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BBC Radio 3 - Opera on 3, Wagner's Parsifal BBC Radio 3 - Opera on 3, Wagner's Parsifal Kundry laughed at a man’s extreme suffering. For this cruelty she is condemned to an eternal cycle of lives of pain and depravity, from which she craves release. Titurel was entrusted with two sacred relics, which represent the ultimate suffering and sacrifice: the Grail and the Spear.
Beautiful opera houses from around the world From the gilded balconies of La Fenice in Venice to the glowing African rosewood auditorium of the Met in New York City, opera houses are supreme works of art that take architecture to a majestic level of grandeur. With the growing popularity of massive arenas, it is often difficult to think back to a time when going out for a night of music was synonymous with elegance. But a new book has rediscovered the high art of these exquisite theater spaces. Beautiful opera houses from around the world
Sherrie Perkovich SAN FRANCISCO, September 12, 2012 – San Jose opera season kicked off with a beautiful rendition of Georges Bizet’s exotic romance, The Pearl Fishers. Anthony Quartuccio conducted this opera, which is a story of forbidden love, jealousy, betrayal, and tragedy. Set on the ancient tropical island of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), director Richard Harrell sets the stage well from the very beginning, from happy, dancing, drinking citizens to those filled with rage and fury over a traitorous act. Opera San Jose: a new season kicks off with The Pearl Fishers Opera San Jose: a new season kicks off with The Pearl Fishers


Joyce DiDonato - The official web site of Joyce DiDonato Joyce DiDonato - The official web site of Joyce DiDonato An album produced by and dedicated to Joyce’s fans from around the world. This 2CD collection marks mezzo soprano Joyce DiDonato’s first 10 years with Erato/Warner Classics. As she announced online to her fans: “Ten years of recording hasn’t just been about me, it’s been about me and you, the listeners.”
Contralto Contralto A contralto is a type of classical female singing voice whose vocal range is the lowest female voice type,[1] with the lowest tessitura.[2][3] The contralto's vocal range falls between tenor and mezzo-soprano; typically between the F below middle C (F3 in scientific pitch notation) to the second F above middle C (F5), although at the extremes some voices can reach the E below middle C (E3) or the second B♭ above middle C (B♭5).[1] Terminology[edit] "Contralto" is meaningful only in reference to classical and operatic singing, as other genres lack a system of vocal categorization comparable to that generally accepted in the classical context. Even within current operatic practice, contraltos are often classed as mezzo-sopranos, because singers in each range can cover for those in the other. When appearing separately, the term "contralto" applies only to female singers; men whose voices fall in the same range or higher are known as "countertenors.
A mezzo-soprano or mezzo (English pronunciation: /ˈmɛtsoʊ/, /ˈmɛzoʊ/; Italian: [ˈmɛdzo] meaning "half soprano") is a type of classical female singing voice whose vocal range lies between the soprano and the contralto voice types. The mezzo-soprano's vocal range usually extends from the A below middle C to the A two octaves above (i.e. A3–A5 in scientific pitch notation, where middle C = C4). In the lower and upper extremes, some mezzo-sopranos may extend down to the F below middle C (F3) and as high as "high C" (C6).[1] Mezzo-soprano Mezzo-soprano
Soprano A soprano is a type of classical female singing voice and has the highest vocal range of all voice types. The soprano's vocal range (using scientific pitch notation where middle C is written as "C4") is from approximately middle C (C4) = 261Hz to "high A" (A5) =880 Hz in choral music, or to "soprano C" (C6, two octaves above middle C) =1046 Hz or higher in operatic music. In four-part chorale style harmony, the soprano takes the highest part, which usually encompasses the melody.[1] Typically, the term "soprano" refers to female singers but at times the term "male soprano" has been used by men who sing in the soprano vocal range using falsetto vocal production instead of the modal voice. This practice is most commonly found in the context of choral music in England. However, these men are more commonly referred to as countertenors or sopranists. Soprano
Elīna Garanča | | Announcement: Elina Garanca and Karel Mark Chichon are delighted to announce the birth of our daughter, Cristina Sophie Chichon, a sister for Catherine Louise. Cristina was born on 10 January 2014 and both mother and little Cristina are doing very well. Our family is now complete and we embrace the future full of joy and new experiences. Elīna Garanča | |