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AngularJS Color Picker. 10 Best AngularJS Tutorials for Developers. Singapore Web Design & CMS Development Company Blog. So you’ve been following this Angular series (if you haven’t, start from the top here) and have come to a point where you are somewhat comfortable with playing with Angular or even building an app with it.

Singapore Web Design & CMS Development Company Blog

For a more complete guideline when studying a project, we can always go to ebooks. Ebooks give you a structural and organized way to learn a new topic, and it is no different with AngularJS. The best thing about ebooks these days however is that it can be heavily supplemented with practical exercises that can help you strengthen your grasp and understanding of certain aspects. Let’s explore AngularJS with these 7 ebooks – some comprehensive, some fun, but all educational and won’t cause you a dime when read online. 20 Free AngularJS Resources & Tutorials. While jQuery is easily the most popular open source JavaScript library there are many competitors.

20 Free AngularJS Resources & Tutorials

Among the many alternatives I want to focus on AngularJS. As a designer it can be tough getting into JavaScript because it might feel a little bit like programming. Getting past the initial learning curve is tough but worthwhile in the long run. I’ve put together 20 resources including tutorials and free online codes for delving into AngularJS.

With just 3-4 hours of practice you can learn the basic setup and primary purposes of using Angular in your websites. 10 Best Tutorials To Learn AngularJS. AngularJS is an awesome Javascript framework that can be used to create powerful and dynamic web apps.

10 Best Tutorials To Learn AngularJS

It also covers the building of complex client-side applications. Since its release in 2009, AngularJS has been widely used by many developers for its convenient extending of custom HTML tags and attributes, known as ‘directives’. For some people, learning Angular through its official documentation is not enough. Getting Started With AngularJS. Every once in a while a new tool arises and just as it suddenly appeared, it seeps down into oblivion.

Getting Started With AngularJS

Not AngularJS though. While it’s been around since 2009 since its creation by Misko Hevery, AngularJS has been gaining a lot of attention in the past couple of months. People are talking about it, developers have been integrating it in their works, and authors have been writing books about it and earning loads of cash. So, what is AngularJS and why should you hop on it? Is it life-changing? Note: I highly recommend that you get comfortable with JavaScript first before delving deeper into AngularJS. Recommended Reading: Learning Programming: 10 Misconceptions That Are Not True.

Get Started With These 15 Popular AngularJS modules. Home > Resources > Get Started With These 15 Popular AngularJS modules AngularJs modules are the containers for controllers, services, filters, directives etc of your app.

Get Started With These 15 Popular AngularJS modules

AngularJs module is collection of configuration and run blocks which get applied to the application during the bootstrap process. In its simplest form the module consist of a collection of two kinds of blocks, configuration blocks and run blocks. Popular Modules - AngularJS Modules, Plugins and Directives. Scrollspy, animated scrollTo and scroll events for angular.js. Angular is only dependency (no jQuery). 8K minified or 2K gzipped.

Scrollspy, animated scrollTo and scroll events for angular.js

Example Check out the live demo or the source code. Install With bower: $ bower install angular-scroll With npm (for use with browserify): $ npm install angular-scroll You can also download the production versionor the development version. If you prefer a CDN hosted version (which might speed up your load times), check out Don't forget to add duScroll to your module dependencies. angular.element Scroll API This module extends the angular.element object with a few jQuery like functions. .scrollTo( left, top [, duration [, easing ] ] ) Scrolls the element/window to the specified left/top position. .scrollTo( element [, offset, [, duration [, easing ] ] ] )

Comprendre les bases d'angularJS et savoir quand l'utiliser. Introduction AngularJS fait partie de la nouvelle vague de frameworks JavaScript, à l’instar de Backbone.js et Ember.js, pour ne citer que les plus connus.

Comprendre les bases d'angularJS et savoir quand l'utiliser

Il s’inscrit dans un mouvement d’innovation côté front-end, pour notre plus grand bonheur. Aujourd’hui, les sites où le JavaScript ne sert qu’à faire disparaître une balise <p> ou changer le style d’un <div> se font de plus en plus rares et sont pour la plupart des sites éditoriaux. On voit de plus en plus apparaitre des sites web poussés, et certains ressemblent à des applications bureau (enrichi par le cloud) avec une ergonomie ultra simple et une grande facilité de prise en main.

Heureusement, les besoins ont évolué, mais les outils aussi. jQuery qui, je pense, parle à tout le monde, se présente plus sous la forme d’une libraire, alors qu’AngularJS est un vrai framework : il va structurer votre code et vous imposer une architecture. Un peu d’histoire Les concepts L’application Et dans notre JS, on crée notre application. Le contrôleur. Angular SVG round progressbar demo.