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Old Solar Cycle Returns. + Play Audio | + Download Audio | + Join mailing list March 28, 2008: Solar Cycle 23, how can we miss you if you won't go away?

Old Solar Cycle Returns

Barely three months after forecasters announced the beginning of new Solar Cycle 24, old Solar Cycle 23 has returned. (Actually, it never left. Read on.) "This week, three big sunspots appeared and they are all old cycle spots," says NASA solar physicist David Hathaway. It shows the north and south magnetic poles of the three sunspots. What's going on? Strange as it sounds, this is perfectly normal. Meanwhile, on March 25th, sunspot 989, the smallest of the three sunspots, unleashed an M2-class solar flare.

While the CME was still plowing through the sun's atmosphere, amateur radio astronomer Thomas Ashcraft heard "a heaving sound" coming from the loudspeaker of his 21 MHz shortwave receiver in New Mexico: listen. Above: Sunspot counts vs. year: 2008 is a low point in the solar cycle. We could get more of this kind of activity in the next 7 to 10 days. ScienceCasts: The Sun's Magnetic Field is About to Flip. The Sun Reverses its Magnetic Poles. Understanding the Effects of Solar Flares on Human Behavoir. Digg HJ: Have you ever noticed that some days everyone just seems to feel more on edge than normal?

Understanding the Effects of Solar Flares on Human Behavoir

Perhaps everyone is reporting not sleeping well or feeling agitated? Or maybe it’s just you. Generally you feel fine but occasionally you will have a few days out of the blue where you experience any of the aforementioned qualities. Le Soleil - Le champ magnétique. Origine du champ magnétique solaire écrit en collaboration avec le Dr David H.

le Soleil - Le champ magnétique

Le champ magnétique du Soleil commence à s'inverser. Des perturbations sur les réseaux électriques pourraient être à venir sur Terre alors que le champ magnétique du soleil est tout proche de son maximum.

Le champ magnétique du Soleil commence à s'inverser

Selon la Nasa, son inversion a même commencé. Comme la majorité des étoiles froides, le Soleil possède un champ magnétique qui circule à sa surface et se concentre sous forme de taches sombres. Il provoque parfois de violentes éruptions qui bombardent la Terre de particules. Il y a une catastrophe climatique majeure en route et rien n’est dit : lien entre taches solaires et refroidissement global actuel. (Source : Bistro Bar Blog) David Hathaway, directeur de recherche en physique solaire au centre Marshall Space Flight de la NASA à Huntsville en Alabama, a parlé dans le Wall Street Journal de la faiblesse du cycle solaire 24.

Il y a une catastrophe climatique majeure en route et rien n’est dit : lien entre taches solaires et refroidissement global actuel

Je dirais qu’il sera le plus faible en 200 ans. Hathaway est l’un des nombreux scientifiques qui se demandent pourquoi ce cycle est aussi faible et pourquoi la polarité des champs magnétiques solaires est désynchronisée. Le Soleil, l'étoile mystérieuse HD 720p / documentaire complet en francais. Soleil 2012-13. SDO - Solar Dynamics Observatory. Mesures temps-réel de l'activité géomagnétique et des aurores.

Aurores boréales

Activity Continues On the Sun. UPDATE: Over the weekend, a pair of CMEs reached Earth.

Activity Continues On the Sun

The impacts rattled Earth's magnetic field and sparked Northern Lights visible in the continental United States as far south as Colorado. › View larger This aurora appeared over Marquette, Mich., on May 18, 2013, after coronal mass ejections from the sun made contact with Earth's magnetic fields, funneling energy and particles into near-Earth space. Image Courtesy of Amy Cherrette 05.15.13 Activity Continues On the Sun › View larger image NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this image of the X1.2 class solar flare on May 14, 2013. Solar activity continued on May 14, 2013, as the sun emitted a fourth X-class flare from its upper left limb, peaking at 9:48 p.m. The flare was also associated with a non-Earth-directed CME. Experimental NASA research models show that this CME left the sun at around 745 miles per second, beginning at 10:18 p.m.

Updates will be posted as necessary. Related Links. Solar storm could leave Britain without power 'for months' "Historical auroral records suggest a return period of... 150 years for very extreme storms," it reads, adding that "The geomagnetic storm risk is projected to peak in early 2015".

Solar storm could leave Britain without power 'for months'

Data on sunspots, extreme magnetic activity on the sun's surface that can cause solar storms, dates back to 1775. This date is thought of as the beginning of the first of Earth's 11-year "solar cycles". Currently, the Earth is nearing the peak of the 24th cycle. Solar storms are more frequent when the sun is at the most active phase of its cycle (NASA/GSFC/SDO / Rex) The model used to map the effects of an extreme solar storm is that of the so-called "Carrington Event" of 1859. In August of that year, a solar storm reportedly destroyed telegraph wires in North America and Europe, giving operators electric shocks and knocking out the telegraph network as far away as Australia and Asia for two days.

"If new transformers need to be ordered, the lead-time is likely to be a minimum of five months. " Sun Eruption Hits Earth’s Magnetic Field. On late Tuesday night, the Earth's magnetic field was hit by a strong solar explosion.

Sun Eruption Hits Earth’s Magnetic Field

A recent report has uncovered that the same bolstered the Northern Lights throughout areas of the United States and Canada. It was on Monday when the sun eruption took place with a large veil of charged particles reaching the Earth by stripping into space. Their speeds, according to the findings, were extremely high. The magnetic field of the planet was whacked nearly at 10 p. m. at night on Tuesday by coronal mass ejection (CME), i. e. the cloud. The eruption, however, did not go as without its capture for once. Strange Doings on the Sun. Une protubérance solaire. - Solar and heliospheric image visualization tool. Solar and Heliospheric Observatory Homepage.

Current Solar Data: NOAA data. Espace : un télescope pour percer les secrets de la basse atmosphère du Soleil. Rayonnement Solaire. Lombry's Luxorion.


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