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A Better Way to Practice

We are working to restore service. My guitar teacher used to always say, "practice makes perfect, so you gotta practice being perfect! " By that, he meant that, when you're practicing, you have to be sure that you're practicing the correct method, and not the incorrect one. UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. Mind Hacks News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - Lifehacker. Personal Development - Think Simple Now.

Writing and Health. Writing and Health: Some Practical Advice Writing about emotional upheavals in our lives can improve physical and mental health.

Writing and Health

Although the scientific research surrounding the value of expressive writing is still in the early phases, there are some approaches to writing that have been found to be helpful. Keep in mind that there are probably a thousand ways to write that may be beneficial to you. Think of these as rough guidelines rather than Truth. Indeed, in your own writing, experiment on your own and see what works best.

Coping with Boredom At Work. Of all the motivational problems that people encounter at work, the biggest may simply be getting through the day.

Coping with Boredom At Work

Psychologists have a great deal to say about the problem of boredom and offer useful clues about how to get through the day without boredom. We can begin with the experimental psychologist's best friend, the laboratory rat. The biggest cause of boredom is easily identified. It concerns how work is measured - in units of time, rather than in units of production, or accomplishment. 5 No-BS Ways to Become Awesome in 5 Minutes. You’re at college and working two jobs.

5 No-BS Ways to Become Awesome in 5 Minutes

You have a date in 15 minutes. You’re a single parent with a long commute and 5 hours of sleep per day. Surgeon's Checklist Saves Lives. By Steven ReinbergHealthDay Reporter WEDNESDAY, Jan. 14 (HealthDay News) -- A simple checklist that ensures everyone in the operating room is on the same page reduces complications and saves lives, researchers report.

Surgeon's Checklist Saves Lives

The need for improving safety in surgery is vital since there are some 230 million major operations worldwide each year, 60 million of them in the United States. How To Take Control of Your Next Job Interview. At the end of every job interview, you'll encounter the inevitable question, "Do you have any questions for me?

How To Take Control of Your Next Job Interview

" While it's an oh-so-predictable event, many job candidates aren't prepared to shine when they reach this final test in the interview. Failing to ask any questions or asking the wrong questions can send the wrong signals. Inspiration & Motivation. Reduce stress with 3 operational modes. A large part of stress is thinking about something that worries you for too long or in a repeated cyclic fashion.

Reduce stress with 3 operational modes

It can happen very naturally, as our minds can be free to wander at any given time in the day. Sometimes we let problems cycle in our minds uncontrollably. This starts the process of worry and the feeling of being trapped or stuck. We begin to feel the pressure. Reduce Stress by Dividing Your Day into Three Operational Modes. How Music Affects the Brain and How You Can Use It to Your Advantage. It's interesting, because I'm never NOT listening to music.

How Music Affects the Brain and How You Can Use It to Your Advantage

I've been officially diagnosed with ADHD Combined-type and it helps me actually sit still and concentrate when I need to things like homework or type a paper up. It takes just enough of my brain power to listen, and it calms what's leftover down enough for me to actually get what I'm doing, well, done. For me, it's not just exercising or trying to boost my immune system. For me, it's become a part of who I am, I'm never without it and it makes it easier for me to cope with severe distraction that I can't handle without it. Decisions by Thinking of Yourself in the Third Person. Tony Schwartz: The Myths of the Overworked Creative. Time is finite, but we act as if it were otherwise, assuming that longer hours always lead to increased productivity.

Tony Schwartz: The Myths of the Overworked Creative

But in reality our bodies are designed to pulse and pause – to expend energy and then renew it. In this revelatory talk, energy expert Tony Schwartz debunks common productivity myths and shows us how to regain control over our energy so we can produce great work. Tony Schwartz is founder and CEO of The Energy Project, a company that helps individuals and organizations fuel energy, engagement, focus, and productivity by drawing on the science of high performance. The Four Paradoxes of Great Performance. We each long for certainty – the security of simple answers.

The Four Paradoxes of Great Performance

What, for example, are the specific qualities that make us more likely to be successful? Companies spend millions of dollars trying to define the key competencies for specific jobs. Researchers seek to pinpoint the qualities that distinguish top performers from everyone else. Use Your Crappy Boss to Make Yourself a Better Employee. Mindfire: Big Ideas for Curious Minds (9780983873105): Scott Berkun. How to Identify and Learn from Your Mistakes. Until mankind realizes that by "Design" is made to "Fail" he will always have a problem realizing his or her mistakes. We are not all created equal? ,some of us are Tall, short, fat, thin, smart and dumb! That is a fact of life you can't ignore! , but we often sure try our best to ignore it!

There are many things involved in the human psychology, given so many personality's, culture, philosophies, and environments that alter our most basic human general instincts. Debunking_Handbook.pdf. Chewing Gum Can Boost Mental Performance. Diffuse Awkwardness with a Compliment When You've Forgotten Someone's Name. Depending on the situation (eg - entering a number in your phone) and your level of adventure, I find "How do you spell your name? " works pretty well. Even if the name should be obvious to spell ("uh...B - i - l - l...'

How to Send and Receive Mail Using the US Post Office Without Pain and Suffering. Amp Up Your Brain. From Wired How-To Wiki Ancient Greek bards recited 10,000-line poems by heart. Their secret? The Method of Loci. Here’s how it works: To remember, say, a shopping list, imagine walking to the store. Social psych blog. Few people can boast achievements equal to what Benjamin Franklin (Jan 1706-Apr 1790) accomplished in his lifetime. Coming from simple, working class roots, he made his wealth with his printing business then went on to invent many useful things; the lightning rod, the Franklin stove, the Glass Armonica, bifocals, and Daylight Savings Time.

Not just an inventor, he discovered the gulf stream and whirlwinds. Discontent with all of that, he is also a founding father of the U.S.A. – often hailed as “The First American” for his campaigns towards colonial unity. He served as the governor of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Ambassador to France. Rational Home Buying. My parents are considering moving house. I've had a front-seat window to their decision process as they compare alternatives, and sometimes it isn't pretty.

A new house is one of the most important purchases most people will make.