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Herbal Medicine

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Cottonwood Buds: Balm of Gilead & Tincture - NittyGrittyLife. I spend a lot of time on the farm.

Cottonwood Buds: Balm of Gilead & Tincture - NittyGrittyLife

My daily routine consists of farm work, housework, blog work, school work, dinner with the family and if I am lucky an hour’s worth of down time before I head off to bed. I am not complaining. I am incredibly lucky to pursue the things that drive and challenge me. I am just practical – sometimes to a fault. I know exactly what time away from my duties as a farmer, mother, home tender and student gets me: more work. I heard the call of the cottonwood trees this spring. As a student herbalist, the allure of venturing out into the wild to collect nature’s seasonal offerings is great, even if my time is limited. The resin of cottonwood buds contain a bounty of medicinal properties.

The Black Cottonwood (P opulus trichocarpa) grows prolifically along the waterways of the rainy Pacific Northwest. Cottonwoods are characterized by rough, craggy bark. Image – lumpy, bumpy). Grow back RECEDING GUMS with these home remedies - Page 2 of 3. DIY Dry Scalp Remedy with Rosemary Oil - Dr. Axe.


Comfrey Poultices – Bone Mending Magick! Comfrey Not many know that I just recently fractured my left foot – a spiral fracture of the metatarsal bone to be exact – two Saturdays ago via a silly fall from atop my stool in my office, as I was reaching in my storage shelves to find my satin emerald table cloth for last Saturday’s art opening event I had.

Comfrey Poultices – Bone Mending Magick!

I guess I took that good luck phrase people say to you, “break a leg,” a little too seriously. Everything happens for a reason and one of the message I got was that I needed to slow down and that change was going to shatteringly hit my life in a big way! Oh boy! My intuition told me that it was a fracture and that it would need to just heal on its own, but at the prompting of loved ones, five days after the fall, I went to see an orthopedic doctor to get it checked out. I read it was good both fresh and dried so after calling to find fresh comfrey, to no avail, I was lucky to have one store that carried it dried. Comfrey is one powerful healing plant! Here’s some info on Comfrey: How to make a comfrey poultice. Two weeks I ago I sprained and hairline-fractured my ankle…and tore my tendon.

how to make a comfrey poultice

I was running barefoot on ocean rocks in the rain because I was listless. “I know, I’ll do something slightly off-kilter, so I can feel a bit more alive.” In addition to demolishing my ankle I also ran into three nude men. Another story. Jo. The Homemade Cannabis Oil Recipe That People Are Using To Treat Cancer – Voice Of People Today. 1.

The Homemade Cannabis Oil Recipe That People Are Using To Treat Cancer – Voice Of People Today

Place the completely dry material in a plastic bucket. 2. Dampen the material with the solvent you are using. Many solvents can be used. You can use pure naphtha, ether, butane, or 99% isopropyl alcohol. 3. 4. This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others – Voice Of People Today. In 2003, Rick Simpson healed himself of skin cancer using cannabis oil.

This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others – Voice Of People Today

This is the recipe he perfected and recommends to others seeking to heal holistically By Anthony Von Dari, @VOP Today. How To Make Thieves Oil And Why You Should Be Using It Every Day. The powerful essential oil recipe with 18 uses – toothpaste, laundry detergent, floor cleaner and more Most of you probably know what Thieves Oil is, but if not have I got a story for you!

How To Make Thieves Oil And Why You Should Be Using It Every Day

The name and recipe for Thieves Oil have an interesting backstory and explains why this blend of oils is so good for you. The recipe varies and dates back to the Middle Ages where Thieves Oil kept a group of merchants safe from the Black Plague. The mixtures of antiseptic, antibacterial, and antimicrobial properties were able to stave off the Plague and keep these merchants safe.

The Thieves Story In the early 1990s Gary Young studied essential oils and recreated a blend he had been researching. He researched the properties of the different oils in the multiple ingredients lists he found. Actually spice traders and merchants, the “Thieves” lived in the 15th century and traded the likes of cinnamon and cloves from India across Europe. A Dark Time.


Herbal Oil: Myrrh Oil Benefits and Uses. You may have heard of myrrh from Biblical stories, as it's one of the precious gifts (together with gold and frankincense) offered by the three wise men to the newborn Jesus.

Herbal Oil: Myrrh Oil Benefits and Uses

This valuable element actually has a long history of use, especially in ancient civilizations. Today, myrrh is most commonly known as an essential oil. Keep on reading to learn more about its many benefits. What Is Myrrh Oil? Myrrh oil comes from a dried resin extracted from the Commiphora myrrha tree, which belongs to the Commiphora plant genus.1 Like frankincense, myrrh comes from the Burseraceae plant family.2 Native to Northern Africa and the Middle East, particularly in Somalia, Ethiopia, Arabia, and Yemen, the tree grows up to five meters high, and can be identified by its light bark, knotted branches and small white flowers.3 The word "myrrh" comes from "murr," which means "bitter" in Arabic, probably referring to the resin's bitter taste.