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Science experiments and facts

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Pharaoh's serpent. Bristlebots: How to Build a Robot With Your Kids - DadLabs Video. Phlebotomy Technician Schools » 52 Totally Awesome Science Experiments You Can Do At Home. Are you a homeschooler, tech geek, or just someone with a love of science and some time to kill?

Phlebotomy Technician Schools » 52 Totally Awesome Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Then you will love the below 52 totally awesome science experiments you can do at home. Whether you have kids, are a kid, or just one at heart, there are many experiments for people of all ages and levels. And if you do one a week, you can fill an entire year and home with the results of all of these experiments. Totally Awesome Science Experiments You Can Do At Home with Kids Grab a kid to help in these awesome science experiments you can do with them. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Top 10 Mad Science-Worthy Chemistry Experiments.

Chemistry is a fascinating science, but it's often taught poorly in today's boring schools.

Top 10 Mad Science-Worthy Chemistry Experiments

Here's how chemistry should be taught: by mad scientists! Here's Neatorama's list of the Top 10 Mad Science-Worthy Chemistry Experiments: 1. Briggs-Rauscher Reaction [YouTube Clip] The Briggs-Rauscher reaction is a well known example of oscillating chemical reactions, also known as chemical clocks because the periodicity can be used to tell time. 2. Who'da thunk that Gummy Bear can be so ... violent?

[YouTube Clip] 3. Mentos in various carbonated liquids. You've all seen this before. MythBusters explain: Whatever you do, don't eat a mentos then chug a mouthful of diet soda, mmkay? 4. [YouTube Clip] Yes, even elephants need to maintain good dental hygiene, but what kind of toothpaste do they use? This one's easy to do, all you need is dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and potassium iodide: Link 5. What happens if you put a grape and nuke it in a microwave? [YouTube Clip] What just happened? Got that? Science Projects - Project Ideas for Science. Get ideas and help with science projects, demonstrations, experiments, laboratory exercises, and other science activities.

Science Projects - Project Ideas for Science

Most Popular Projects Try some of the most popular science projects featured at About's Chemistry site. Most of these project use materials commonly found at home. Most Popular Chemistry Demos These are the most popular demonstrations for chemistry class or chem lab. Demonstrations & Experiments Chemistry is fun! Science Magic Tricks A lot of what appears to be magic is really science. Chemistry Project Videos If seeing how a project is done works better for you than reading instructions, then be sure to check out these chemistry project videos. Slime Recipes Learn to make different types of slime, gak, gunk, putty, floam, and ooze. Volcanoes What's chemistry without chemical volcanoes? Glow in the Dark Projects You can use chemistry to cause chemiluminescence, fluorescence, and phosphorescence to make your projects glow in the dark. Make Your Own Chemicals Bubbles Fire Projects.

Egg in a Bottle Demonstration. The egg in a bottle demonstration is an easy chemistry or physics demonstration you can do at home or in the lab.

Egg in a Bottle Demonstration

You set an egg on top of a bottle (as pictured). You change the temperature of the air inside the container either by dropping a piece of burning paper into the bottle or by directly heating/cooling the bottle. Air pushes the egg into the bottle. Egg in a Bottle Materials peeled hard-boiled egg (or soft-boiled, if a yolk mess interests you) flask or jar with opening slightly smaller than the diameter of the egg paper/lighter or very hot water or very cold liquid In a chemistry lab, this demonstration is most commonly performed using a 250-ml flask and a medium or large egg. Perform the Demonstration Method 1: Set a piece of paper on fire and drop it into the bottle. If you just set the egg on the bottle, its diameter is too large for it to slip inside. When you change the temperature of the air inside the bottle, you change the pressure of the air inside the bottle.