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Compose in Thirds To use the rule of thirds, imagine four lines, two lying horizontally across the image and two vertical creating nine even squares.

Some images will look best with the focal point in the center square, but placing the subject off center will often create a more aesthetically composed photograph. When a photograph is composed using the rule of thirds the eyes will wander the frame. A picture composed by the rule of thirds is more interesting and pleasing to the eye. Avoid Camera Shake. DSLR Autofocus Modes Explained. Most modern digital SLR cameras are equipped with advanced autofocus systems that are often hard to understand.

DSLR Autofocus Modes Explained

Whether you are shooting with an entry-level or professional DSLR, knowing how to use autofocus system effectively is essential to get sharp images. A badly-focused, blurry image can ruin a photograph and you cannot repair it in post-processing. Some professionals often end up converting their images to black and white, to hide their focusing problems. If you learn how to focus correctly, you do not have to resort to such measures and you can deliver much better results to your clients and family. Simply put, accurate focus translates to sharper images and that is something everyone is looking for in photographs today. NIKON D700 @ 420mm, ISO 500, 1/2000, f/5.6. The Best Free Online Photography Courses and Tutorials. Nikon D300 custom settings. The Nikon D300 (which superseded the highly-regarded D200), offers great image quality and offering many of the same features of the Nikon D3, but at a more affordable price – all of which will make the D300 a camera that many professional photographers will chose as their main camera.

Nikon D300 custom settings

Many of the custom settings of the D300 are the same as for the D200, but there are a few differences. (eg, Auto ISO is now set in the Shooting Menu.) Michael A. Schwarz Digital Photography Training. Nikon D200 File Format Settings. Nikon D200 Image Quality Settings © 2006 enlarge.

Nikon D200 File Format Settings

Todo lo que Necesitas Saber Para Encuadrar Tus Fotografías. Las fotos primero se sacan con los ojos para luego, mediante la cámara, inmortalizarlas en papel (o en un archivo digital).

Todo lo que Necesitas Saber Para Encuadrar Tus Fotografías

La diferencia radica en que la visión no tiene límites establecidos (o se ignoran) mientras las cámaras fotográficas sí y dichos límites, conocidos como bordes, serán el marco de todas tus fotografías. La forma en que utilices dicho limite a la hora de encuadrar (componer) tus fotografías puede que cambie radicalmente las sensaciones que tus fotos trasmiten, por lo que conocer los secretos del encuadre se convierte en casi una obligación. Back Button Focus: What is it and why should you try it? What operation on a camera could possibly be more simple than pressing the shutter button to take a picture?

Back Button Focus: What is it and why should you try it?

There’s not much to it, really – you look through the viewfinder (or at the LCD screen on the back of the camera), press a button with your index finger, wait for the camera to focus, and voilà! Rules for Perfect Lighting: Understanding The Inverse-Square Law. In technical terms, an inverse-square law is defined as "any physical law stating that some physical quantity or strength is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of that physical quantity.

Rules for Perfect Lighting: Understanding The Inverse-Square Law

" With a definition like that, you're probably wondering what on earth this could possibly have to do with photography (and no one could blame you). Inverse-square laws apply to many, many things in the world.


The Fairy Tale Forest By Ildiko Neer. Hungarian photographer Ildiko Neer began operations in 2009.

The Fairy Tale Forest By Ildiko Neer

He draws his inspiration from nature, but a special thrill is wood – the sun makes its way through the trees, the sound of leaves and stunning colors of autumn. All this was reflected in the works of photographer. This amazing photographer really have the eye for a good nature photo. These travel photos, and nature photos are just amazing, this this artist really did a great job. - The Most Amazing Places in the World. Category: PICTURE OF THE DAY. Sep 26, 2013 Picture of the Day: A Building with a View A BUILDING WITH A VIEW Photograph by Doug Wheller | Somewhere in the Chilean Patagonia of Torres del Paine National Park, is this building (perhaps a cabin or refuge?)


With a view that needs no description. If anyone knows more about the exact location and purpose of the building, please do… Read More » Sep 25, 2013. Schnupper, schnupper - Bild & Foto von Julian Rad aus Tiere - Fotografie (34125224) Art, Photography and Design blog. Las fotografías más espectaculares del universo publicadas por la NASA. Si cada día les contamos lo que sucede en el mundo del espectáculo, esta semana queremos aprovechar nuestro reportaje fotográfico para mostrarles otro espectáculo, uno que se produce fuera de nuestro planeta.

Las fotografías más espectaculares del universo publicadas por la NASA

Gracias al avance de la ciencia hemos podido ser testigos de algunos de los fenómenos más asombrosos del universo. Maravillas y misterios del lugar más inexplorado de todos, el espacio exterior, captados en unas excepcionales fotografías que han sido publicadas por la NASA en su página web. Esta es una selección de las más impresionantes. * Usa las teclas derecha e izquierda para navegar por las fotos en la página.

How to Transfer a Photo to Canvas.