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Butch Vig and Billy Bush on Waves/Abbey Road Reel ADT. VIBRONICS - Deep Roots Dub - dub reggae roots. How to Make Your Own DIY U87 Vintage Condenser Mic. Technology & Applications. Rick Jeffs, Scott Holden, Dennis Bohn, Rane Corporation RaneNote 155, written September 2005 Chapter 1 -- Dynamics Processors Basics The dynamic range of an audio passage is the ratio of the loudest signal to the quietest signal.

Technology & Applications

For signal processors the magnitude of the power supply voltages restricts the maximum output signal and the noise floor determines the minimum output signal. Professional-grade signal processing equipment can output maximum levels of +26 dBu, with the best noise floors being down around -94 dBu. Dynamics processors alter an audio signal based upon its frequency content and amplitude level; hence the term "dynamics" since the processing is program dependent and ever changing.

All dynamics processors have the common structure shown in Figure 1: a gain control element in the main signal path and a side-chain containing a detector and gain computer. Figure 1. The signal path is the route the main audio takes through the unit. Figure 2. Chapter 2 -- Basic Compressors. White Noise Sweep Tutorial (in Logic) The Loudness War.


DIY Mastering: Get Loud, Bright and Balanced Tracks using Free Plugins (FFL!) Introduction to Music Production. Audio Mixing Tips / Recording Techniques (Part 1 of 2) Stone The Crows - Freedom Road [1970] Recording Studio Tutorial: Theory Part I. The Secret to Overcoming Latency in Your Studio. How to Analyze Plugins with Waves Q-Clone and Q-Capture.

All my Q-clone presets available now via Paypal. Update 07/09/2012 – More stuff on the way so watch this space.

All my Q-clone presets available now via Paypal

Buy each product as an immediate download using Paypal with just a few clicks right here Colour Mix Total Price £ 40 Colour Mix Total This is the sum total of ALL my presets to date EXCLUDING NEW products immediately below this one. The easiest way to buy the most presets and this also gives you about 20 % discount. Price: £40 NEW!!!!!!! NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!! This sampling is of an original vintage Helios 69 Lustraphone sampling.

Price: £12 NEW!!!!!!! NEW!!!!!!! This is a superb sampling of a Mastering grade EQ that has EMI heritage. 1500 presets. NEW!!!!!!! NEW!!!!!!! Genuine Aypeye Console sound. Price: £6 NEW!!!!!!! NEW!!!!!! This package will give you a clear as crystal mix where desired. Price: £5.00 NEW!!!!!! NEW!!!!! This is a very famous mastering EQ that is increasingly rare. How to Use Saturation to Enhance a Mix. From Home Studio to Abbey Road Mastering Facility. Using Outboard Gear. Matt Houghton 1: Cubase's External FX plug-ins are specified in the VST Connections Window.

Using Outboard Gear

I've compared a lot of analogue modelling plug-ins with equivalent outboard gear recently, and while there's no doubt that some software is capable of great results, and offers superb value for money, it's plain to me that there's still a place for decent outboard in a studio. For example, even the best models from the likes of Waves, Softube and UA seem to me to be incapable of replicating precisely the complex behaviour of gear that uses audio transformers, particularly in the case of compressors and limiters that the user deliberately pushes hard for effect. Back in SOS May 2010, I wrote an article (/sos/may10/articles/hybrid.htm) about so-called 'hybrid studios' which combine software and outboard gear, and that's well worth a read if you're new to the idea of using hardware with a computer recording system.

Outboard In 2: Creating a new External FX plug-in and associated MIDI Device. Globalism. DeEssing Trebly Cymbals and Guitars: A Tip by Producer/Engineer Andrew Scheps. How to Improve Your Mix Using Mid-Side EQ Techniques. How To Clean Up Muddy Mixes - "Down On Me" Mix Session Part 1 of 3 (Jeremih and 50 Cent) - Ken Lewis Breaks down the Mix.

"Down On Me" Mix Session Part 2 of 3 (Jeremih and 50 Cent) - Ken Lewis Breaks down the Mix. "Down On Me" Mix Session Part 3 of 3 (Jeremih and 50 Cent) - Ken Lewis Breaks Down The Mix.