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Popular Modules - AngularJS Modules, Plugins and Directives

Popular Modules - AngularJS Modules, Plugins and Directives

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Authentication in AngularJS (or similar) based application. Implementation of the concept described below and also a demo application is available here: Hello again, today I would like to write a little bit about how am I handling authentication in an application front-end running inside web browser, using AngularJS. Traditional server ‚login form’? Well… no, thank you. At the beginning, I did not realize that traditional and commonly used form based authentication does not suit my client-side application. More AngularJS Magic to Supercharge your Webapp Make way for another amazing article which covers more of AngularJS Due to the popularity of the previous article, Use AngularJS to power your web application, I've decided to cover more of AngularJS to make it fun and easy for all developers to play around with it. AngularJS is an incredible tool, but a lot of the more advanced features are hidden in deep within the documentation and others are too tricky to learn direclty.

Scrollspy, animated scrollTo and scroll events for angular.js Angular is only dependency (no jQuery). 8K minified or 2K gzipped. Example Check out the live demo or the source code. Install 10 Online Magazines for Developers and Designers PHP Magazine PHP Magazine is an online magazine in the form of a blog. There are posts that range many different categories, mainly PHP, but others from within their network of sites. AngularJS SEO with AngularJS is an excellent framework for building websites and apps. Built in routing, data-binding and directives among other features enable AngularJS to completely handle the front-end of any type of application. The one pitfall to using AngularJS (for now) is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In this tutorial, we will go over how to make your AngularJS website or application crawlable by Google. The Problem

Build Apps with AngularJS This guide gets you started building Chrome Apps with the AngularJS MVC framework. To illustrate Angular in action, we'll be referencing an actual app built using the framework, the Google Drive Uploader. The source code is available on GitHub. The Google Drive Uploader allows users to quickly view and interact with files stored in their Google Drive account as well as upload new files using the HTML Drag and Drop APIs. It's a great example of building an app which talks to one of Google's APIs; in this case, the Google Drive API. Note: You can also build apps which talk to 3rd party APIs/services that are OAuth2-enabled.

Get Started With These 15 Popular AngularJS modules Home > Resources > Get Started With These 15 Popular AngularJS modules AngularJs modules are the containers for controllers, services, filters, directives etc of your app. AngularJs module is collection of configuration and run blocks which get applied to the application during the bootstrap process. In its simplest form the module consist of a collection of two kinds of blocks, configuration blocks and run blocks. reveal.js Device Loop Animation View the device loop A device loop animation that I created for the new home page. Why does Angular.js rock? Let’s see if we can discover why :) Angular.js is a MV* (Model – View – Whatever) Javascript framework which is maintained by Google which excels in the creation of single-page-applications or even for adding some “magic” to our classic web applications. I could spend all the day writing about why you should try Angular.js in your new project, but I feel that it would be better if we see it in action.

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