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Get a life! Roaring inspiiration about remarkable people on Pinterest. Get a life-Kiwi roars on Pinterest. Get a life-historic on Pinterest. Memoirs, Biographies and Childhood. Get a life-surviving struggles on Pinterest. Highly readable non-fiction on Pinterest. The Best Websites for Watching Free Documentaries. If you’re a fan of documentaries, there are many sites where you can watch them for free.

The Best Websites for Watching Free Documentaries

The following is a list of sites we found, some of which allow you add comments about the films and even allow you to download the films. Top Documentary Films Top Documentary Films offers full documentaries and information on documentaries by quoting reviews from trusted sources. The documentaries are classified in categories, making it easy to find films about your favorite topics. You can also add comments about documentaries you’ve watched, providing opinions other viewers can read about the films to see if they want to watch them. If you find documentary films you really like, you can decide to buy them from the Top Documentary Films store. Home. Storybird - Artful Storytelling. Elevate Your Visual Storytelling With The Paper Wings Show! Interview With Claire Keane :: Paper Wings Show #33 Claire Keane is a brilliant illustrator and visual development artist, who has helped to develop numerous immersive worlds, including Tangled and Duet.

Elevate Your Visual Storytelling With The Paper Wings Show!

After leaving Disney, she released her first illustrated children’s book: Once Upon A Cloud. It’s a beautifully rendered, heartwarming story about family and following your dreams. Join us today as we discuss humanizing your fictional characters, the versatile power of line, leaving […] [click to continue…] Interview With Eric Canete: Animation Storyboard Artist & Co-Creator of “Run Love Kill” (Image Comics) :: Paper Wings Show #32. Human stories, boldly told. Good News, Inspiring, Positive Stories - Good News Network.

Inspirational Short Stories 2015 : Uplifting, Feel Good Stories. The inspirational, feel good stories posted in this section are from everyday visitors, like YOU, through our post a story page.

Inspirational Short Stories 2015 : Uplifting, Feel Good Stories

Please browse through the stories and then share yours! Learn To Appreciate By Sonia Kaur on September 29, 2015 / 172 views Appreciation are few words of praise which can enhance anybody's confidence and lack of appreciation puts you down, low in confidence. If you want be confident in every sphere of life then 'Learn to Appreciate'. The Art Of Letting Go By CeL on September 29, 2015 / 139 views "By letting go, you allow everything to find its rightful place. Gratitude Matters By Pamela on September 28, 2015 / 553 views As the new day begins, I remind myself that I have so much to be grateful for just outside my front door.

It Really Does Get Better. Humans of New York. Good News, Inspiring, Positive Stories - Good News Network. One Man's Amazing 82,500 Mile Motorcycle Adventure. When Alex Chacon decided to travel halfway around the world, he didn't choose to do so like your average tourist.

One Man's Amazing 82,500 Mile Motorcycle Adventure

Rather, he decided to travel by motorcycle as a unique way to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. A biomedical sciences graduate from the University of Texas, Chacon initiated the trip as a way to fulfill his traveling dreams before beginning his doctoral studies. Throughout the journey, Chacon documented everything through photo and video. In addition to a personal adventure, the project, which has been dubbed a Modern Motorcycle Diaries, also raises awareness and funding for non-profit organization Children of Uganda. The expedition began in El Paso, Texas, where Chacon packed up his bike and hit the road going south. Alex's Motorcycle Adventures websiteChildren of Uganda website via [PetaPixel] David Weir – 100 Strangers Photography Project. Stranger #42 – Al It has been a little while since my last stranger encounter, but with the constant emails and … Stranger #41 – Trevor It was yet another great day in Santa Monica and I was keen to find another Stranger.

David Weir – 100 Strangers Photography Project

. … h2g2 - The Guide to Life, The Universe and Everything. Storify · Make the web tell a story. The Power Of Stories. Dan Willingham writes on his blog about yet another study that provides “evidence that putting to-be-learned material in a story format improves learning outcomes.”

The Power Of Stories

I’m not going to describe that particular research here since Dan does an excellent job over there. But I will spend a little time reviewing how I’ve written about stories previously here on this blog and in my books (you might want to explore The Best Digital (& Non-Digital) Storytelling Resources for even more info). Neuroscience researchers Renate and Geoffrey Caine have reflected on the importance of stories in their study of two types of memory systems: taxon and locale. Taxon learning consists of lists, basic skills, and habits. Locale, on the other hand, involves creating stories out of a person’s life experiences. Professor Melanie Green calls it “narrative transportation.” And here’s how Jerome Bruner summed up the research: But just teaching information through storytelling is only….part of the story.