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Woven Jelly Roll Rug. Hello!

Woven Jelly Roll Rug

This is Jera {} bringing you this fun weekend rug project that requires just 1 jelly roll. Make a free rug for yourself by checking out my blog for a jelly roll giveaway! I used the collection ‘Wild Rose’ by Blackbird Designs. It makes a beautiful rug to display in your sewing room or to put by the fireplace. Seven simple steps below! 1 Jelly Roll*Non-slip liner for drawers, enough to cover 20”x30”Scrap backing fabric, measuring 20”x30” *Originally I tried using non-slip rug padding but it was too thick to sew through. Step 1 – From your jelly roll, choose 28 strips and do the following: Take 12 jelly roll strips (44″ long). Step 2 – Cut the backing fabric. From your scrap fabric, cut a 20”x30” rectangle. Step 3 – Place the 30” long strips along the length of the backing fabric and pin at the ends. Step 4 – Take your 20” long strips and weave along the width, over and under the 30” long strips you attached in the previous step.

Untitled. Zipper pouches are one of my favorite quick projects of all times!


They are perfect for using up scraps, storing little bits and easy to create for gifts. Just toss in a gift card and you are good to go! NOTE: All the zipper pouches featured in this list are made from FREE tutorials, so get clicking! 1. All the Zippered Pouches 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Google. The Bella clutch {free pattern} The Bella clutch free pdf pattern is finally available for download!

the Bella clutch {free pattern}

The pattern has been out to testers over the weekend and is now available. Download the free PDF pattern here! Designed specifically to coordinate with the Anne handbag, the Bella clutch can easily be made out of the fabric leftover from the Anne handbag {while we always try to call for the minimum fabric in our bag patterns, there usually is a small amount leftover, perfect for making another little something!}. The Bella clutch has a cute, removable handle; however, if the hardware is not readily available, the handle can be attached directly to the bag too {if you’re looking to buy the hardware, I buy mine here}. It also has a zipper top, if you’re new to installing this type of zipper, see the zipper-only tutorial here. The fabric featured is Cold Spring Dream by Mary McGuire for RJR Fabrics. Tutorial and Free Pattern: 4 in 1 Reversible Toddler Bucket Hat - Sew Much Ado. With this tutorial, you can make a 4-In-1 Reversible Toddler Bucket Hat for non-commital types like me (I should clarify that I’m happily married, the non-commital part is just for everything else in my life) :).

Tutorial and Free Pattern: 4 in 1 Reversible Toddler Bucket Hat - Sew Much Ado

The pattern is sized 2T/3T, or approximate head circumference of 19″. I’m planning on making pattern pieces for larger and smaller head sizes in the near future, and I’ll be sure to let you know when I add them to the tutorial! Okay, let’s get to work on our 4-In-1 Bucket Hat… Boxed Pouch Tutorial. Freemotion by the River: Fabric Baskets Tutorial. Guess what I have been making the last couple of days……more fabric baskets!

Freemotion by the River: Fabric Baskets Tutorial

On the right side of my blog it shows my most popular posts and lately my basket posts from last year have been popping up a lot. I decided it was time to make a few more and try some different sizes. You can find Tina’s tutorial at Seaside Stitches. I did two different posts last year where I showed the way I enclosed the seams – Fabric Boxes and Fabric Box Tutorial. Zippered pouch sewing video tutorial by pattydoo. Handbag by Debbie Shore. Lap top bag by Debbie Shore. Oven gloves for you to sew. Reversible handbag by Debbie Shore. Zippered pouch sewing video tutorial by pattydoo. "Hand Embroidery Techniques"- with Fay Maxwell.

Sewing Projects - "Handmade bags"- with textile artist Marilyn Pipe. Sewing Projects - "Handmade bags"- with textile artist Marilyn Pipe. Furoshiki 1 Basic knot & Wrapping. Quilt Bindings - The Barb Sackel Way - Part 1. Quilt Bindings - The Barb Sackel Way - Part 2. Purl bee (purlsoho) on Pinterest. Sewn Stash Baskets. Materials To make one basket: Cutting The bottom of this bag is a 12-inch circle.

Sewn Stash Baskets

If you have a large compass or circular template feel free to cut your circles using them but if you don't here is a simple way to cut a 12-inch circle: Using a pencil draw a center dot where the circle's center will be. The Self Binding Baby Quilt (Receiving Blanket) How To Bind a Quilt With a Sewing Machine.

Zippered pouches

How to make a wallet / purse - PART 1 of 2. How to make a wallet /Purse PART 2 of 2. Designer tote hand bag / Recycled jeans / with zip closure. Inserting zipper into any bag - Designer tote bag / Recycled Jeans. Folded Fabric Ornaments. Japanese Inspired Flower Petal Lunchbag Sewing Tutorial. Three Big Bags From One Jelly Roll!