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Ideas for 3D Printing in the Classroom

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How to use 3D printers in the classroom. 3D printers are receiving a lot of interest in the educational space, and are frequently cited as a new catalyst for learning. Certainly, this revolutionary technology is helping teachers to reach a level of student engagement that is almost impossible to recreate from a textbook. But its not just about engagement. In fact, a report from the Department for Education (DfE) found that 3D printing in schools offers a number of compelling benefits for teachers and students. 3D printers have significant potential as a teaching resource and can have a positive impact on pupil engagement and learning 3D printers in schools: uses in the curriculum, DfE The benefits of using 3D printers in the classroom 3D printers are helping to inspire a new generation of STEM learners by combining problem-solving skills with creativity and innovation.

Make learning active Pupils learn best through interaction and application. Encourage real-world understanding Augment the educational process Fire imaginations. 3D Printing. Tinkercad & 3D Printing in the STEM Classroom - 10 Example Lesson Ideas. Over the past few years, 3D modelling software has become much more accessible for teachers and students.

Tinkercad & 3D Printing in the STEM Classroom - 10 Example Lesson Ideas

In the past, 3D modelling software would be 2 things – expensive and complicated. But thanks to companies like Tinkercad, teachers now have access to free and easy-to-use software that can be used in conjunction with affordable 3D printers to prepare students for their future careers. Does free and easy-to-use mean that complicated and functional models can't be created? Absolutely not! In this blog we look at 10 different design ideas that could be used to integrate Tinkercad and 3D printing into the cross-curricular classroom. 1. Teach students about forces, motion and Newton's Third Law whilst they battle it out in a balloon powered dragster competition! 2. Explore the written of language of braille, whilst teaching students 3D modelling concepts. 3D printing opens up a world of opportunity to create bespoke, on-demand braille models. 3. Top 10 lesson ideas for Grade 6 using 3D Printing and STEM. We love seeing all the great ideas teachers are coming up with for challenging their students with design tasks using Makers Empire’s 3D design software.

Top 10 lesson ideas for Grade 6 using 3D Printing and STEM

Here are some of our favourite ideas for Grade 6 students. 1. Iconic Landmarks Challenge students to design a landmark that represents the country they live in or a country they are learning about. We’ve seen some great examples where students have researched a particular country including its iconic landmarks and then designed their own landmark to represent what they have learned about the country. Top 10 3D Design Lesson Ideas for Grade 8. Makers Empire’s 3D: Schools is especially designed to give K-8 students engaging tools to use in a range of curriculum-aligned design and problem solving tasks.

Top 10 3D Design Lesson Ideas for Grade 8

Here are 10 of our favourite design challenges for 8th Grade students using Makers Empire 3D printing software. 1. Everybody loves a good paper plane challenge! How about adding an extra element to the challenge by asking students to make paper planes that can carry a 3D printed passenger over as far a distance as possible. By including these two components (the plane and the passenger) in this challenge, students need to think about how each component effects the other and the variables that need to be considered such as weight, aerodynamics and balance. 9 Ways Teachers Can Use a 3D Printer to Teach Math and Science. We completely understand: 3D printing can sound intimidating.

9 Ways Teachers Can Use a 3D Printer to Teach Math and Science

But it can open so many doors for students, especially in math and science. Fear not, brave teacher. We’ve got just what you need to move your 3D-printing goals forward—whether your 3D printer has a cozy little spot in your supply closet, silently collecting dust, or you and your students have jumped feet-first into 3D-printing projects. Get moving and shaking with these project ideas: 1. This project is perfect for elementary students. Credit: Dremel Dreams, created by O’Donnell Learn 2. Here’s a fun idea! He and the school’s instructional technology specialist, Katie Weber, introduced the 3D-printing element of the project by printing out several different designs of catapults (found on and predicting and then testing the ability of these machines to launch projectiles.

“Their task is to create an ‘anti-siege’ machine to protect their castles from invaders. Credit: Katie Weber at Winchester Thurston School. 3D Printing Curriculum Archives. 7 Fun & Easy 3D Printing Lesson Plans. Are you ready to take on a learning journey that keeps students motivated and engaged from start to finish?

7 Fun & Easy 3D Printing Lesson Plans

The MakerBot Learning Team’s got a great collection of 3D printing lesson plans to help get you started. You’ll reinforce complex STEAM concepts with Thingiverse projects that encourage experimentation and innovation. You’ll give your students the freedom to explore, design, and create new things, all in one lesson. Many Thingiverse lesson plans come with step by step instructions, downloadable activity sheets, photos, and more.

You’ll keep them engaged with interactive activities like building bridges, designing artifacts, making 3D-printed games, and more. Science With the Cutaway Earth Model project, your class can expand on Earth Science concepts by exploring the various layers of the Earth. Explore meteorology in the Hurricane Patricia lesson. Technology There’s a rewarding sense of pride that students feel after they’ve created a complex 3D print. Engineering Art. Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects. The CREATE Education Project Ltd.