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Untitled. The Moogly Crochet Alphabet has been a labor of love!


So many letters, some easy, some a challenge, but all fun! These applique letters are great for the Perfect Party Pennant Garland, but they have unlimited uses. Monogram a blanket, make toy blocks, make puffy letters for beginning readers, decorate a child’s bedroom – you name it! And it’s not just uppercase – see the links below! Click below for the coordinating free applique patterns: The specific yarn weight and hook size doesn’t really matter for these, as long as you use a hook size a couple sizes smaller than you normally would for that yarn. Free Tiny Flowers Bouquet Crochet Pattern - Ollie + Holly. TL Yarn Crafts - Merci Cloths - free crochet pattern for washcloth and matching towel. Ready for some mindful crochet?

TL Yarn Crafts - Merci Cloths - free crochet pattern for washcloth and matching towel

Get your hooks ready because you’ll want to make the Merci Cloth right now! Try the free pattern now, thanks to WeCrochet. There’s just something about the holidays that makes me want to turn my brain off. I love to crochet, but I just can’t handle a complicated pattern in the middle of the gift-giving season. The new Merci Cloth was designed to be practical, fun, and easy to make while you let your mind wander. This post contains affiliate links that support the content on Get the Merci Cloth pattern from and Ravelry. Untitled. If you would like to purchase the very inexpensive ad-free printable PDF, you can purchase it HERE.


It's worked bottom up in rounds with NO SEAMING and totally customizable. Here's what you need: Yarn in 2 colors. You can use whatever you have in your stash. The thicker it is, the thicker the fabric will be.Crochet hook. Abbreviations BLO: Back Loop Onlych: chaindc: double crochetFLO: Front Loop Onlyrep from *: work from the first asterisk (*) as many times as single crochetst: stitchsl: slip stitch Ch 30 ROUND 1: Starting on the 2nd ch from your hook, sc3 in ch, sc1 in next 27 chs, sc3 in last ch. *You need a total that is divisible by 12 in order to fit the chart. Untitled. This mini crochet octopus is such a sweet little thing!


Just a couple of inches tall but with so much personality, and of course those awesome tentacles. I had such a blast making a mini version of my Friendly Giraffe that I knew I just had to try out a mini version of my amigurumi Octopus! Want to make sure you are keeping up with so you don’t miss out! (This post may contain affiliate links. Untitled. Okay!


Let’s crochet up a mini giraffe, huh?! Body Round 1: In a magic circle, 6 SC. Round 2: SC INC in each around. (12) Round 3: SC in first, SC INC in next. Round 4: SC in first 2, SC INC in next. Round 5: SC in first 3, SC INC in next. Round 6: SC in first 4, SC INC in next. Round 7-12: SC in each stitch around. (36) Begin stuffing. Round 13: SC in the first 4, INV DEC in the next. Crochet Granny Square Jacket Tutorial Pattern. If you can stitch a simple granny square, then these gorgeous Crochet Granny Square Jacket Patterns will be a cinch.

Crochet Granny Square Jacket Tutorial Pattern

Check them all out now! Report advertisement - keep scrolling. Granny Square Sweater. Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial {part 1 of 2} A step-by-step full photo tutorial of how to work the crochet crocodile stitch.

Crochet Crocodile Stitch Tutorial {part 1 of 2}

Woolandthegang. Cute Amigurumi Monster Slug Crochet Pattern. Smartapple Creations - amigurumi and crochet: Free pattern - Fred the Frog. It is this time of the year when frogs wake up from hibernation and are trying to find their way into the water to lay eggs.

Smartapple Creations - amigurumi and crochet: Free pattern - Fred the Frog

Often it involves crossing busy roads as they have been built across their migration paths. Each spring in Estonia a crew of volunteers help to save thousands of frogs and toads from becoming a roadkill. Also they are educating drivers and putting up signs everywhere to draw attention to the frogs crossing the roads. I think it is very nice what these people do for the frogs. In honour of that I want to present you a free amigurumi pattern for Fred the Frog. On jälle see aeg käes, kui konnad ärkavad talveunest ja püüavad leida teed veekogude juurde, et kudeda. Amigurumi frog Fred is a member of my little pocket friends club. Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern – ZoeCreates. Welcome to my free Easter Bunny pattern!

Easter Bunny Crochet Pattern – ZoeCreates

This pattern will show you not only how to make a cute bunny, but also a variety of flowers for his miniature flower crown. Difficulty: Intermediate – knowledge of magic ring technique, amigurumi increases and decreases, joining two legs together as well as basic sewing techniques. Time to create: 3-5 hours Please feel free to sell what you make but please reference me and this pattern if you do. Pattern: Sarah Crop Top - Evelyn And Peter Crochet. My sister recently asked for a ribbed crop top and this is what I came up with!

Pattern: Sarah Crop Top - Evelyn And Peter Crochet

Now this is more of a guide/how to instead of a specific stitch count pattern. You can basically use this as a guideline to make your own top! It’s really easy and as long as you continue to try it on as you go and check your size it should come out great! I used the new Sugarspun yarn by Loops & Threads. I know this yarn isn’t available everywhere yet but you can use any light weight yarn. 32+ Amazing Image of Crochet Bra Pattern - 40+ Best Free Crochet Bikini Patterns 2019 - Page 6 of 46 - womenselegance. com.

40+ Best Free Crochet Bikini Patterns 2019 - Page 2 of 46 - womenselegance. com. Casual Cami Regular Fit V Neck and Spaghetti Strap Multicolor Crop Length Color Block Knit Cami Top. 2016 09 Crochet Camisole. How To Crochet Top Tutorial - Made Up Style. Crochet still remains a big trend this summer and in celebration of this month’s Coachella Festival I am going to show you how to make your own crochet crop top!

So whether you are heading to a festival or jetting of to the beach why not stand out from the crowd and make your own unique crochet garm this summer?! Follow my easy & quick tutorial to learn how… I have been making crocheted tops for the past two years but this year have found some really lovely chunky yarn that I love working with! Not only is it super soft but thick too so crochets up really quickly! You will need: Yarn (3 balls of 50g chunky) (alternatives listed here) Crochet Hook (6 or 7mm) Needle.

Little crochet bunny FREE PATTERN - KNITTED STORY BEARS. Hi! Welcome to my blog full of the free amigurumi patterns! Here you can find a crochet pattern for the cutest the Easter bunny ever. The toy on the photo is approx. 7 inches tall.For crocheting this little bunny you will need: - sport weight yarn in gray, pink, white and green colors - crochet hook 2.0 mm - fiberfill for stuffing - scissors, sewing needle, black embroidery thread - white felt. Un conejito bípedo. Ha llegado el momento de ir agrandando la galería de patrones en Lanukas! Sois varios los que me solicitáis algunos de los patrones que he ido publicando en el blog y que he hecho sobre la marcha... sólo os pido que me concedáis una migajilla de paciencia porque los iré publicando poco a poco!

Free Crochet Keychain Pattern- Ice Cream Cone - I had a request from a good friend to make a crochet ice cream cone keychain… how can I refuse?? These are so fun and quick! Perfect pool side project, don’t you think? Easy Crochet Boho Circle Purse Pattern - Free Pattern + Video Tutorial. Channel your inner free spirit with this easy crochet boho purse made from two fun circles. Get the free pattern below or purchase the ad-free, printable PDF with stitch chart for $2.99 here.

This crochet boho purse is part of a collaboration with my friends at Lion Brand yarn. This post contains affiliate links. Crochet Hippie Purse Inspiration While I don’t necessarily consider my style outright “hippie,” I do love crochet with some bohemian flair. Crochet Flower Pot Hanging Basket. Bea Crop Top. Crochet Flower. Chunky Crocheted Basket Pattern. I'm finally posting the pattern for the crocheted basket. Thank you so much for all of the comments and emails. I hope you like the pattern and the finished project as much as I do. (Scroll down to see the pattern for the larger basket)

Pinterest. Pinterest. Pizza, Blankets and Pizza blanket. Pizza, Blankets and Pizza blanket. St Patrick’s Day Crafts: Shamrock Brooch DIY. St. Paddy’s day is almost upon us, which means it’s time to get a-planning on how best to paint the town green and cover yourself and your home in shamrocks. And we’re here to help! Crochet Borders – Top 5 Free Patterns. EmailShare 1200EmailShare. WolfDreamer: Cyndaquil Plushie. I finally decided to make a Cyndaquil. Finishing: 5 Crochet Edges You Should Know. Your choice of crochet edge can make or break your design. Leaving an edge unfinished is not the end of the world, but if you really want your project to soar, choosing an appropriate finishing stitch can really take it over the edge!