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All that is (the objects, the truth, the untruths) part II

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Technocratic society. Take Off Your Shoes: A Guide to the Nature of Reality - Stefan C. Nadzo - Google Books. Elliott Wave Basics [ChartSchool] Introduction Elliott Wave Theory was developed by R.N.

Elliott Wave Basics [ChartSchool]

Elliott and popularized by Robert Prechter. This theory asserts that crowd behavior ebbs and flows in clear trends. Based on this ebb and flow, Elliott identified a certain structure to price movements in the financial markets. The article serves as a basic introduction to Elliott Wave Theory. Wave Degrees. GospelofJudas. Michael Tellinger on The Gospel of Judas - Graham Hancock Official Website. Dear Karen I know that I said my articles will be about a page long, but this is such an important and juicy bit of new evidence that it requires a little deeper exploration.

Michael Tellinger on The Gospel of Judas - Graham Hancock Official Website

Please enjoy it and read the full Gospel of Judas via the link at the bottom. Next article will return to the shorter, punchier version. Sungazing - sungazing- access your limitless potential. How To Work With Negative Emotions - Shadow Work. The flat, round &hollow earth theories are all correct... 2014.07.27 Understanding and Esther. The quickening. Approaches to Being. I believe an enormous and powerful spiritual event is occurring at this time.

Approaches to Being

To explain this I need to use an analogy. We have all grown from seeds. From the sperm and ovum, like a seed planted in our mothers womb, we have experienced the miracle of growth to become who and what we are. Metaphysical meaning of quickening (rw) Metaphysical meaning of quickening (rw) quickening, spiritual--An inflow of divine vitality into the body, which follows the affirmation of Truth.

Metaphysical meaning of quickening (rw)

To quicken is to make alive. The quickening of the Spirit in the mortal body makes it eternal and incorruptible, not subject to death and corruption. Spiritual quickening is a waking up of the whole man to the full consciousness of what he is in the sight of God. The sense man is only half-awake, going about in a dream and thinking it is real life. The word of God is quick, and when it enters into a man he stands upright on his feet, his divine understanding, and he knows and sees himself as he is. What is enlightenment? The never ending chase, My awakening & ultimate realization.

All that is part III

What is enlightenment? The never ending chase, My awakening & ultimate realization. Misery, failure, death and a slap in the face. Great advice for life from James Hollis. Frankly, I’m embarrassed to admit that one of the books that matters to me most is called What Matters Most.

Misery, failure, death and a slap in the face. Great advice for life from James Hollis

Sophisticated readers are supposed to be changed in subtler ways, by novels and poems that don’t crassly advertise their life-changing intent. But I don’t think the title of this wise book of advice should be interpreted as self-help cheesiness; really, it’s refreshing bluntness. Life is full of troubles, writes the psychoanalyst James Hollis, and every choice you make is in some sense a failure. Then you die. The man’s a total downer; the one-star Amazon reviews of his books are full of people furious at his refusal to offer cheery reassurance or a one-size-fits-all recipe for happiness. Imprisoned Prophets - Pamela Aaralyn, Spiritual Alchemist.

Kemetic Empire Rise of the Black Gods.wmv. Stuff They Don't Want You To Know. It's All About The Inner G : Photo. The heart is just a pump, and the moon is made of cheese. The Heart is not a Pump: A Refutation of the Pressure Propulsion Premise of Heart Function. (The following article was published in the Fall-Winter 1995 issue [Volume 5, #1] of "Frontier Perspectives," the journal of the Center for Frontier Sciences at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pa.)

The Heart is not a Pump: A Refutation of the Pressure Propulsion Premise of Heart Function

THE HEART IS NOT A PUMP: A REFUTATION OF THE PRESSURE PROPULSION PREMISE OF HEART FUNCTION by Ralph Marinelli 1; Branko Fuerst 2; Hoyte van der Zee 3; Andrew McGinn 4; William Marinelli 5 1. Transcending the Matrix Control System. Anthony De Mello - Wake Up! (How to be real) 1/4. Anthony Demello - Wake Up To Life - NY86. Anthony Demello - Wake Up To Life - NY86 Type: Audio > Other Files: Size: 457.19 MiB (479399400 Bytes) Spoken language(s): English Uploaded: By:

Anthony Demello - Wake Up To Life - NY86

Weather. Giant Gas Cloud to Return in 30 Million Years Matt Sampson on a giant, invisible gas cloud that is hurtling towards us at 700 thousand miles an hour.


But, no worries: it won't arrive for another 30 million years. A massive cloud of hydrogen is hurtling toward the Milky Way at close to 700,000 miles per hour, according to new research published in a recent edition of the Astrophysical Journal Letters. The Smith Cloud was discovered in the early 1960s by doctoral astronomy student Gail Smith, who detected the radio waves emitted by its hydrogen. Hubble Space Telescope observations suggest that the cloud emanated from the outer edge of the Milky Way some 70 million years ago. You’re Not A Bad Person: We’ve All Done Stupid, Hurtful Things  – wehaveapples. Think back to something you did that you feel guilty about.

You’re Not A Bad Person: We’ve All Done Stupid, Hurtful Things  – wehaveapples

Close your eyes and picture yourself in the situation. Look at your face, your heart… Were you acting out of pain, confusion, or fear? Were you looking for love in all the wrong places? Water, Consciousness & Intent: Dr. Masaru Emoto. Weekend Nor'easter Mainly Rain for New York, Boston; Heavy Snow For Northern New England. Timing the Incoming Nor'easter Meteorologist Ari Sarsalari forecasts the effect of the Nor'Easter rolling through this weekend.

Weekend Nor'easter Mainly Rain for New York, Boston; Heavy Snow For Northern New England

A nor'easter will develop off the East Coast Saturday, but it appears unlikely to deliver a wintry blow to the major coastal cities of the Northeast despite coming at what is typically the coldest time of year. A nor'easter is an East Coast storm named due to its predominant northeast wind direction preceding the storm. I learned to tap into my subconscious to become a human lie detector. I held my hands out straight and pressed my back up against the wall. My arms were parallel with the floor and my fingers were pointing outwards. I was instructed to close my eyes and focus on my breathing, as I had to activate my muscles so that my arms wouldn’t fall to my sides when she pushed down on them. She was going to ask me a question—I could choose to tell her the truth or not. Road To Wanderlust: The Peace Love Car (Episode 2.

How To Exit The Reincarnation System. By Gregg Prescott, M.S.Editor, We have all heard about the tunnel of light that our soul follows upon leaving the physical body, but what is the true meaning of the life review? Why does a life review almost always involve having us continuously looping back into this 3rd dimensional reality and what can we do to stop these cycles of reincarnation? Commonalities Within The Near Death Experience. Why I Am No Longer A Lightworker.

By Cameron Day No, I haven’t turned to the dark-side, but rather I am transcending sides. This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary. Resonance Beings of Frequency documentary film. No Big Bang? Quantum equation predicts universe has no beginning. ( —The universe may have existed forever, according to a new model that applies quantum correction terms to complement Einstein's theory of general relativity.

The model may also account for dark matter and dark energy, resolving multiple problems at once. The widely accepted age of the universe, as estimated by general relativity, is 13.8 billion years. In the beginning, everything in existence is thought to have occupied a single infinitely dense point, or singularity. Only after this point began to expand in a "Big Bang" did the universe officially begin. Milky Way Galaxy is much bigger than we thought. The Healing Begins Now by Jonathan Adampants. 15 Real Life Human Superpowers. Huffingtonpost. Spirit consciousness and the deception. Spirit consciousness and deception.

2nd Director Of Lockheed Skunkwork’s Shocking Comments About UFO Technology. ***Please read the article before commenting. It’s quite remarkable how many verified statements we have regarding UFOs (unidentified flying objects) and extraterrestrials from people who have held the highest positions possible within the government, military, academia, politics and more. GHOST IN THE SHELL: SAC Ep. 15 "Machine Desirants" Broadcast Yourself. Some Strange Things Are Happening To Astronauts Returning To Earth. The Earth does not revolve around the Sun - PART 2 -The exposure of hiding - January 2013. Who Jesus Really Was. Demons Exist, and This Man Can Prove It. Synchronicities itts not abnormalities in the field the numbers aligned random number generator. 10 Quotes From a Sioux Indian Chief That Will Make You Question Everything About Our Society. Originally seen on Wisdom Pills| Godlike Productions - Membership Contract.

The Metu Neter Study Group. It's All Bullshit - Zen Gardner. Two friends battle in a duel in Animatrix - Program. Suicidal Energy Loss By Masturbation. Pornography. Masturbation. The Spiritual Story No One Wants to Tell. What I wish people knew about depression. "Soul Seeing" editor Mike Leach asked me to write on what I wish people knew about depression in light of Robin Williams' suicide. Depression and Soul-Loss. Depression. The Gnostic World View: A Brief Summary of Gnosticism. Lemming. §Description and habitat[edit] Strange Sounds in Sky Explained by Scientists.

Mr. 2012 Something Is Going On! Russian DNA Discoveries Explain Human 'Paranormal' Events. Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. The cetacean brain and hominid perceptions of cetacean intelligence. "What a piece of work is man! Russian beauty lays into the greedy and dishonest people who are destroying her country. On and off, i keep smelling sulphur. what does this mean? M.E.E.T. MAGAZINE - MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY: ASMR is stupid! AND FAKE! Did RAPPER Dr. Dre Invent ASMR by accident?

Robert Lanza, M.D. – BIOCENTRISM » Is Death An Illusion? Evidence Suggests Death Isn’t the End. One Accord. Male Masturbation: 5 Things You Didn't Know. You are not useless, but the society that tells you so is. 2453b7b2ec03111a4aae68fd06c138368341b073f596cf4f42a0f9d726ecc3d7.jpg (JPEG Image, 551 × 549 pixels) I+think+our+society+is+run+by+insane+people+for+insane+objectives.jpg (JPEG Image, 720 × 720 pixels) The Great Dictator's Speech. Electric Universe: Earthquakes and Volcanoes. Experience Vaults: Morning Glory (Heavenly Blue) - Overcoming Ego - 72431. How to Talk to Your Subconscious.

Demotic - Todd Andrew Rohrer. Books by Todd Andrew Rohrer (Author of I Unlocked My Subconscious Your Turn) I Unlocked My Subconscious Your Turn - Todd Andrew Rohrer. My Subconscious Mind is Killing me. Why Getting Outside is So Good for You. Final Fight [NARUTO & SASUKE] SAGE OF SIX PATH'S Vs Madara SAGE 2014 [Part#2] (PART 1) Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. 2003. (4 HRS) The Indian Sage who developed Atomic Theory 2,600 years ago. Radical new documentary claims Copernicus and four centuries of science is wrong. Quantum Message: Homepage. Antibiotic resistance: delaying the inevitable. What is quantum coherence? Cell communication: the usual suspects.

Human energy fields: Fritz-Albert Popp. What is quantum coherence? Human energy fields: beings of light. Quantum Physics: Sensing Unbroken Wholeness. Quantum Physics and the Light Body. Third Eye Meditation. 07/2011.