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Cornish Orchards. Buddy was briefed to create the new branding and packaging for Cornish Orchards, a cider & fresh juice producer.

Cornish Orchards

Each Cornish Orchards product has been finely crafted to appeal to a different audience and taste preference rather than the mass-market strategy of 'one-taste-suits-all'. Our solution was to reflect this approach using a variety of different trees, each specifically created to represent the 'unique character' of each product. Refined Sterling Silver Jewelry from Laurie Luttrell. Amazing handcrafted jewelry pieces will be interesting finding for those who fell in love with silver.

Refined Sterling Silver Jewelry from Laurie Luttrell

Adornments made of sterling silver will always be a special kind of jewelry. Laurie Luttrell is the artisan from Luttrell Studio. She takes inspiration in love and her beautiful babies. Rings and earrings from Luttrell Studio are clean, crisp and simple. Tim Shumate.


Waiting for Godot. Julie Heffernan. From Julie Heffernan’s Constructions of Self Julie Heffernan creates sensuous figurative painting, like co-Yale MFAS, John Currin and Linda Yuskavage, but her luminous oils are patently unique among them and most working artists today.

Julie Heffernan

A Victorian impetus to conjoin, edging toward pastiche, creates artfully staged Surrealist environments. They avoid the mawkish or macabre by virtue of an evocative 17th century Baroque styling and the dignity with which she handles her primary subject, herself.


DIY. Fashion. An Online Graphic Novel by Daniel Lieske - Chapter 1 - The Last Day Of School. SUPAKITCH &KORALIE Art - StumbleUpon.