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Back Button Focus: What is it and why should you try it? What operation on a camera could possibly be more simple than pressing the shutter button to take a picture?

Back Button Focus: What is it and why should you try it?

There’s not much to it, really – you look through the viewfinder (or at the LCD screen on the back of the camera), press a button with your index finger, wait for the camera to focus, and voilà! You’ve got a photo. Well, as the popular saying goes, what if I told you there was a better way? Hidden deep within the settings of most cameras is a feature called Back Button Focusing, and enabling it can transform your approach to photography. A Brief History The Minolta Maxxum 7000 was one of the first SLR cameras with autofocus capability in 1985. Posing Guide for Photographing Women: 7 More Poses to Get You 21 Different Photos [Part III] A post by Kaspars Grinvalds from Posing App.

Posing Guide for Photographing Women: 7 More Poses to Get You 21 Different Photos [Part III]

This is the third article in the series. You may want to look at the previous ones here: 7 standing poses [Part I] and 7 sitting poses [Part II]. Let’s move on with 7 lying down poses for women. 8 portrait posing tricks to improve body shape and hide unflattering features. In this portrait posing tutorial we show you eight posing tricks you can try on any subject to improve body shape, conceal unflattering features and make them look their best.

8 portrait posing tricks to improve body shape and hide unflattering features

Regardless of what your model looks like, posture can make or break a portrait. The best poses look natural and effortless, while at the same time creating interesting shapes that complement the composition and engage the interest of the viewer in the process. Get it right and you’ll have a portrait to be proud of. But there’s a fine line – if the pose looks forced or corny, then the portrait is most likely ruined. Maintenance and cleaning my camera - Steve Parish Nature Connect. What maintenance and cleaning is necessary for my camera and lenses?

Maintenance and cleaning my camera - Steve Parish Nature Connect

By Neville Anderson Don’t wait until something is wrong with your photographic equipment. Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials for Beginners. 10 camera techniques every beginner photographer should learn. While it can take years to master the camera techniques you need to take amazing images, whatever your skill level and whatever you choose to shoot, it often pays to keep things simple.

10 camera techniques every beginner photographer should learn

To help you along we’ve put together 10 essential camera techniques every photographer should master. We’ll start with taking control of focus then move on to using features like exposure compensation, white balance and more. From focusing and photo composition to white balance and lighting, this straightforward guide should cement your basic shooting skills, rid you of bad photo habits, and leave you to concentrate on simply getting better images.

When trying out these techniques it’s often recognising what could go wrong that will help you avoid making the same mistakes over and over again. So with that in mind, we’ve also included handy examples of common problems and mistakes that can happen to anyone, whatever their experience, and how best to correct them. 77 photography techniques, tips and tricks for taking pictures of anything. DIY: How To Build Your Own Ring Light. Meet Jay Russell a.k.a.

DIY: How To Build Your Own Ring Light

The Photo Fiend, a self-taught creative portrait photographer based in Calgary. Want to improve your portraits with a full, soft light on your model? Jay can teach you how to make your own ring light. How to do Long Exposure Photography and Light Trails at Night. Gastown light trails, Vancouver, Canada Before I understood how photography worked, I was always intrigued by light trails in images.

How to do Long Exposure Photography and Light Trails at Night

I never understood how that happened. When I began to study photography, one of the first assignments I did was an advanced course on night photography. I decided I would try and capture some light trails. I set up my camera, made sure the settings were correct and waited. 9 Composition Techniques to Use to Improve Your Photography - Digital Photography School. Astrophotography by Chris James - Perth, Australia - About Me.

5 Mistakes Beginners Make Using a Wide Angle Lens and How to Avoid Them. Wide angle lenses are often used incorrectly or selected for the wrong reasons.

5 Mistakes Beginners Make Using a Wide Angle Lens and How to Avoid Them

Many beginners get a really nice wide lens, a 50mm lens (because someone said they should) and a longer zoom len1s, then assume they have everything covered because they have focal lengths from 10mm (for a cropped or APS-C sensor camera) to 300mm. But the biggest mistake is not understanding how lenses work, and why you want each of those. This Is Where SmartPhones Stand: Phonography Light Painting. One of the main concerns of the photographic industry is the fact that smarthones are slowly biting into the more advanced camera markets.

This Is Where SmartPhones Stand: Phonography Light Painting

People who use to carry a camera everywhere are now using a smartphone as their go-to camera, simply because it is always in their pocket. The other market is the more advanced photographers, those who need the extra control that a “real” camera provides – long exposure is one such example, but the latest Huawei P8 is beating down on DSLRs in that regard as well. Malaysian Photographer Keow Wee Loong took the smartphone for a Light Painting ride and was amazed at the results. Putting Together a Budget DIY Lighting System. Introduction A flexible lighting system is something that I have wanted to play with for a while, but like everything else in photography it seems to be a fairly expensive area to get into, at least when you consider the relative simplicity of a light-bulb.

Putting Together a Budget DIY Lighting System

Thankfully there are a number of cheap and widely-available or easily-made items that can provide most of the same functionality at a small fraction of the price. 35 things photographers do wrong (and how to stop doing them) It’s impossible to learn the art of photography without making a few mistakes along the way, but if you find yourself doing the same things wrong every time you pick up your camera, it’s probably worth getting to the bottom of it.

The Best Free Online Photography Courses and Tutorials. How To Build A DIY HD Video Monitor. While can buy wireless HD monitors on the market, but even the cheaper kits are not very cheap. This is why I turned to making my own DIY wireless HD field monitor. I’m going to use the device both as a standalone, wired unit (via the hdmi-cable) when shooting video so I get all the benefit from the resolution. How to take long exposure shots of the sea. Pin It! Learn how to take long exposure shots of the sea that blur the water and create a serene mood with this expert guide to taking control of shutter speed! So read on to learn how you can take better long exposure pictures of water. Timing is key to shooting great seascapes.

You need to be there at the right time of day, but just as important is the timing of the exposure. For a raging, stormy sea, a fast shutter speed can be appropriate, but with calmer waters, the best approach is to take it slow. Photography Workflow - Garmahis Design MagazineGarmahis Design Magazine. Build Your Own Lighting Setup With This Awesome DIY 1000w Equivalent LED Flashlight. Okay, this project may be a bit challenging for novices, but if DIY is your thing, this video tutorial certainly delivers the goods. In it, DIY Perks (who has an LED fever – he also made these kick a$$ LED panel and ring light) shows us the step by step process of building a seriously legit 1000w equivalent LED light source. 6 of the Most Essential but Underused Camera Features.

If you are just getting started in photography, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find these six often overlooked features in the menu of your DSLR. Cheap Photography Gear Recommendations - DIYP. Over the years we have all accumulated a secret stash of photography gear and photography accessories we’ve sourced from a number of inexpensive internet suppliers. However, finding legitimate suppliers online can be a bit of a gamble, so this week, I though that I would share 5 of my go to sources for photography gear that are inexpensive and super useful. I hope you will share some of yours in the comments too!

1. Cables, Cords & Adapters With the vast array of photography accessories: electronics, computers, mobile devices, power sources, chargers…(and it just goes on like this) that we use everyday, finding the right cable for the job can be a major challenge. Ten Things to Remember As You Begin Your Photography Odyssey. 26 of our most popular photography cheat sheets. 5 Simple Yet Clever Ways to Impress Your Photography Clients. A Post By: Julia May While a satisfied client is the fuel for further sales and word of mouth, an excited client is the jet engine for your marketing. Unfortunately, many photographers don’t know how to turn regular customers into fans. Digital-photography-school. 21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know.