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Paris's best antiques and street markets. Three of the most common places to find collectable junk are marchés aux puces (flea markets), brocantes (second hand shops) and antiquaires (antique shops).

Paris's best antiques and street markets

The following list will give you a little taste of everything and help you discover the wonderland of Parisian knick-knacks and decor. Village Saint Paul The block in between rue de Rivoli and quai des Céléstins as well as rue Saint Paul and rue de Fourcy. This area is filled with shops and ateliers. Lettere di viaggio. Un italiano a Parigi - Ristoranti insoliti. L’Heure Gourmande du passage Dauphine. Prêt à Voyager: VISIT PARIS. Paris is the number one tourist destination in the world, so it’s no wonder people are always looking for tips and great spots when visiting the city.

Prêt à Voyager: VISIT PARIS

This page is designed to pull all the resources I’ve created over the years conveniently in one place. First, it is necessary to know that Paris is divided into 20 arrondissements, or districts. Each one has a personality of its own, and each one is great in its own way. One of my favorite projects I’ve done is the Tour de France project, where I invited local bloggers to share an inside look at the neighborhoods they know best. I looked at cities beyond Paris as well. Vide grenier, brocante - Le calendrier BROCABRAC. Go Organic in Paris. These days it’s all about going green, natural, organic, or anything else that is friendly to the environment (and to our bodies).

When you’re home, it’s easy to support local farms through farmers’ markets or buy organic goods from the supermarket, but traveling internationally could pose a threat to your health-conscious lifestyle and eating habits…unless you know where to go to find organic products and eco-friendly services. In 2009, with the help of President Nicholas Sarkozy, Paris became proactive in supporting organic agriculture. The government cut subsidies given to large farms and redirected the financial aid to smaller organic and family owned farms. Paris has been the center of these organic or biologique (or bio) changes and boasts a number of successful organic and natural supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants, wine shops, and even hotels. Sab-s-top-ten-totally-offbeat-paris-things-to-do. By Sab Will, wannabe offbeat Paris street guru When I was asked to produce a list of my Top Ten Offbeat Things To Do In Paris for GotSaga, I thought, 'Easy-Peasy, Lemon...


Squeezy!'. I was wrong. For a start, Paris is SO famous, even what seems to be offbeat, if you look into it, actually has about a hundred articles written about it already out there. I mean, there are entire books written about 'The Secret Paris' and 'The Unknown Paris' and 'The Hidden Paris' and the list goes on. PARIS UNPLUGGED.

1855 - L'île de la Cité avant Haussmann. Le blog de Cendrine.