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Data Center Virtualization to Distributed Virtual Data Center. Some of the individuals posting to this site, including the moderators, work for Cisco.

Data Center Virtualization to Distributed Virtual Data Center

Opinions expressed here and in any corresponding comments are the personal opinions of the original authors, not those of Cisco. Dear readers, The first recommendation I would like to highlight prior to go deeper through the different articles is, don’t extend the layer 2 segment beyond your physical DC if you don’t need. Keep in mind that for a better cost containment while maintaining easier IT operation, it exists different solutions to geographically (cold) migrate an application, while maintaining the same platform identifiers without extending the LAN across long distances – e.g. LISP IP mobility across subnet mode. . – Do I really need to extend my subnet outside my data center ?

– Can Layer 3 help to support application mobility between sites without LAN extension ? – When and how can we optimize the traffic to and from outside the DC or between application tiers after a move of a machine. Discussing Disruption to IT - Lie down on the couch. Tell me all about your 1's and 0's. Lie down on the couch. Tell me all about your 1's and 0's. Moving Ones & Zeros. My training to become a CCIE. A network engineer in the trenches… Random Observations on Technology and The Ties That Bind. Tales of the network reformation. Twilight in the Valley of the Nerds. 301 Moved Permanently.

Posted by Brenon Daly on September 9, 2015 Contact: Brenon Daly In both August 2015 and August 2011, concerns about slowing global economies knocked stock markets around the world into a tailspin, while also ratcheting up volatility.

301 Moved Permanently

Intuitively, we would assume that both conditions, which introduce more variance and uncertainty, would make it more difficult to do deals. But is that actually the case? And if so, what can the whipsawing markets from four years ago tell us about how M&A activity might play out for the rest of 2015? To get a sense, we split 2011 into a ‘pre-turmoil’ period of January through August, and then a ‘post-turmoil’ period of September through December (which is roughly the same four-month block that remains in 2015).

Through the first eight months of 2011, dealmakers averaged $22.3bn in spending on tech, media and telecom (TMT) transactions each month. We have noted how the black swans have already befouled the M&A market in the short term. Virtual insanity. Tech Field Day - The Independent IT Influencer Event. Revolution Wi-Fi. Fragmentation Needed. Gateway of last resort is not set. All you want to know about computer networks and more. Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks: Internetworking perspectives by Ivan Pepelnjak. Jeremy Filliben. Tech Field Day — The Independent IT Influencer Event.

Cisco *STUFF* ~ iTechBlog. Networking With A Side of Snark. Brandon Carroll - CCIE #23837. Webtorials. Please note: By downloading this information, you acknowledge that the sponsor(s) of this information may contact you, providing that they give you the option of opting out of further communications from them concerning this information.


Also, by your downloading this information, you agree that the information is for your personal use only and that this information may not be retransmitted to others or reposted on another web site. Please encourage colleagues to download their own copy after registering at Continuing past this point indicates your acceptance of our terms of use as specified at Terms of Use. Webtorial® is a registered servicemark of Distributed Networking Associates. The Webtorial logo is a servicemark of Distributed Networking Associates. Copyright 1999-2013, Distributed Networking Associates, Inc. Network Janitor. Netzwerk Blog. Network Heresy. Blogs - Infoblox NetMRI Community. Routing Freak! Das Blinken Lichten · Cisco, VMWare, Cisco, Storage, Cisco, F5, Cisco, etc… CCIE Pursuit Blog. Daniels quest for CCIE. CCIE Playground. Juniper devices are quite flexible when it comes to routing tables and exporting prefixes between them, but all rib groups mechanism is not well explained in documentation.

CCIE Playground

In general Juniper documentation is not really good but well…. Let’s first define two routing instances routing-instance { CUSTOMER1 { instance-type virtual-router; interface ge-0/0/2.20; } CUSTOMER2 { instance-type virtual-router; interface ge-0/0/2.21; } } The Cisco Connection. Cisco Blog. Cisco Cert Zone. Closing the Cisco Cert Zone (for Now) So Long Submitted by wendell on Thu, 01/12/12 - 1:55pm.

Cisco Cert Zone

Hi folks. This short post is a notice to let everyone know that I'll not be continuing to blog in the Cisco Cert Zone for the foreseeable future. For those of you who just saw this blog, the links below point out some of the more popular posts from years past that still have relevance today. Cisco Knowledge Network. The Data Center Overlords. CCIE Blog - Helping you become a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Looking for the next big thing. Packet Tracer. MPLSVPN- This blog is basically for MPLS Service Provider domain. Hacking Cisco. Geoff Huston - By @ioshints. Chesapeake NetCraftsmen. Chesapeake NetCraftsmen Blogs. - Human Network Infrastructure — Network design, architecture, thinking, working. Tech. Packet Pushers Podcast — Too Much Networking Would NEVER be Enough.