of a person is incomplete without a woman. 1. Is your child too a fussy eater like mine. Anvi finish your milk… otherwise, mumma will not talk to you, I screamed from the kitchen but as expected my daughter was busy playing and ignored my comment.

Is your child too a fussy eater like mine

After few minutes I came and saw that she has not even touched the glass, furious I grabbed and shook her vigorously, she got scared and started crying. The next half an hour I spent consoling and pampering her and the milk episode comes to an end without any fruitful result. This has become a daily drama; my little daughter is a fussy eater which irritates me so much that I lose my patience as soon as I start feeding her. I felt very disheartened that I put so much effort in preparing healthy food for her and every time she forbade to have it. Often she shook her head and sealed her lips to guard against healthy food entering her mouth and leave me with my failed attempts to cajole, threaten or bribe her to get them to at least taste it. • We started eating together.

Formula Feeding and Feeling so Guilty. There are some things normally people take for granted- like having eyes.

Formula Feeding and Feeling so Guilty

Only when you don't have them do you realize their value. A new mother's ability to breastfeed her baby is similar to this. When she suddenly finds that she does not have any milk to feed the baby, she feels absolutely inadequate, and feels that she missed a very important phase in her life. It took a while for me to come to terms with my guilty feeling over formula feeding my babies. I read about Breastfeeding vs Formula in many places, and I was sure I was going to breastfeed. It was always taken for granted for me that I would breastfeed my babies, given the nutrition, the immunity it provides, the bonding that would develop between mother and child, and the sheer pleasure of breastfeeding. Nurturing the habit of eating healthy in young children. This could be the most frequent and most detailed discussion among parents of young children.

Nurturing the habit of eating healthy in young children

Parents have this major responsibility of raising a healthy future generation. The pressure is manifold when compared to when we were kids for a number of reasons - exposure to more pollution, a dormant life style due to television, computers and other technological developments, health risks owing to increased use of fertilisers for yields, increase in production of unhealthy snacking items, etc. Painful birth is okay if you get your baby safely in your hand. One of my friends shared her birth story with me recently and after listening to her I was in tears.

Painful birth is okay if you get your baby safely in your hand

The reason was not simple but was extremely emotional. She had a complex delivery and after that, she faced the hardest time of her life. Her baby was not well after coming out so immediately doctors sent the tiny baby to Newborn and Infant Critical Care Unit. Day after her delivery, she got discharged but the baby was there for a whole week. Parenting Blog by Ramya Lakshminath. Recently, a friend of mine came out with the news that she is expecting her second one.

Parenting Blog by Ramya Lakshminath

God bless her! They are really brave women, who go for a second one these days. Pregnancy is all fine. Everyone pampers you and gives you the special treatment. Now the part which needs some courage to face is Delivery!! Parenting Blog by Sfurti Sinha. Yesterday I heard two of my acquaintances talk about how their life is only about their children; how they wish they can get their old days back; how their life is over.

Parenting Blog by Sfurti Sinha

They went on and on for a few minutes about how many sacrifices they have made for their children; how they wanted a career but they decided to stay at home for their children and how they wish they could go back; how their children have no value of their sacrifices. I was just a spectator at the conversation but I kept thinking about the whole episode for a really long time. I realized I have heard the same kind of conversations over and over for so many years. Menstruation is Not a Baggage, It's a Symbol of Womanhood Lessons for My Daughter. Call it Menstruation, Period, Date or Chums, ladies no matter how educated, brave or independent, dread this phase of their monthly routine.

Menstruation is Not a Baggage, It's a Symbol of Womanhood Lessons for My Daughter

Sadly, the process of “bleeding red” repeats itself month after month ever since you are “fit” to bleed and continues till you are fit enough to be branded “old” enough to not bleed. Being the elder kid, I was raised in a completely liberal environment thanks to my working-parents and their numerous encounters with culturally different people and geographic locations. To top it all, I have grown up in a hostel where I inculcated the virtue of being independent and fearless, a little too seriously though! Since I was treated like a boy and was weighed at par with my younger sibling, who happens to be a boy, the word rebel was deeply ingrained in my character and nature.

I clearly remember the day when I returned home to tell my Nani that I was bleeding down there. Lose Weight Even After Eating a Lot → Community. 1.

Lose Weight Even After Eating a Lot → Community

An Overview Pin itShareTweet In our eat-and-run routine, maintaining a healthy body can be tough and losing weight is even tougher. If you have tried and failed to lose weight before, you may believe that diets do not work for you. This means you are probably not eating right kind of food, and this denotes your inclination towards junk or non-healthy food. However, a successful way of losing weight is by eating healthy food that too on time. 2. 6 Ways Modern-Day Parenting Is In Crisis. Being a parent is the most enjoyable yet a challenging experience.

6 Ways Modern-Day Parenting Is In Crisis

The mind of the child is a place of endless imagination, curiosity, and eagerness when it comes to discovering new things. It can even push your limits as converting up as a child inside you and changing your life forever. However, you can never be prepared for parenthood. Bachpan Ke Din My Fondest Childhood Memory. The lifelong bond between all moms and kids starts in the womb, frays-maybe just a little-in adolescence, and strengthens again during adulthood. While no two journeys are exactly alike, shared experiences and traditions that are repeated generations after generations can strengthen the connection between mothers and their kids.

The ultimate irony of life is that when you are a child, all you want to do is to “grow up”. But when you actually reach adulthood, you are aching to go back to that stress and tension free life that exists only in your fondest memories! The Nine Yard Story at Panache in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad on 26-Feb-2016 - Events. Healthy drinks to keep your cool and to trick the heat. It is 40 degrees Celsius already and we are still to approach the brutal May and sizzling June. An occasional downpour is certainly going to bring more grief than a relief. With the kind of pollution outside, even a few minutes of staying outdoors is likely to become hell. Keeping kids and ourselves hydrated is the priority. Fruits, watery vegetables, juices and sugar-free popsicles are great options which our kids can grab throughout the day to beat the heat. World Health Day 2015 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Kids.

April 7th 2015 is being celebrated as the World Health Day. This is a day that marks the foundation of the World Health Organisation but, more importantly, is a day that draws worldwide attention to the importance of good health - and this does not just mean the personal health of individuals but also that of our communities, our society and beyond. As mothers we play an important role in giving our children the necessary tools to improve their health, the health of those around them and even the health of those further afield. Nurturing the habit of eating healthy in young children. Corporal Punishment A Grim Reality of Our Education System. Few days back I came across an article about a class 8 student of a private boarding school in West Bengal who died allegedly after he was beaten to death by his teacher. The 14-year-old's family says he was "punished" for meeting his father at the hostel gate without seeking permission.

As a teacher and a parent it is really disturbing and heart wrenching to read such news. The grief that the parents will feel for the rest of the lives is unimaginable. Over the past many years, several such incidents have come and gone. Currently, there is no statutory definition of corporal punishment of children in Indian law. Top Tips to Handle Aggression in your Child. On this National Youth Violence Prevention Week held till the 23rd of March, I thought why not look at anger and aggression in children and adolescents. Violence or violent behaviour does not start unbidden, spontaneously or in a vacuum. Put aside individuals who may be aggressive on account of a medical problem.

We would all very well agree that aggression and violence are something which an individual learns through observation, recognises it as being an effective response, believing that it will give the desired results and thus engages in it. Even if we were to view it as being a part of an individual’s personality, the fact is that personality is shaped by various factors which again includes the environment, the childhood experiences and the learnings one has growing up. Self Defence should be made compulsory in schools. In the wake of current times, we all are tensed about the safety of our kids. Our kids go to school, we are not sure how safe they are. Our safety meter for schools is only as strong as the school’s practices.

Love it or hate it A mums outlook on technology. Yup, it’s a love –hate relationship. Love because now the world is literally at the tip of my fingers. A Parents Handy Primer on Cyber Vocabulary An Aware Child is safer Online Part III. For those who are following our cyber vocabulary, welcome again! This week’s topic is the continuation of the primer J. Parenting Blog by Deepali Kamath Kudva. One cant deny that gadgets like I-pad, I-phone, android phones, laptops are increasingly becoming a common household items like a fridge, T.V, Mixer etc. 5 Practical Ways to Increase Iron in Your Kid's Diet - Educational & Parenting Blog. Everything You Need for Your Little One - Latest Parenting Blogs - Quora. Parenting Blog by Srividya Anand. Finding Fitness Again Post Baby. Get Up and Get Energized. Is comparing children natural. Scene 1 Parent: Just look at that boy, he is sitting so quietly. Parenting Blog by Deepti Dani. Children and Gadgets How Much is Too Much.

Keep your child safe from allergies. Kids with Asthma in schools. Delhi Pollution 101 Get the Facts, Right Now. Swimming Classes Starting on Feb 15 in Vasant Kunj, Delhi NCR between 15-Feb-2016 and 15-Feb-2017 - Events. Vaccine for Kids- A Complete Guide → Community. Are we afraid to ask how safe is our food. The All Vegetarian Quick And Easy Post School Snack Recipes. Manage Your Stress Levels or It Might Affect Your Children. 'Causes of growing mental health problems sit largely within schools' The Telegraph, UK. Thats how I Roll..Cycling as a pasasion. 21ST CENTURY SKILLS WHAT IT MEANS. How I Handled Aggression In My Toddler. Parenting Blog by Shipra Trivedi. Our Educational Play Time Activities. Parenting Blog by Prachi Srivastava. What do you call a parent who lost a child. Redefine this Valentine's day by sharing.... Treat Grand parents with care. They are grandparents. not baby sitters.

Five Practical and Scientifically Proven Strategies Prepare to ACE Exams and Bust Examination Stress. Moglys Story Class at Gymboree in Greater Kailash II, Delhi NCR on 05-Feb-2016 - Events. Moglys Story Class at Gymboree in Greater Kailash II, Delhi NCR on 05-Feb-2016 - Events. The Reading Club in Sector 27 Noida, Delhi NCR on 05-Feb-2016 - Events. Cancer It Affects the Living Left Behind By the Dead.

Top Parenting Articles of January 2016. IIT JEE Video Lectures: Satisfying Learning Goals for Students. Special Still Life Classes in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi NCR between 02-Feb-2016 and 07-Feb-2016 - Events. Top Things To Do This Week In DelhiNCR 1st to 7th February, 2016. Bring Back The Morals Moral Science In Schools. En Pointe Top Ballet Classes In DelhiNCR. Best friend is the one who stays with you in the worst of times.. Mozartsy Music Workshops in Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi NCR between 27-Jan-2016 and 16-Mar-2016 - Events.

Want your child to eat well.... Read on....Some tips ideas to make food interesting.... Parenting Blog by Credihealth Team. I will NOT make sacrifices for my child. Chirp Chirp Top Places to go for Bird Watching around Delhi. Sankat Chauth An Auspicious Day to destroy your childen's Troubles. What your husband's afraid to tell you.. There is no perfect way of learn as you go. Parenting Blog by Vasudha Gulati. Nutrition For Kids How important is it. Let Women Not Pollute the Mother Earth. W sitting in kids Is it Bad Should I worry. Parenting Blog by megha kapadia. Gurgaon-based parenting platform mycity4kids raises $3 M from SIDBI Venture and YourNest.

The Tale Spinners in Ashok Vihar Delhi, Delhi NCR between 19-Jan-2016 and 29-Mar-2016 - Events. Parenting Blog by Saumya Agarwal. Birth Rebirth Note of Thanks for my SON. He said its a game, the reality was sexual abuse. List of Pre Schools in Mumbai. Tree House - Colaba for Middle School, Mumbai. Playschools. A wrong doctor and a lifelong regret Me and my baby's struggles for healthy survival.

Parenting Blog by megha kapadia. Develop These 10 Skills In Art And Craft This Winter Holidays 3 To 14 January 2016. Young Chefs Academy Odd Even Workshop in Lajpat Nagar III, Delhi NCR between 11-Jan-2016 and 15-Jan-2016 - Events. Parenting Blog by Saumya Agarwal. Parenting Blog by Swati Verma. Chain Of Dance Workshop in Mulund West, Mumbai between 08-Jan-2016 and 10-Jan-2016 - Events. One With Nature in Sion, Mumbai between 09-Jan-2016 and 10-Jan-2016 - Events.