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12 Native English Podcasts for English Learners. Tired of the classroom, flashcards, and repetition?

12 Native English Podcasts for English Learners

Listen to a podcast show in English. I’m not talking about an English learning podcast, but a science, entertainment, news or comedy show aimed at native speakers. There are so many benefits. You’ll hear English spoken in many different contexts by a range of speakers. You’ll hear idiomatic English as well as American slang. As a result, whether you’re an ESL student or a business person, you’ll learn to speak better English. Here’s a selection of 12 great native English podcasts for English learners: 1) This American Life This American Life is consistently ranked as the most popular podcast in the United States.

Why This American Life is a great podcast to learn English: The podcast features interviews with real Americans up and down the country. 2) Global News Global News is produced by the BBC World Service, the world’s largest international broadcaster. 3) Scientific American Podcast: 60-Second Science 4) Freakonomics Radio 8) The Nerdist. THE WORLD NEEDS MORE LOVE LETTERS. 10 Awesome Blogs for Learning English. What’s the best and worst part about learning English online?

10 Awesome Blogs for Learning English

The best part? All of the great free stuff. After all, you can learn learn English through music for free. There are also lots of great resources to learn English through movies and English podcasts. The worst part about learning English online? Too much free stuff. This includes blogs for learning English. Of course, we love learning English with blogs. English is an almost universal language and fluency is important for anyone who wants to work internationally. So here we go with some fantastic blogs that will get you learning English quicker and smarter. 10 Awesome Blogs for Learning English ESL Hip Hop With hip hop music and style as its core themes, the ‘ESl Hip Hop’ blog makes learning fun. The color of your collar – Truonghaiha. When I was in middle school, my teacher taught me the terms “blue collar” which refers to unskilled, manual workers and “white collar” which means educated, intellectual, office workers.

The color of your collar – Truonghaiha

The terms made no sense to me. There was something very unfair, unkind about this way of categorizing human-beings by the colors of the top they wear to work. Or I am just too sensitive. I recently learnt that blue and white are actually not the only colors in this career spectrum. So I am sharing them all with you here. A green-collar worker is a worker who is employed in the environmental sectors of the economy. So the next time you need to decide which career path you’d like to pursue, simply pick a favorite color of your collar and save yourself the trouble. Source of definitions: wikipedia Like this: Like Loading... Influencers, in-store shopping and more: 5 affiliate marketing trends for 2017.

Definition of Collocation by Merriam-Webster. - the English Collocations Dictionary online. Too busy to learn? - Amazing If : Amazing If. I have a confession to make….

Too busy to learn? - Amazing If : Amazing If

I haven’t read a book in over five months. I have a growing pile of business books just gathering dust. I’ve started several, but finish them? No. Not one. I know this because five months ago my son was born and since then, finding time to get my head into a learning space has been tricky. Learning helps us to grow. I’ve spent some time thinking about how I can get more learning in my life, in a way that works with everything that is going on. 1) Watch 1 new TED talk a week – this is a really powerful habit. 2) Read the weekly Farnham Street email – a new learning resource for me. 3) Review Feedly for 10 minutes each day – this app collates stories from online sites. And that’s it. If you’d like to get more learning in your life, here are my tips: 1) Know your learning challenge – mine was having enough time to get my head into a learning space. 2) Know what you want to learn – for me, it’s all about careers, leadership, innovation and marketing.

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