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Félix Guattari : Qu'est-ce que l'écosophie? Les textes de Félix Guattari rassemblés dans Qu’est-ce que l’écosophie ?

Félix Guattari : Qu'est-ce que l'écosophie?

Se rejoignent dans la préoccupation de « recomposer une terre humainement habitable », de trouver des issues à « l’actuelle impasse planétaire ». Media Art [ Dominique Moulon ] Caroline Delieutraz » Deux visions. Pages du livre La France de Depardon, captures d’écran de Google Street En cours Le 01/12/2012.

Caroline Delieutraz » Deux visions

Media Mediums - séminaire 2014-15. PIERRE CASSOU-NOGUÈS Gödel, Wiener, Cybernetics and ghosts Friday 28 November 2014, 3:30pm - 5:00pm YGREC - 20 rue Louise Weiss 75013 Paris Norbert Wiener, one of the greatest mathematiciens of the 20th century, is also the founder of Cybernetics, which investigated the social and human benefits and risks linked to the emergence of automation and computerisation.

Media Mediums - séminaire 2014-15

His archives, largely unpublished, revealed strange detective stories (among which A scientist reappears, a short story based on the murder of a scientist), in which Wiener develops his analyses and poses a fundamental question – How does one continues scientific research when it led to the atomic bomb ? This approach positions Cybernetics in the interval between science and fiction, and explores the ways in which its now familiar and problematic creatures, robots and cyborgs, shed light on its social and political underpinnings. Caroline Delieutraz » Claire Blandin. About VDB. Video Data Bank Trailer from Video Data Bank on Vimeo.

About VDB

Video Data Bank Founded at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 1976 at the inception of the media arts movement, the Video Data Bank (VDB) is a leading resource in the United States for video by and about contemporary artists. Glitch Artists Collective. Neozoon, Buck Fever (Excerpt) Watch. Glitch talk. GLITCH TALK MARCH 2013 Glitch art is in many ways a decentralized, active movement that evades definition.

glitch talk

I talk about glitch art in the way that I view it, not the way it should be universally defined. →An examination of the materiality of analog and digital video →Undermining interfaces and breaking through the computational instincts of consumer devices to liberate their latent audio and visual materiality →Humanizing ordinarily mechanical and automated processes for aesthetic outputs →Interrupting, disrupting, and subverting the relationship of the user to consumer technological devices ANALOG GLITCHING (interrupting/breaking/rewiring/hacking/cracking a continuous signal) An analog signal is any continuous signal.

→Feedback (sending outputs back to inputs/reformating interface to make devices act erratically) Facebook. Speculations on Anonymous Materials. Michele Abeles, Ed Atkins, Trisha Baga & Jessie Stead, Alisa Baremboym, Kerstin Brätsch & Debo Eilers, Antoine Catala, Simon Denny, Aleksandra Domanović, GCC, Yngve Holen, Sachin Kaeley, Daniel Keller, Josh Kline, Oliver Laric, Tobias Madison, Katja Novitskova, Ken Okiishi, Jon Rafman, James Richards, Pamela Rosenkranz, Avery Singer, Timur Si-Qin, Ryan Trecartin “I think that it is more interesting to talk about art in terms of the material that determines the work, rather than the artist’s identity…” –Pamela Rosenkranz Art’s task changes in a world suffused with generated images.

Speculations on Anonymous Materials

It is imperative to reflect on what are often highly psychologically charged worlds of images, the ways they are reproduced, and represented. Over the last two decades, the relationships between image and text, language and body, body and space, subject and object have changed rapidly. The accompanying exhibition catalog and a symposium are both in the process of preparation. The culture of Remix. In Defense of the Poor Image. Hito Steyerl The poor image is a copy in motion.

In Defense of the Poor Image

.re_potemkin: » a copyleft crowdsourcing free/open source cinema project_ KIM ASENDORF. Fan at Meet In Real Life, Frankfurt 12c at Gamerz Festival, Aix-en-Provence Bieber Room Flag at Ditch Projects, Springfield Kim Asendorf is a conceptual artist working with digital media incorporating Internet culture and technology.


His work ranges from online projects and performances to visual art and installations. Glitch talk. Les blunts les plus tarés d'Instagram. Parce que j'aime les memes déclinés à l'infini, les photos des légendes du rap des années 80 et 90 et les .gifs de chiots qui se roulent dans l’herbe, je suis Snoop Dogg sur Instagram.

Les blunts les plus tarés d'Instagram

Distribution Religion. CRITICAL GLITCH ARTWARE ARCHIVE - criticalartware - CHICAGO; SINCE 2001. Just another weblog. Datamoshing the Land of Ooo. Screenshot of work in progress, David OReilly, "A Glitch is a Glitch" (2013).

Datamoshing the Land of Ooo

Episode of the television series Adventure Time. David OReilly is a 3D animator’s 3D animator. Embracing a stripped-back aesthetic that foregrounds the very processes of animation, OReilly—whose past short films include award-winning titles "The External World" (2011) and "Please Say Something" (2009)—is recognized as much for his astute grasp of dark, abstract comedy as for his unique approach to visual design.

Société Francophone de Mémétique » La mémétique pour les nuls. Souvent c’est la découverte d’une certaine autonomie des idées qui nous conduit lorsqu’on croise les chemins de la mémétique à nous y intéresser. Dès lors c’est le début des complications. Un des premiers écueils auquel on se trouve fréquemment confronté est d’essayer de comprendre en quoi la mémétique diffère de plein d’autres approches s’occupant de la culture. H. H. A User's Guide to Detournement (Guy Debord & Gil Wolman) WTF is Cultural Appropriation. Bitsbits bits____________________ ///////////////ЯOSΛ MEИKMΛN~~~@~~~DIRDIRDIR A:??blogspot?____________________________________ .: selfportraits :. How can we explain the glitch as an unexpected, abnormal mode of operandi, when the artists working process and more importantly, what the artist aimed for was abnormal in the first place?

In other words, can an intended error be erroneous? Most images have a header; the first lines of code that hold supplemental information about for instance the format, size, number of colors, and other information needed to display the image. When you save an image in the photoshop RAW format, you can choose not to include this data in the saved file (choose header=0). These portraits are made by copy-pasting the RAW image data (saved with no header) of 2 photos together in TextEdit and then saving the photos as one file. Bitsbits bits____________________ ///////////////ЯOSΛ MEИKMΛN~~~@~~~DIRDIRDIR A:??blogspot?____________________________________ By mr datamosher Vectorpunk [is also over according to mr O'Reilly]

Venus in Glitches: Dirty New Media and Transdiscursiveness. By Shawné Holloway — School of the Art Institute of Chicago February 06, 2013 – 00:00 “I embrace the interrupt as a method of composition,” said Steven Hammer during his presentation Meatspace Glitch: Exploring Pre-Digital Glitch Art in Human Bodies at this year’s 20112, a conference / gathering / festival of electronic arts. Hammer continues, “[I’m not interested] in devolve[ing] into [the] meaningless… but to disrupt the static 1:1 systems [of communication]… using bodies as a canvas for glitch potentiality.” He asks: “can [we] extract a framework that is not bound to increasingly prevalent cycles of obsolescence, and instead explore the principles that remain constant […throughout everything?] The Evolution of Remix Culture.