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Latest News from Good Times. How to Connect Google Calendar to Your Cell Phone. Send Google Calendar Alerts to Any Cell Phone. Jonah Langlieb asked how to send Google Calendar notifications to any cell phone.

Send Google Calendar Alerts to Any Cell Phone

The problem with a calendar on a desktop computer--even one that keeps its data in the cloud--is that you need a connected web browser to access it. A one-hour reminder that you have a 7:00 appointment won't do much good if you're away from your computer at 6:00. If you use Google Calendar and have an Android phone or tablet, this is no big deal. The calendar that comes with the mobile device pretty much gets synced with the one in the cloud automatically. Of course it does; they're both by the same company. 106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great.

The following is a rare guest post, this time coming from Tommy Walker.

106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great

Tommy Walker is an Online Marketing Strategist and host of “Inside the Mind” a fresh and entertaining video show about Internet Marketing Strategy. Be honest. How often do you sabotage yourself? Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog. Heuristics are rules intended to help you solve problems.

Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog

When a problem is large or complex, and the optimal solution is unclear, applying a heuristic allows you to begin making progress towards a solution even though you can’t visualize the entire path from your starting point. Suppose your goal is to climb to the peak of a mountain, but there’s no trail to follow. How to Use Mind Mapping for Studying and Research.